How To Get Insurance To Pay For Your Rhinoplasty? 2 Easy Steps!

Do you know how to get insurance to pay for your rhinoplasty? Depending on the type of rhinoplasty you want to get, there are certain criteria that your insurance policy needs to be met before deciding if they’ll cover your surgical procedures.

Rhinoplasty is a popular procedure that involves changing the physical appearance of the nose or fixing internal issues that hinders it from functioning effectively. It requires a professional and some high-end materials to perform the procedure which means it is also very costly to get one.

how to get insurance to pay for your rhinoplasty

In this article, you’ll know the types of rhinoplasty- one for cosmetic purposes and the other for medical purposes. Read further so you’ll understand what type of rhinoplasty is allowed so you can claim from your insurance.


Two Types Of Rhinoplasty

There are two types of rhinoplasty. A nose surgery means changing the appearance of a nose, but this does not necessarily mean it is only done for aesthetic purposes. Other complications require the process of reshaping your nose.


Cosmetic purpose

There are moments when you have huge insecurities over your nose. You may think it is too large, or humpy, or too huge nostrils. To end your suffering, you decide to gain the services of a nose surgeon. Thus, you have decided to get rhinoplasty.

Cosmetic surgery involves the improvement of your nose’s physical appearance for cosmetic reasons. You only want to change the appearance and nothing else to suit the rest of your face. This nose job type is far more popular compared to the other.

Though very popular, insurance companies won’t exactly see this as a reasonable expense. Since it is done for aesthetic purposes, they won’t be forced to give you money under your health policy. It is also nearly impossible to persuade them even if you have an entire argument ready.

So, if you want o to have cosmetic nose surgery done, you better have money. The company won’t lend you any unless you decide to have medical too.


Medical purpose

Some situations like a broken nose from an accident or breathing problems can be causes for getting rhinoplasty. Nose surgery is not only for the sake of beauty but also to improve the nose’s job. If you have difficulty, the surgery can help loosen blocked openings or adjust the structure to suit your needs.

Medical rhinoplasty is mostly focused on the interior to fix internal issues; it can still change outward appearance. In addition, this type of surgery has been known to have fixed breathing problems that can be dangerous over time.

Since this type is done for a medical purpose, insurance policies may be able to cover it. You only have to present necessary documents from the doctor that verifies your need to get one. The company will see if you meet their criteria, and once approved, you will be able to get one as soon as possible.


Steps To Get Insurance To Pay For Your Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Since there are two types of rhinoplasty and we’ve discussed that insurance policies only acknowledge ones done for medical purposes, you may be wondering how to get insurance to pay for your rhinoplasty done for cosmetic purposes.


 Step #1. Apply for an insurance

This may be an unnecessary step for those who already have one. If you do, you may proceed to the next step. For those who don’t, visit an insurance company and choose a policy that offers health benefits. The more privileges, the better. Apply for it and take the requirements. It is also important to choose insurances with less security.

There are instances of companies requiring checkups by their own doctors to verify your claims. Avoid that since you’ll lose your chance immediately. You may have insurance, but it does meet the requirements you want to get through the company’s strict policy rules. Upgrade your insurance to much better options: less security and more privilege.


Step #2. Know a surgeon

When we say, know a surgeon, you have to know them. You will be asking them a dangerous favor. Once you claim insurance that requires a doctor’s verification, find a doctor. Preferably someone you already know well. Most doctors may not take kindly to an idea that requires them to lie for you. You will claim that you need rhinoplasty under the guise of medical surgery. Then, you will have your surgeon verify it for you and help present medical files that support your claims of breathing issues. Once this happens, you’ve successfully turned your situation into a medical nose job.

Repeat the steps required for medical rhinoplasty. A precaution: your doctor may be committing insurance fraud for verifying your false claims of medical issues. It is important to note this and let them be aware to avoid misunderstandings. However, this also introduces another problem, and you may not find a doctor who would commit fraud.

Another thing is: your insurance company may still require other medical verifications which will be out of your surgeon’s hand. Even then, such a plan may still be impossible. It is important to know what you’re in for before doing the act. You have to be aware of the possible risks you’re taking.



Now you know how to get insurance to pay for your rhinoplasty, be careful. You may be using desperate circumstances, so you’ll have to take desperate precautions as well. Just make reasonable decisions and really know what you want to do with life.

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