How To Get Bed Bugs Out Of Your Car? 4 Easy Steps!

This article will be answering, “how to get bed bugs out of your car?” I have here four tips that I will be sharing with you.

Are you already annoyed by these tiny insects in your personal spaces?

how to get bed bugs out of your car

Do not worry, my friends. Here’s what I can guarantee to you:

You can get them out by using diatomaceous earth, heat, cleaning with steam, and decontamination.

That’s it. So, without further ado, allow yourself to read the article and learn some new things.


Tips To Get Bed Bugs Out Of Your Car

Bed bugs are hazardous; they live in small spaces and can harm your whole household.

These tiny, wingless organisms can be found throughout the earth as long as they have a host to get their food.

Bed bugs feed on your blood.

Also, they can cause you some skin irritations like itchiness, red marks, and rashes.

Watch out for your sleeping beds, as they are secretly hiding beneath them.

Check your sheets, clothes, bed frames, and comforters if they are any traces of bed bugs.

Other than your household, your car can be a favorite hiding abode for these little creatures.

They got into your vehicle by transferring from other things to different places.

They may be from your jacket, clothes, shoes, purse, and other items that go into your car.

Once they established their colonies there, it may be hard for you to evict them.

But, luckily, I have here four tips on how to get bed bugs out of your car:


Tip #1. Diatomaceous earth

I know that you only heard this for the first time.

Diatomaceous earth is a substance that is from the fossilized remains of aquatic organisms a long time ago.

These old remnants are called diatoms.

These diatoms, when viewed under the microscope, are small fragments of sharp objects.

Also, diatomaceous earth is mainly composed of the element silica.

This element is usually used in commercial pesticides in the form of silicon dioxide.

Diatomaceous earth has many properties to fight bed bugs in your car.

It has silica that can absorb essential nutrients that exist in the natural exterior of the bed bug.

Thus, when the bed bug is deprived of its nutrients.

It cannot function properly.

Also, this property makes them dehydrated and die for quite some time.

As mentioned, this substance has small spikes when viewed closer in a microscope.

Hence, it can help scratch and hurt the bed bugs physically.

To use diatomaceous earth, you can buy them at the nearest hardware store in powder form.

Then, search for areas that are infested with bed bugs inside your vehicle.

Then, use the powder and spread it to the bed bugs.

Allow the powder to stay for about an hour or two so that the bed bugs completely dry out and die.

After that, you should vacuum clean your car.

As there may be leftovers of diatomaceous earth powder and other dirt.

You should wear a mask while using this substance.

It may irritate your nose; it is better to be safe than sorry.


Tip #2. Heat

Bed bugs cannot easily thrive in scorching temperatures.

Temperatures at least 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) can be deadly for bed bugs.

If you need to kill them using heat, I recommend you place your car in broad daylight.

Then, cover all openings like your windows with a dark cloth.

Also, it may be best to tumble down all seats to reveal all spots that bed bugs may be hiding.

Leave your car for about three to four hours, depending on how infested the seats are.

If you have no access to a parking area with broad daylight.

You can freely use an electric heater to target the seats with bed bugs.


Tip #3. Cleaning with steam

Hot steam can kill bed bugs.

It can also be a disinfecting agent for your car.

There are two known kinds of steam: wet and dry.

You can use both of them to fight bed bugs.

The smoke from the steam can go to the smallest spaces where bed bugs might be lurking secretly.

When using a steaming cleaner, make sure the blow of the air is not too decisive.

This mode will be essential to kill bed bugs, not repelling them away in your car.

Also, it would help if you protect yourself from the heat of the steam while using it to fight bed bugs.


Tip #4. Professional decontamination

Decontamination, or in other words, fumigation, might be the last resort for removing bed bugs in your car.

This method consists of spraying a pesticide in a smoking method.

So, it may be necessary to let a professional do it for you.

All these tips need your safety.

But please observe precaution.




You are enlightened on how to get bed bugs out of your car.

I have shared four tips that might be helpful for you.

You can use diatomaceous earth, heat, cleaning with steam, and professional decontamination.

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Thank you very much for reading.

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