How To Fix A Sagging Sofa Bed? Best Plywood Method

Those who don’t know how to fix a sagging sofa bed will need plywood, and that’s it! This step-by-step guide is easy to understand, and you only need wire to secure the base in place. We will also talk about why your sofa bed sags and what you can do to avoid this issue. 

Are you also wondering how to make a sofa bed more comfortable? Check our separate article and get your sofa bed sleep ready. With that being said, let’s restore your sofa bed in two easy steps!

How To Fix A Sagging Sofa Bed


How To Repair A Sagging Sofa Bed

The easiest way to restore a sagging sofa bed is by reinforcing its base with plywood. The firm material underneath the frame will push back the indentation and level the sofa bed surface. This technique is also helpful if you want to fix a sagging mattress.


Step 1. Cut plywood the same size as the sofa bed frame

Remove the cushion from the sofa bed to make it easier to reveal the frame. Measure its dimensions and use the numbers to produce plywood the same size. It will also be easier to cut several plywood pieces that can cover the sofa bed frame. 


Step 2. Attach the plywood to the sofa bed frame

Drill holes on the edge of the plywood pieces. Be mindful of their placement so that you can easily link them with wire. Push the wire through each set of holes so that you can still fold the plywood when you turn the sofa bed into a sofa. Then, remove the excess wire with wire cutters and place the plywood on the frame before the cushion. 

Do note to always check the wire and how tight you placed it on the plywood pieces. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose to be effective when you fold the sofa bed. 


How Do I Stop My Sofa Bed From Sagging?

The best way to stop a sofa bed from sagging is by ensuring that it is well-supported. Having plywood underneath will help distribute the pressure from consistent use of the sofa bed. More so, you can use a mattress topper on the sofa bed to slow down its wear. 

Those who use their sofa bed frequently should invest in a mattress topper. This extra material will even out the pressure on the surface, and the sofa bed won’t get directly worn down. You also want to ensure that you’re using the sofa bed with care to avoid damaging the materials. 


Why Is My Sofa Bed Sagging?

Sofa beds sag as they near their expected lifespan. Some beds might even sag faster if you use them roughly, and pressure is only focused on one area. More than the fill that will flatten, you might have also damaged the frame that keeps the sofa bed supported. 

Constantly monitor your sofa bed by lifting the cushioning and checking the frame for damages. Consistent weight tends to break wooden frames. Consider checking these tips on how to fix sagging sofa cushions to understand why indentations develop on couches. 


How Can I Make My Sofa Bed Firmer?


Stabilize the base with plywood

Using plywood onto the sofa bed frame will help firm up the sofa bed. Remember that placing a bed on a hard surface helps prevent the material from compressing too deeply when you lie on it. Some sofa beds that are futon-like can also be placed directly on the floor to firm them up. 


Use a memory foam mattress topper

One of the best mattress toppers for sofa beds is memory foam. Memory foam is firmer than other materials to prevent the user from sinking onto the sleeping surface. Add a mattress topper the same size as the sofa bed, and it will firm up the latter that may feel too soft. 

A firm mattress topper can also be a quick solution for a sagging sofa bed. This way, you will still sleep on a level surface and maintain a neutral spine. Otherwise, consider getting a new sofa bed if it is too deformed that you develop neck and back pains. 


Can You Replace Sofa Bed Mattress?

It’s possible to buy a mattress for a sofa bed if it needs replacement. This would be your final solution if using plywood or a mattress topper is not enough to provide a comfortable and supportive sofa bed. Much like repairing sofa cushions where you replace the stuffing, you can replace the mattress that your sofa bed has. 

Most sofa beds will use something as thick as four and a half inches with dimensions of 60 by 72 inches. However, you still need to measure your sofa bed to avoid issues with the fitting. Some manufacturers will then custom make the mattress for you using memory foam, latex, or other materials. 



A sagging sofa bed will be unsightly and uncomfortable for sitting or lying. The good news is there is one best solution for how to fix a sagging sofa bed. Simply place several pieces of plywood onto the frame, and the corresponding support will push back the dented surface. 

You can also use a memory foam mattress topper to firm up the sofa bed. Otherwise, consider getting a new sofa bed mattress.