Fabric Maintenance 101: How To Get Dog Smell Out Of Blanket

In this article, we will enumerate different ways on how to get dog smell out of blanket.


how to get dog smell out of blanket

This is important because when one cuddles with their pet, there’s a big possibility that they might leave dirt or unpleasant odors.


It may be somewhere else around the house and most especially in the bed. These may result in irritating our mouth, nose, and skin.


How To Clean Each Type Of Blanket

Cleaning the blanket is similar to the process of washing clothes.


  • Step #1. First, you need to remove the dog’s remaining fur in the blanket then soak it in warm water for 10-15 minutes.


  • Step #2. After soaking, put the covering inside the washer to clean it. Remember to put in a fair amount of detergent.


However, cleaning a blanket is not an easy thing to do, especially when the surface of the cloth is not similar to one another.


Therefore, getting the dog smell out of the blanket can easily depend upon its texture. Some fabrics get heavy once they dip in the water, while some are slippy.


There’s also a possibility of ruining the quality of the blanket, especially when the cleaning process is not appropriate.


So, what are the different types of blankets? How do we clean them depending on their texture?


Fleece blanket

This type of blanket can be laborious since it is also needed for the super-soft feel to be maintained.


In order for this to not happen, you may wash the blanket separately in a smooth and gentle method.


Use less detergent, and avoid using bleach. It may damage the fiber and affect the covering’s color.


Weighted blanket

In cleaning a weighted blanket, it depends upon the design. You may refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the particular washing procedures.


However, you can clean this type of blanket by putting it inside the washing machine with a gentle cycle and warm water.


Like the fleece blanket, avoid using bleach and fabric softeners. These may cause itchy sensations to the skin and other parts of your body.


Wool blanket

The advantage of using a wool blanket is you do not need to clean it all the time. This material naturally keeps away dirt and stains.


You can restore a wool blanket by scrubbing and shaking it out with a soft-bristled fabric brush to get rid of dirt and debris.


To avoid damages, brush the fabric in the same direction or “with the grain”..


Lightweight blanket

Among the types of blankets, this can be the easiest to clean.


Remember to use detergent and bleach that are not too strong so you can preserve its quality.


Also, be sure to use a gentle cycle because there is a tendency for the blanket to sustain damages. This is due to its lightweight feel and texture.


As much as possible, you can use solutions like powder and hygienic sprayers to clean and get rid of the dog’s smell.


What solutions can you use to remove dog smell from your pet?


  • Selenium sulfide shampoo

In removing the dog’s smell, you can use Selenium sulfide shampoo. While applying it, you need to rub it well on the parts that usually produce a dog’s smell.


Let it stay there for almost 10 minutes, then rinse it well.


  • Apple cider vinegar

You can also use apple cider vinegar as an option. You can dip the cloth on the vinegar then cover it on your dog for 10 minutes.


  • Regular dog shampoo

Another advisable shampoo is the most common one for your dog. Apply it on their skin, massage it well, then rinse it afterward.


You can consult a veterinarian because some breeds or types of dogs have sensitive noses and skin. Avoid harming your dog since your top priority is to secure their safety as well.


Easier ways on how to get dog smell out of blanket

In getting the dog smell out of the blanket, some solutions like brushing, spraying, and shaking off dirt may help you regularly. It is not advisable to wash blankets every day.


In neutralizing the dog’s smell, you can use liquid detergent sprays that you can make at home.


You can also buy these in the market or from online shops if you are not comfortable going out.


Aside from sprays, you can also use baking soda as an alternative powder. It is safe to use for your pet’s skin and for blankets since it is a natural odor eliminator.



Dogs are best to cuddle with, but others may avoid your pets because of their smell.


If this is the case, the blanket used inside your home or your room is not safe for everyday use. That’s why it is important to learn how to get dog smell out of blanket.


Perhaps, the problem may lie on your dog, or it can be on your blanket that you provide for them. You can find solutions for your dog and use the appropriate blanket.


In doing so, you can refer to the guides mentioned above.