How To Gift Wrap A Throw Blanket With 5 Basic Everyday Items

This article will teach you how to gift wrap a throw blanket.


It will surprise you how gift wrapping blankets are no different from gift wrapping other items.


Although, first, you have to know the distinction between a throw blanket and a regular blanket. 


Simply put, throw blankets are primarily used as ornaments rather than to keep you warm.


Since a throw blanket is smaller than a regular blanket, you can still use it to wrap babies or warm up your feet and legs.


Blankets, on the other hand, are more functional—the bigger size is meant to cover the bed when you sleep. 


how to gift wrap a throw blanket

The Challenge Of Gift Wrapping 

Being an early bird will spare you the stress of buying gifts during the Christmas rush.


Christmas isn’t the only season for sending out gifts. Thoughtful friends also give throw blankets to expectant mothers, so any time of the year, throw blankets stay in style. 


The biggest challenge you’ll face is not whether the person receiving your gift will like it—they will, for certain.


Wrapping the blanket can be a frustrating process. The soft corners of a blanket don’t match well with crisp wrapping paper and will be tricky to resolve. 


Alternatives offer easier routes to tread. Rolling up the blanket and tying it up with a ribbon is a straightforward way of doing it, saving you tedious time.


However, there is no element of shock anymore, and the person might appreciate the gift less. 


Wrapping Paper Alternatives


  • Old newspapers

They are devoid of color, making the color of any blanket pop.


At first, your recipient might think it’s a dull gift, but until they rip the paper to shreds, a colorful surprise awaits.


Prepare broadsheets and use many layers of them when wrapping. 


  • Baskets

These also take away the element of surprise. Among the methods of gift wrapping, however, it seems to be the most presentable.


You can wrap a ribbon on the handle as well for a touch of finesse.


  • Pillowcase

Take a look at your pillowcase to see if you like the pattern or match the color and design of the blanket. If so, fold the throw blanket and slide it right in.


Grab your sewing kit and add a drawstring for added charm. 


  • DIY box

Chances are, you have a stash of plain boxes lying around. Why don’t you showcase your artistic skills and paint the exterior?


Place the throw blanket inside and decorate the box with silk ribbons, a sticker or a gift card. 


  • Paper bags

Do you have an environmentally active friend? Maybe going eco-friendly will best suit their taste. Using paper grocery bags may not be as flashy, but if your friend doesn’t mind, your gift will produce less trash. 


Materials Needed


  • Cutting mat

To protect surfaces, place a cutting mat under when you’re cutting out your wrapping paper. If you can find one, a self-healing mat is an even better choice.


Take this precaution because some people regret leaving permanent damage on their wooden table. 


  • Tape

Instead of using regular tape, use double-sided tape to make it less obvious. Keep it neat by keeping the tape out of sight.


Opting for a regular tape can be distracting once you overdo it. 


  • T-square

Got trembling hands? Then rely on the confidence of a T-square to guide you in making precise, straight cuts.


Originally a drafter’s tool, this tool has entered the world of craft. You will no longer feel intimidated by wide stretches of paper. 


Before we proceed to gift wrapping, gather your materials all in one place. Have a designated working area to be efficient when wrapping multiple gifts.


Since gift wrapping is the boring part of giving gifts, also convince yourself to enjoy the process.


Step-by-step guide on how to gift wrap a throw blanket


  • Step #1. Spread the roll of gift wrap on a flat surface
  • Step #2. Place a tablecloth on top of the paper
  • Step #3. Place the throw blanket on top of the tablecloth
  • Step #4. Fold the edges of the tablecloth on all sides (The blanket must not be visible)
  • Step #5. Wrap the paper on both side and secure with tape
  • Step #6. Fold both ends to meet at the middle
  • Step #7. Secure with ribbon


What could go wrong?

You might ruin the paper. Be extra careful not to poke holes at the gift wrap. Glossy paper is prone to tearing since the paper is very thin. 


Also, the blanket can be uneven. Fold the throw blanket as compact as possible. Although, refrain from folding too much lest you cannot fold any more. 


Is gift wrapping necessary?

Yes, the gift wrapping part makes the throw blanket more special, so don’t skip it.


