Car Care 101: How To Get Mold Off Car Paint With Ease

The first step on how to get mold off car paint is to pre-wash the car. You will learn more about the steps below, so please read until the end.

Moreover, you’ll learn about the causes and effects of mold on your car. Even if it’s just on your paint, mold may still pose health problems for you and your family. 

how to get mold off car paint


Mold On Car Paint

Molds can affect several of your belongings, and this involves your car. In this article, we’ll focus on getting mold off your car paint.

We also have an article regarding removing mold from your car’s air conditioner, if that’s your concern.

Your car isn’t only vulnerable to mold. You may also find algae and moss growth on your car if it is poorly maintained. 


Why do you need to remove mold from your car’s paint?

Mold poses health issues. It may lead to serious allergy symptoms, especially among children and pregnant women.

Moreover, it leaves a stain on your car’s paint. Mold stains that were not attended to immediately will be more challenging to remove.

Hence, it would affect your car’s aesthetic and selling value. The mold’s smell should also put you off!


Why does mold grow on my car’s paint?

Mold needs certain conditions to survive. The criteria are that it should have a food source, moisture, and oxygen.

More often than not, the moisture or food source criteria are the last ones to be met before mold growth. It is the same with car paint.

Your car paint takes part in shielding your car from the elements. For example, they are exposed to the rain or tree saps.

Both of those are sources of moisture and food source, respectively. If your car is exposed to both and was not cleaned after, then you’ll be dealing with mold soon enough!


Prepping your car for mold removal

If you have mold on your car paint, don’t fret! You can still fix it; just follow our instructions below.

Before you go through the mold removal process, start off by placing the car in an open space. If you cannot move it from your garage, open the door and keep the area well-ventilated.

Moreover, you have to ensure that you do not get mold exposure. Protect yourself using gloves, safety goggles, and a face mask.

Ensure that everyone who helps you is wearing the same protective equipment. Prepare the materials and pieces of equipment you will need to clean off mold from your car’s paint as well.

After the protective measures, you have to evaluate the state of your car.

Mold rapidly spreads on surfaces. It may not just be your car’s paint that is mold-contaminated.

Inspect your car’s interior, the carpets, the seats, and the ceiling. Look into food debris or articles of clothing left inside the car and remove them.


Where to start cleaning?

Start with the large clusters, and break them using a toothbrush. We choose to use a toothbrush to remove mold from crevices.

Mold spores may still spread in the air. To amend that, here’s an article about eradicating airborne mold spores.


Getting Rid Of Mold On Car Paint

Before proceeding with the following steps, ensure that your car is free from debris. Remove branches or leaves from the top of your car.

Then, pre-wash the car to remove dirt build-up on it. This would also help loosen the mold clusters on the paint.

Pre-washing your car will also show the mold and mildew present on the car. After rinsing your vehicle, proceed with the following steps. 

Step #1. If you are dealing with tree mold, prepare a soft rag and olive oil. Pour a few drops of olive oil and rub the moldy area with it.

Ensure that the rag does not have a rough surface to not ruin the paint of the car. We recommend that you use a wool buffing pad to prevent further damage to your paint.

Step #2. Rub the car in circular motions instead of straight lines. Put more power in your scrubbing because it may be challenging to get rid of the mold.

Remove as much mold as you can. Then, get a new, clean rag before proceeding to the next step.

Step #3. Pour mineral spirits on the rag and rub the mold-contaminated area with it. Then, let it sit on the car’s paint for ten minutes.

The use of mineral spirits is to eradicate the mold residue that you weren’t able to scrape off the car’s paint.

Step #4. After ten minutes, wipe the once mold-contaminated area with a dry towel. Get another rag and put enough white vinegar to dampen it.

Then, wipe the area with the said rag to prevent future mold build-up. 



Cars are a must in today’s society, so having them mold-contaminated will cause more problems for you in the future. We hope this article about how to get mold off car paint was of help to you.

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