How To Fix A Bed? Here Are 4 Awesome Tips!

Are you wondering how to fix a bed? My friends, you can, so don’t worry about it.

I can relate to that feeling when you need to sleep, but just can’t- been there many times.

how to fix a bed

There’s nothing more that you can do, instead, you turn and toss around.

One of the reasons why this occurs to you is because you’re not comfortable with your bed.

Maybe, the problem is that you haven’t fixed it well.

So, the next time you find yourself playing tug-of-war with your sheets, fix the bed in no time.

In this article, we’ll share few easy ways in making your bed cozier to sleep on.

So, without further ado, let’s start!


Ways To Fix A Bed

I know- you’re wondering how to fix a bed. Say goodbye to sleepless nights, my dear. Here are the ways:


#1. Fit your bedsheets correctly

I guess you already know that feeling when the sheet pops off, and that can affect your sleep as it makes you feel uncomfortable.

The common reason why it happens is that you’ve placed it incorrectly.

You have to take a look at the other side of the sheet.

See one of the corners of the sheet’s pockets, and there you can find a tag that is sewn in the seam.

The one with the tag should be placed at the left corner of your mattress.

If you’re wondering what the basis of left is, it’s according to your view when you lie in your bed.

Another reason that may take place is that the depth of the pocket is not right.

Well, the thickness of the mattress comes in various ranges, which means that pocket depths do too.

If it’s not right for your mattress, it will eventually slip off.

The best thing that you must do is to take the right measurement of your mattress’s bottom sheet.

My friends, don’t make your sheet a problem, replace it, and don’t compromise your sleep with this.


#2. Getting high-quality sheets

Your bed sheets may either make or break your sleep.

So, if you want a high quality of sleep, your sheets should be too.


The cotton rule

We have a cotton sheet rule, which suggests that your sheets should be made of 100% cotton.

Why so? It’s because this fabric can allow your skin to breathe well.

And this kind of feeling is more comfy as even compared to when you have ones made of synthetic fabrics.

As time goes by, this fabric is sure to feel smother; if you want the smoothest ones, try that with a sateen finish.


The thread

Another thing you should consider is the thread.

I’m not saying you should give utmost consideration to thread count, okay?

It’s because it does not really mean that you have good-quality cotton.

The type of cotton used is the best indicator, my friends.

I recommend you should use long-staple Egyptian, Pima, or Supima.


The sweaty guy

Furthermore, if you’re a sweaty kind of person, no matter how cold the temperature is, you should opt for cotton sheets.

This kind of materials is sure to let you stay cooler; well, thanks to its natural moisture-wicking capacity.

But then, if it doesn’t keep you dry, then consider cotton that comes with Lyocell (a fiber capable of absorbing moisture; plus, it’s eco-friendly too!).


Changing sheets frequently

Yes, you need to change your sheets weekly.

It’s prone to dirt, my friends.

To get the utmost comfort, you should make sure to change your sheets every week.

And you should clean the entire bedding every 14 weeks.


#3. Make your bed

If you’re still wide awake in bed at night, and you feel like you’re having an allergic reaction to something, it might be because of dust mites.

I guess you’ve not made your bed right.

Here’s the thing:

Dust mites also need to thrive and that is by munching your skin flakes or hydrating in a moist atmosphere.

If the first thing that you do is to make your bed, then you’re promoting the bed dust.

It’s because it may seal in some sweat you’ve remained on your bed sheet.

If you left the bed undone, then the moisture may be dried up, thanks to the light and air.

With this, bed dust or mites may be removed.


#4. Ironing sheets

So, ironing sheets is mostly done if they’re wrinkled.

There are ways on how to prevent this from happening, though.

You really don’t have to iron the sheets.

From the moment you washed your sheets, make sure you don’t let them get creased.

For instance, you can put the sheet on even if it’s still hot as it just came out from the dryer.

My friends, you also have to leave as it is if you don’t want to iron.

Well, it’s a trend nowadays. The important thing is that it’s clean even if it looks messy.


It’s A Wrap!

There are many ways on how to fix a bed.

And those mentioned above are just a few that you can try.

You need to know more about how you can fix your bed, but now, let’s just leave it from there.

Until next time.