Home Care 101: How Electrical Fixtures Get Water Damaged

If you are wondering how electrical fixtures get water damaged, then this is the article for you. Electrical fixtures get water damage mainly due to ceiling leaks.

We explained the cause of water damage on electrical fixtures below. Apart from the reason, we also included the effects of water damage on electrical fixtures and what to do before professionals look into your water damage issue.

how electrical fixtures get water damaged

Lastly, we included the costs of repairing water-damaged fixtures. Make sure to read until the end!


Cause Of Water Damage On Electrical Fixtures

Water damage is naturally caused by water. However, the way water invades your home comes in different forms. Some water damages are caused by excessive moisture.

However, most are due to leaks. This is especially true in the case of water-damaged electrical fixtures.

There are multiple signs of ceiling leaks. They can manifest as a consistent drip from your roof or through discolored and swollen areas (of your ceiling).

While ceiling leaks cause water-damaged electrical fixtures, it is a symptom of a bigger problem. Ceiling leaks may be due to roof damage or a plumbing problem.

Repairing the source of your ceiling leak is the right thing to do in this scenario. To know how to identify the source of your ceiling leak, you have to see if it occurs continuously or occasionally (e.g., bad weather).

If it is continuous, it is most likely a plumbing problem. However, if it only occurs occasionally, then it may be due to roof damage.

Now that you know about the sources of the ceiling leak that lead to your water-damaged electrical fixture let’s move on to the effects of the said damage on electrical components.


Effect of water damage on electrical fixtures

Water getting in contact with electrical components is a danger to you and your home. Here are the reasons why:

  • Buzzing wires – If your ceiling leak is due to roof damage, then your electrical fixtures are more vulnerable to a buzzing wire after heavy rain. When you hear your light fixture buzzing, turn it off immediately. Do not attempt to fix it unless you know how to handle these kinds of things.
  • Safety – As mentioned above, do not attempt to handle damaged wires unless you are an expert. This is because you may get electrocuted due to electrified pooling water near your fixtures. We advise you to contact an appropriate expert in this scenario because even touching your light switch may result in electric shock if the damage is extensive.
  • Fire hazard – It may be ironic to think about water as a fire hazard. However, when it sneaks into electrical fixtures, it can result in sparks and fire. When wires are exposed and contact water, the wires may short circuit, and the heat can build up, resulting in a fire.
  • Wire corrosion – Wires are highly vulnerable to damage when they get in contact with water. Apart from water damage, wires are susceptible to corrosion when mold and mildew grow on them. This could further damage the wires and cause them to short circuit.


What To Do Before Professionals Fix Your Electrical Fixtures


Step #1. Turn off electricity

Keeping your electricity on while there’s ongoing water damage in your home is risky. Look for your breaker box and completely shut off your electricity. This will give you more time to assess the damage and call a professional for help.

To make sure your power is completely off, get a non-contact voltage tester. This will help you detect voltage and make sure it is safe to assess the water damage. You can look up how to use a non-contact voltage tester here.


Step #2. Assess the damage

After turning off your power, you can now look for the root cause of your leak. First, determine whether the leak is continuous. Also, check which part of the house it comes from.

If it’s close to the roof, then it may be due to a roof leak. If it is continuous, then it may be due to a damaged plumbing system.


Step #3. Warn your family

After assessing the damage and figuring out the source of the leak, inform your family about your situation. This is to warn them not to touch any sources of electricity, especially if it is damp. Also, if possible, do let them in the room where the damage occurred.


Costs of repairing water-damaged electrical fixtures

On average, the cost of light fixture installation is $522. However, it can be as low as $75 for simple fixtures and as high as $2200 for more intricate fixtures.

Meanwhile, repair costs are averaged at $196. They may be cheaper, but there are more factors to consider, and one of them is the complexity of the repair.

While the insurance coverage of water damage in a home may be extensive, talking to your lawyer and insurance company about it would not hurt. Make sure to clarify what your insurance policies cover.



We hope our article on how electrical fixtures get water damaged was informative for you and motivates you to maintain your house to not lead to water-damaged electrical fixtures!

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