How To Get Creases Out Of The Shoes With A Hair Dryer? 4 Easy Steps!

By telling you how to get creases out of the shoes with a hair dryer, we are going to solve your problem. Creasing out the shoes is a pretty simple process and some household items are enough to make you stand out in a gathering. We all love un-creased and good-looking shoes, but the creases don’t allow us to leave that good impression on others. 

No matter the shoe is of leather (patent, exotic or regular) it cannot run from creases. All types of sneakers, trainers, canvas, and boots compress and form creases.

how to get creases out of the shoes with a hair dryer

But don’t worry, you can effortlessly make your shoe crease-free. In this article, you will get to know a complete procedure of un-creasing your shoes by using a hairdryer. We also added some tips and tricks to keep your shoes in tip-top condition.


Steps To Get Creases Out Of The Shoes With A Hair Dryer

You must have read somewhere that whenever we meet a new person, the first thing he notices is our shoes. That’s why shoes should be clean, free from creases, and shiny enough to display you as a good guy. Read this step-by-step guide if you wanna know how to get creases out of the shoes with a hair dryer.


Step# 1. Clean the shoes

Take a brush or rag and clean the dust and dirt from the surface of the shoe. Use any leather-cleaning product if there are some stubborn marks. Then put a shoe tree or socks inside to give the shoe a smooth surface. Are you all done? Let’s move to the next step.


Step #2. Turn on the hairdryer

Plugin the hairdryer and turn the heat settings on medium. Move the hairdryer to the creased area from a distance of 10 inches. Make sure not to keep the blow dryer on one spot for more than a minute because the heat may melt the glue on the outsole and upper part of the shoe. 


Step #3. Massage the shoe surface

Massage the shoe with your finger to settle the creases. Keep repeating this process until the shoe seems new. Let the shoe cool before removing the shoe tree and voila! You are ready to show up with your perfectly sleek shoes.


Step #4. Apply conditioner plus shoe polish

Wanna add up shine to your shoes? Apply a little amount of shoe conditioner on the shoes. Then polish your shoes and wait for them to become dry. Buff the dried polish with a brush or piece of cloth and you are done.


Why Does My Shoe Become Creased?

Many factors are involved in the making of creases on your shoes. The most common one is that when you walk while wearing the shoes, their material compresses to create wrinkles. Also, your shoes are more likely to get creases if they are not in according to your foot size. Always wear good-fitted and good-quality shoes to reduce creases. Wrinkles will make their way more often if your shoe fabric is of low quality. In addition, if you hate to decrease your shoes opt for semi-cap or full cap-toe shoes rather than shoes with plain design and whole cut. 


Can I Crease Out The Shoes Without A Hair Dryer?

The answer to this question is positive. Some other ways to remove creases include ironing the shoes after putting a damp towel on them. People also use a damp cloth heated in the microwave to eliminate the crease. Leather conditioner or oil could be effective too. Here are the ways how to uncrease your sneakers.


How To Reduce The Crease From The Shoes

You can follow some simple tips and tricks to keep your shoes in perfectly smooth condition. 


Tip #1. Shoe trees

Shoe trees are inexpensive and easily available. They come on number one when we talk about keeping the shoe from creasing. A pair of shoe trees won’t allow the creases to form on your shoes and you will always stay tension-free. Also, a cedar shoe tree removes the nasty, unbearable, and embarrassing smell from the shoes. 


Tip #2. Shoe stretcher spray

This spray helps to stretch the material of shoes that ultimately stops the wrinkle formation. Try the shoe stretcher spray on the shoes that you wear every day. Because nobody has time to decrease the shoes daily or place and remove the shoe trees.


Tip #3. Sneaker shield

The toe box area gets wrinkled easily and looks bad. The sneaker shield is the solution to this issue as it is a specially designed shoe tree kinda wrinkle-reducer from the toe box area.


Tip #4. Leather conditioner

The shoes that you don’t wear in routine easily get creased. These creases can be reduced by moisturizing the shoes. Order a leather conditioner or oil to avoid the shoes from drying and then being creased.


It’s A Wrap!

Whether it is scuff marks or creases on them, looks bad on the shoes. We understand that this is no less than a headache, that’s why we crafted this guide on how to get creases out of the shoes with a hair dryer.

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