Wrapping your gifts makes all the difference by creating suspense and setting a happy mood.


Researchers found that gift wrapping influences the attitude of a person towards a gift in a positive way.



You have learned how to gift wrap a throw blanket. Now you must proceed to wrap the gift itself.


Yes, wrapping a blanket is not the typical task, but if you want to show how much a person means to you, it’s a challenge you can crush.

how to style a throw blanket in your bedroom

How To Style A Throw Blanket In Your Bedroom? 8 Best Styling Tips!

If you want to be warm and cozy when sleeping, you need to know how to style a throw blanket in your bedroom.

But more than that, knowing this can improve the appearance of your room.

That is because a throw pillow can also be used to accentuate the room as it adds warmth, color, and texture to the room.

With that being said, keep reading until the end of this post to discover the numerous styling tips.


What Is A Throw Blanket?

Before we proceed to the styling tips, let us first get to know more about throw blankets.

Well, it is a type of cloth that is decorative and is mainly used in making a room even cozier.

With you can be kept warm when you sleep.

This is also a blanket, the only difference between the two is their size.

Generally, throw blankets are thinner and smaller as compared to the real ones.

Furthermore, blankets are primarily utilized in bed only.

Throws, on the other hand, are used as a decoration for the lounge, bedroom, or any other part of the house.

Typically, they come in unique, fun, and colorful colors.

They are made from different materials such as faux fur, wool, cotton, and polyester.


Ways To Style A Throw Blanket In Your Bedroom

I don’t want to keep you waiting.

Now here are the ways on how to style a throw blanket in your bedroom:


Method #1. Showing Both Of Its Sides

You can add depth and interest to your room by creating layers using throw blankets.

For instance, you can layer multiple throws to display varying textures.

But you might as well use a single throw and just fold it.

You might as well purchase a reversible throw blanket and display both of its sides.


Method #2. Draping it over the headboard

The best way to style the throw blanket is by draping it over the headboard.

Through this, anyone entering the room will see it right away.

This will revive your old headboard.

Then, complement with decorative pillows to achieve a better look.


Method #3. Placing the throw pillow at the edge of the bed

You can also put the throws at the foot of the bed.

Among all other methods in the list, this one is the easiest to do which is why a lot are using it.

All you need to do is to fold the blanket and lay it at the edge of the bed.

Ensure that it is centered so that it will not look sloppy.


Method #4. Trying the diagonal fold

You can achieve a homey and effortless look by folding the throws diagonally.

Get the throw blanket and then fold it into thirds or half.

After that, you have to drape it on the corners of the bed.

This method will offer an asymmetrical look that both pleasing and inviting for the eyes.

Only minimal effort is needed, yet you can make your room eye-catchy.


Method #5. Adding layers

You can make the blanket appear bigger with this method.

Begin by placing a blanket as a base.

Preferably, the blanket is neutral textured or colored so that the print and color of the throw blanket will pop out more.

Drape the throw blanket over the bed blanket.

To ensure that you can achieve a cohesive look, choose blankets in the shades but of varying textures.


Method #6. Corner throw

This kind of style is suited to different aesthetics and interior design.

No matter what kind of design scheme you have in your room, it will complement it for sure.

Just fold the blanket lengthwise. Then, do another fold in half.

After that, place the throw blanket at the corner of the bed.

Remember not to fold the throw blanket too smooth and straight as it will tend to look just like any ordinary blanket.

It would be good to mess it a bit so that the look will be even pleasing.


Method #7. Faux fur throw must not be folded

Believe it or not, this type of blanket is better left not touched.


Method #8. Fully lay the throw blanket on the bed

In general, throw blankets are tinier than the bed.

In case there is an old throw that you cannot get rid of, you can still make good use of it.

This can be used as a cloth poster or tapestry.

In other words, you can use this in spicing up your old and small blanket and then lay it over the bed.

Make sure to place the throw blanket in the middle and allow the symmetry to offer a calming vibe to your room.


It’s A Wrap!

You can surely enjoy the versatility of throw blankets for as long as you know how to style a throw blanket in your bedroom.

Aside from spicing up the décor of your room, this is very useful in keeping you cozy no matter the weather.

It can provide added comfort as you watch TV or read your favorite book.

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