How To Fix Office Chair Lift In 4 Useful DIY Methods

Are you wondering how to fix office chair lift? Or are you having a difficult time adjusting your sinking seat?

We’ve outlined everything for you here. Check out these four easy methods!

Working long hours is indeed exhausting in and of itself. As the day progresses, you may lose your productivity, which is why stuff like a cup of coffee and a comfy chair become increasingly important.

When it comes to essential office equipment, though, many people grumble that their office chair continues sinking, contributing to your declining productivity. Unfortunately, even the most modern office chairs will not stay upright after a few weeks of use.

However, the good side is that there are simple solutions for this. The key is to not toss your sinking chair right away.


How To Fix A Sinking Chair?

Our office chairs cost a lot of money because we want them to be comfortable and ergonomic for our long workdays. Whether you spent a few hundred dollars on a seat or not, no one should have to cope with a sinking office chair. Here are some simple methods to fix your problem.


Method #1. Duct tape and a hose clamp

Main Points: Quick Fix, Temporary, Non-Adjustable

The use of a hose clamp and some duct tape is a classic DIY quick fix or hack. This option will not repair your office chair, but it will keep it from sinking.

The hose clamp should be in the size 20 or 13/16 “-1-3/4” in diameter for this approach to operate. It functions as a stop by being put around the cylinder piston at a particular height. We use duct tape to keep the clamp from moving around.

This, however, may only work for a few days before slipping. So your chair will be dropping again before you realize it. In your house or at work, this is also not a very professional appearance.


Method #2. Plastic spacer or pvc pipe

Main Points: Low-cost fix, temporary, non-adjustable

Another DIY office chair hack uses a plastic spacer or a piece of PVC to keep the cylinder from sinking. The plastic spacer can be wrapped around the cylinder piston if we slice it down the middle.

If you’re using an uncut spacer or PVC, you’ll have to do some more work (taking apart the cylinder to slide on the spacer). Like the hose clamp, this spacer serves as a stopper and does not allow for height modification.

Another significant disadvantage is that the plastic is prone to fracture or shatter due to the strain of sitting in your chair. Thus, this approach may also be unsuitable for use in a professional setting.


Method #3. Changing the cylinder (recommended)

Key Points: Costs more or less $30, lasting fix, adjustable, and professional.

As previously said, the hose clamp and spacer solutions are temporary, only allow you to sit at one height, and don’t look exceptionally professional. As a result, we advise changing the cylinder.  We suggest this option if you have spent a lot of money on a high-end office chair, such as a massage chair for the office.

Replacing the chair cylinder is a lot easier than you may think, and it will keep your office chair looking and feeling like new for another 6+ years. Since most desk chairs are constructed in the same way, you can replace many swivel chair parts.

If your office chair continues to sink, the solution is simple. Replace the cylinder in your chair and enjoy it as if it is brand new.


Method #4. Components should be oiled

When it comes to the mechanical components, the first thing you should examine is whether you can feel any friction while using your chair or its lever. If you answered yes, you should be relieved because your office chair is sinking due to a lack of lubricant. You can just apply grease on your chair’s joints and see if they will smooth out.


What causes office chairs to sink?

Well, it doesn’t matter how new or old they are — office chairs continue to sink. You don’t need to be concerned if you’ve recently purchased a new piece and it has fallen inside the first month.

It can happen to chairs for a precise cause, even if they are brand new. One thing is for sure, though — a sinking computer chair does not imply that it is already worn out. Instead, it simply signifies that the chair’s raising mechanism has failed, indicating that you must repair the chair.



Even if office chairs continue to sink, it doesn’t mean that you have to settle for such awful seating positions and make your day a struggle. Instead, follow the steps we’ve provided to fix an office chair that won’t stay up, and you’ll be able to sit comfortably all day. Aside from that, you won’t have to keep on searching “how to fix office chair lift.”

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