How To Clean Mold With Borax: Comprehensive 5-Step Guide

If you’re curious to know how to clean mold with borax, keep on reading to learn the easiest method in doing so. The key to doing this is not rinsing it after you apply the mixture. 

Mold is a kind of fungus composed of tiny organisms that can thrive in any environment, even faster when the conditions are right. This fungus can be found both indoors and outdoors on any damp surface.

how to clean mold with borax

Aside from mold can make your house look unpleasant, it also comes with health risks. That’s why when you find one growing somewhere in your home, you must remove it immediately. 

There are a lot of products you can use to make this happen. Borax is an all-natural cleaner that can kill mold just as effectively as Bleach. 


What Is Borax?

In order to debunk the myths about this cleaning agent, borax is not the same as boric acid. Some people may think about it this way because they are both made from the same chemical compound. 

Many households have used borax as a cleaning product for years. It can help you remove stains, mold, and it can even deodorize a smelly garbage can.

Unlike other conventional cleaning agents that use potentially-harmful chemicals, borax is a great natural cleaning agent that is safer than other products. Aside from being an excellent mold-killer, you can also use Borax for several cleaning purposes


Removing Mold Using Borax


Step #1. Wear safety gear

Before you get rid of the mold, make sure you protect yourself well enough. You must know the risks of using Borax since you will be using it to remove mold later. 

It would be better if you wore gloves, comfortable long sleeve shirts, and a face mask. Borax can cause irritation when you breathe it in or come in contact with skin. 

We also recommend you to prepare your working station in a well-ventilated area. You can do it in your garage, or if moving is not an option, you can open the windows and keep the room as open as possible. 


Step #2. Inspect the affected area

The next step is to proceed with inspecting the affected area. When you spot the mold growth, carefully trace its water source. 

Once you’ve reached the source, please find a way to stop it to prevent any mold growth in the future. Then, carefully clean the area from loose debris. 

Do this by lightly brushing the area or using a vacuum. If you’re residing in a housing unit with other people, you may check this post if you’re curious to know what causes mold in apartments


Step #3. Make borax mixture

Since you already have your safety gears, you’re now ready to make a borax mixture. Make a borax paint by mixing half a cup of borax and 2 quarts of boiling water. 

Put the powdered Borax in a saucepan and pour boiling water while constantly stirring. We recommend you use hot water because it ensures that the borax will completely dissolve. 

You can also use a water-borax mixture using one cup of borax to 1 gallon of water ratio. Then, please put it in a spray bottle. 


Step #4. Application

Kindly wait a few minutes for your Borax paint solution to cool down before getting your brush. When you think the solution’s temperature is bearable, go to the mold-infested area and prepare your tools. 

Speaking of mold-infested places, have you checked your air ducts yet? Here’s a helpful guide to know the signs of mold growth in your air ducts.

Using a brush, carefully apply the Borax paint to the affected area. Ensure that every inch is covered with the solution.


Step #5. Wait for a few minutes

After applying the Borax paint, wait for a few minutes for the solution to settle in. Remember that the solution should look like cloudy white at first application and eventually clear up when it dries.

Next, wipe the surface with a cloth or sponge to remove the mold. Carefully dispose of them after use. 

It would be better to avoid rinsing the area. The solution will help prevent mold in the future. 


Is borax safe to use?

There are debates on whether Borax is safe to use. However, one thing’s for sure — you should not try to ingest it!

It can lead to health conditions such as diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea if you try to do so. If taken in large amounts, Borax can result in shock or kidney problems. 

Just because Borax is a natural cleaning agent, it doesn’t mean that it’s generally safe to use. Even though it was classified as noncarcinogenic, Borax can still affect digestion, kidney, shock, and others. 

When using Borax, it’s vital to practice caution to prevent any of this from happening. 



When you spot a mold growing, it’s crucial to know how to clean mold with borax to prevent damage to your health or household from the fungus. Remember to wear protective gear such as gloves or face masks to protect yourself. 

You should also not forget to prep the affected area first before cleaning the mold. Doing this will make sure that the borax mixture will be really effective and prevent future mold growth.

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