How To Fix A Sofa Bed Frame? Complete Repair Guide

It’s easy to understand how to fix a sofa bed frame because you only need to identify the main problem. For example, we will teach you a two-step guide on how to fix a collapsed sofa bed frame. We will also tackle how to repair the frame due to missing parts or damaged parts.

But first, do you even know the proper way of opening a sofa bed? Read this article to learn the appropriate method and avoid damaging the sofa bed accidentally. 


How To Fix A Sofa Bed Frame

How To Repair A Sofa Bed Frame: All The Fixes You Need To Know


Step 1. Remove the cushions and measure the sofa bed frame

You can reinforce a collapsed sofa bed frame with plywood. Start by removing all the cushions to reveal the bed frame. Take the dimensions of the frame and add some allowance to help you insert the plywood on it. 


Step 2. Cut plywood pieces and lay them on the frame

Cut a piece of plywood around half an inch thick according to the sofa bed frame size. Remember to divide it into three to fit into three sections of the sofa bed frame. Connect the plywood pieces by drilling holes on the corners and lacing them with wire.

Check the connected plywood pieces if they will fold smoothly with the sofa bed frame. Then, place this DIY base on the frame and return the sofa cushions. Adding plywood to the sofa bed frame should restore the support lost when it collapsed. 

If you’re familiar with this plywood method, you can also apply it when fixing a sagging sofa bed


What if the sofa bed has cracks and missing parts?

The approach for repairing the sofa bed frame will be different for those dealing with cracks on the frame. Please refer to your specific product’s manual to understand the sofa bed mechanism it uses. From there, you can detect what features or areas will need a remedy. 

Generally, you can remove the cushioning and turn the frame upside down. Check for splits or cracks, which are common on the supporting beams at the front. You can repair these damages by injecting glue and connecting them with clamps. 

If your sofa bed frame has missing or broken rails at the bottom, replace them with pine lumber of the same size. You might also end up dealing with loose and stripped bolts and nuts on the sofa bed’s mechanism. You only need to tighten or replace these metal parts or bend some features if necessary to reconnect them to the sofa bed frame. 


What if the sofa bed frame has damaged arms or joints?

You can bend back a loose arm on the sofa bed frame or tighten the metal parts that came loose. But another common problem that most homeowners deal with is on the joints of the sofa bed frame. Any issue in these parts will cause the structure to collapse.

If tightening the hardware won’t work, you need to drill through the joints and inject glue into the resulting holes. Connect them with dowels and trim the ends once the glue has dried. This solution will address the stripped screws on the joints. 

But how will you repair external damages on sofa bed arms? The good news is you might be only seeing the upholstered plywood that you can remove. Wrap it again with upholstery fabric using a small staple gun and brads to make the sofa bed legs look new again. 


Can Sofa Beds Be Repaired?

Sofa beds are easy to repair at home as long as you’re familiar with the mechanism it uses. Make it a habit to regularly inspect the frame to address the issues before they worsen. Some common sofa bed fixes include reinforcing the frame and tightening the loosened parts. 

You might also need to replace the sofa bed mattress if it has deteriorated beyond repair. Take the measurements of the sofa bed and have the mattress custom-made. Some furniture stores might also offer the same size as your sofa bed. 


Why Is My Sofa Bed Sagging?

Sofa beds will sag from constant wear and pressure on a specific spot. The sofa bed might also have poor support at the base, or the material of the cushioning itself has flattened over time. Remember to check the expected lifespan of your sofa bed to know when it will need a replacement. 

How do you repair a sagging sofa bed? You can restore it the same way you fix a sagging mattress. Reinforce the frame with plywood to help push back the material that forms dents. 

You can even make the sofa bed more comfortable by using a mattress topper. This extra piece at the top will provide the firmness you lost and ensure that you will maintain a comfortable and supportive surface for sitting or lying down.  



Did your sofa bed collapse? A quick recap of this complete tutorial on how to fix a sofa bed frame reveals that reinforcing the collapsed structure with plywood is the best solution. But for other sofa bed problems, you have to familiarize yourself with the specific model’s mechanism. 

The issue might be easily solvable by replacing or tightening some parts. Overall, DIY remedies for sofa bed problems are manageable. Still, it would benefit you, in the long run, to use your sofa bed with care. 


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