How To Get Insurance To Pay For Gynecomastia Surgery? 2 Important Qualifications You Should Take Note!

How to get insurance to pay for Gynecomastia surgery? Well, that is up to the policy you have purchased. Some policies may have specifically say that they don’t cover Gynecomastia unless some conditions are met. I can only imagine how men feel when they can’t pull their shirts off during pool parties because they have full breasts.

They are probably embarrassed about being seen naked in the locker rooms or at pools and getting teased by colleagues. So, I presume you are a man or a boy with full breasts like what women usually have or someone you know does.

how to get insurance to pay for gynecomastia surgery

You may call them man breasts or Moobs, but I get that you or your friend is suffering psychological trauma, and you want to get rid of it. Whatever you want to call them, the point is that they do not help in anything, so you want to remove them.

The only thing that bothers you is the cost and if your insurance will cover it, so if you are wondering whether you have gynecomastia, what treatments you could get, probable cost, and if the insurance will cover your expenses.


Gynecomastia And Its Treatment

Gynecomastia is a term used for a condition where men develop enlarged breasts similar to what women have. Your doctor may have to ask you some questions, including your medical history and medications. You may also have to take certain tests to confirm that it is Gynecomastia and no other disease. Further tests may be required depending on your symptoms.

Gynecomastia is curable even without specific treatment and will heal over time if you haven’t known yet. However, if your condition is caused by other conditions such as malnutrition and hypogonadism, it may require you to have treatment.

Some drugs could cause Gynecomastia without your knowledge. Therefore, it may be recommended to be stopped. However, adolescence and puberty may be a factor too.

Medications of Gynecomastia include medicines for breast cancer like Tamoxifen or Soltamox and Aromatase inhibitors. These medicines need a doctor’s prescription for you to purchase them. If treatments and medication can’t suffice, your doctor may advise you to get surgery. The surgery for Gynecomastia includes Liposuction or Mastectomy.

One of the reasons that an insurance company does not cover Liposuction is because it is an unproven method to treat gynecomastia. Yes, it could reduce the size of the breasts, but it does not mean it has completely removed the hormones that cause it.


How To Get Insurance To Pay For Your Gynecomastia Surgery

So, how to get insurance to pay for Gynecomastia surgery? Just knowing that you might need surgery for your conditions makes you worry about whether you could provide for the expenses. But, your option is to get insurance to cover them for you.

While most insurances like HealthCare don’t cover surgeries like Lipectomy or Liposuction. They consider these surgeries more on cosmetic needs than medical.

They do not cover Gynecomastia surgeries, especially for the appearance only or to treat your psychological complaints and problems. So please take note of this exclusion because it could affect your coverage approval.


Cost Of Gynecomastia Surgery

A Gynecomastia surgery could cost an average of $4,240, according to a statistic of the ASPS or the American Society of Plastic Surgeons conducted in 2020.

This average cost is only a fraction of its overall price. The cost may include the use of anesthesia, facility and surgical costs, medical tests conducted, prescriptions, and surgeon’s fee. When it comes to the Gynecomastia result, the satisfaction of the patient is to be prioritized. Therefore, a well-experienced surgeon and someone you’re comfortable with is recommended to be hired.


Qualifications for coverage

Health insurance policies are not that heartless, yes they do not cover Liposunctions, but there are exceptions. To be qualified for the insurance coverage of your surgery, you should have the following qualifications.


#1. Puberty Gynecomastia for 2 years or more

Suppose your Gynecomastia was caused by adolescence or puberty that has been continuing for more than two years and is already at grades 2 to 4. Know Teenage Gynecomastia to understand.

If you’re experiencing breast pain even after taking medicines, discontinued usage of gynecomastia-inducing drugs for at least a year. You could submit photos of both front and side views to the insurer for proof.


#2. Additional tests for confirmation

You may be required to have tests like a mammogram or an ultrasound to ensure that it is breast tissue and not just fats building on your chest area. If anything else, you should check in your insurance health care provider if your purchased policy has exclusions when it comes to Gynecomastia surgery coverage.

While most insurance plans do not cover the said surgery, some plastic surgeons offer financing plans aside from insurances. For you to avail of these financing plans is to ask your surgeon directly. Learn how to get insurance for varicose veins!



So if your doctor has requested for you to undergo a Gynecomastia surgery, then best prepare yourself. Don’t just be physically and mentally ready but financially too. The expense may be huge but if you may be wondering how to get insurance to pay for Gynecomastia surgery, then asking your insurance provider will do the trick.

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