How To Get Fish Smell Out Of Fridge? For Just 3 Easy Steps!

How to get fish smell out of fridge? You can’t avoid the overpowering smell of the fish, even if it’s refrigerated. And when you take it out, the smell remains, which I believe you want to get rid of, and I can relate to that. That is why this article is made for you!

As we all know, our refrigerators play an essential role in one’s home. These appliances are used to store food and make the shelf life of foods longer when kept inside.

how to get fish smell out of fridge

Various types of food items are placed inside it, so there may be some instances that, when being opened, it may smell foul on one area and another, clean. That is a common problem among everybody; you see, many have tried several methods already, but it just keeps on coming back again. Of course, we don’t even want that in the first place to happen, especially for fish.

They usually don’t smell, but once untouched for a long time, they start to do so. You may be clueless about what we will do; worry no more; because this article will help. Read on!


Storing Fish In Refrigerators

Refrigerators are a must-have appliance to have at one’s home. These are used to store processed food items, condiments, fresh foods like fish, etc.

Other than its use for storage, it serves its primary purpose by extending the shelf life of foods and other things that are in store to keep it fresh as long as it can.

Because your appliance has so much inside, it can occasionally smell unpleasant due to odors from various items contaminating the air and making it smell bad. One example of these foods items that we’re referring to is the fish.

Fishes have a displeasing smell that can taint other food items, causing them to rot. This is because once the fish is killed and has been staying in your fridge for a long time, its tissues become exposed to cold air causing the bacteria to react and break.

Two new chemicals that are derivatives of ammonia are then produced from that product. Thus this is why fish smell foul in the first place when stored. We know that you want your food items to stay fresh as possible while also keeping your fresh foods, including the fish, new too.


Steps To Getting Fish Smell Out Of Fridge

You might think that getting the fish smell out of your fish might be hard,  but anybody can do it with ease. We can help you out with that, if it is for your food, and then start doing it for your food, weigh away. Once done, it ree are easy steps.

Below are a set of steps on how to get fish smell out of fridge, so follow along and try it on your own!


Step #1. Creating a solution mix for application

Before anything else, the first thing that you should always do is turn off your appliance and remove all foods from any drawers, trays, and freezer. Now then, you can start mixing the solution by adding a liter of warm water to a few drops of washing liquid and then add a quarter cup of baking soda.

Mix them well until they all combine into one liquid. As much as possible, you’ll want to avoid any lumped baking soda, or else your solution won’t be effective. Baking soda is not only helpful for baking but in cleaning appliances as well. It can get rid of the awful smells and even clean dirty surfaces. Know why baking soda and vinegar the only cleaning products you should ever buy!


Step #2. Applying the solution to the interior and exteriors of the fridge

Using a sponge, apply the liquid solution onto the surface areas of the refrigerator. These should include areas such as the doors, trays, and drawers. If there are locations where the foul scent has had a significant impact, apply most of the solution, whereas that the stains are more deeply embedded.

They may be one of the causes why your items get tainted quickly. To ensure it, scrub off all the excess and apply more liquid until it wears off. Once you’re done applying, take a cloth or paper towel and wipe the solution from the areas. They shouldn’t stay for long as they might freeze.


Step #3. Applying vanilla extract to surface areas

Apply a tiny amount of vanilla essence on a tissue and apply it all over the surfaces you’ve treated. They have a pleasant scent that contrasts with the unpleasant odor. We’re getting closer to our last step.

You’ll want to close the fridge doors for around 30 minutes so that it absorbs all the scent of the vanilla.

Would you please wait for it to dry before opening it entirely? If dried, return the drawers and trays and the foods to their respective places; if not, extend a little more. And that’s it! Now, I bet your fridge smell fresh once again. Regardless, you might want to know how to store fresh spinach in your fridge after you are done cleaning.



And that is how to get fish smell out of fridge. Once again, make sure that when you’re storing foods like fish, consume them right away to avoid smell; otherwise, it may taint other items. With the help of some household items, you can solve the problem with ease.

But if you can’t handle it yourself or are too busy, consider calling a professional to help you. For more fridge-related articles, how to lock a fridge door could come in handy anytime.

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