How To Dry Sweaters In Dryer Without Shrinking? 5 Easy Ways To Avoid Shrinkage!

How to dry sweaters in dryer without shrinking? Dryers are one of the best conventional appliances you’ll want to have at home. It dries your wet garments and gives you the best possible results afterward. Though there is a particular problem that people still face, that is the shrinkage of their garments. It happens because of the heat force present.

It can be one hell of a nightmare if your clothes, especially your favorite ones, shrink, right? How can they be wearable if many shrinkages have happened to those garments? To avoid that, we came up with ways to solve the problem. We want your clothes to stay healthy as possible and for them to last longer as possible.

how to dry sweaters in dryer without shrinking

Today, we will be discussing the topic of how to dry sweaters in the dryer without shrinking? These are common questions that people ask around the internet since some sweaters tend to have a very thick layer of cotton or other materials since it is intended to make you sweat, as its name states. So, let us go on.


Methods On How To Dry Your Sweaters Without Shrinking

How to dry sweaters in dryer without shrinking? Learning some precautions will take just a little bit of your time to handle garments and the dryer properly. So, with that, let’s take it easy from there. Today, we will help you with your problem. So, here are the ways to avoid that:


Method #1. Always check the care label before every wash

Some fabrics are not suitable to be placed in a dryer. Why? They may have used a sensitive material that shrinks whenever placed in too much heat. As much as possible, we want to avoid that so, every after washing, check the care label of your clothes so that you can prevent this problem from happening.

Since they are not that suitable to be dried in a dryer, there are many methods that you can do that do not affect the fabric of the garment. Sun drying is one of the most common things that people do in the old times. It is still adequate though not efficient since it only depends on the day’s weather. You may also be interested in reading how to dry hair fast without a hair dryer .


Method #2. Using a cold setting when putting the garments into the washer

Just like dryers, washers have settings that you can adjust depending on your preference of time, water to be used, the strength of the spin, and many more than you could ever think of. This method applies to the washer since it may help with the shrinkage of your garments. To start it off, let us explain it to you.

Shrinkage is caused by the intense heat that can affect your sweater. With the help of the washer, you can avoid it. When your washer has a setting, we’ll want to let you set it at least thirty degrees Celsius so that when washing, the clothes or sweater are cold enough to fend off the heat when being dried on the dryer later on.

Here’s another tip: Once the washer process is done, always dry your clothes on the lowest possible heat setting that is present in your machine. Too much heat only increases the shrinkage of your sweaters. As much as possible, we’ll want you to avoid using high temps and avoid rushing the drying time.


Method #3. Strictly only do one cycle per drying session

Using the dryer more than once can irritate the fiber of your sweaters. Yes, they may have thick threads, but take some time if you don’t want them to get damaged or shrink. It can cause a lot of hassle, and here’s one problem, you won’t be able to turn it back right away to its original size once it has shrunk.

Doing more than a cycle can harm the sweater’s fabric; in that case, do as is said in the second method to avoid shrinkage successfully. Also, if your shirt hasn’t thoroughly dried up in a low heat setting, it is much better to sun dry the rest so that it doesn’t get damaged. From there, please wait until it is wearable again. It may be helpful to read how to clean hair dryer filter


Method #4. Avoid doing long cycles

Long cycles more damage and shrinkage to the sweater or shirt. Since dryers make a tumble motion for all the garments stuffed in to dry completely, sometimes the heat distribution isn’t the same for all the clothes present in the dryer. Depending on the situation, you can adjust the time and temperature to your preference.


Method #5. Empty the dryer and give it a rest every after cycle

With all the other methods given out above to avoid shrinkage to your sweaters, you must apply all of these if possible to get your clothes to stay in shape, especially your sweaters. You may also hang or fold them for them to look clean. It may also be a good idea to know the important things to look for in a hair dryer.


It’s A Wrap!

How to dry sweaters in dryer without shrinking? Everything has been set, and now, we already have ideas on how to dry sweaters in the dryer without shrinking. Many people have been facing this problem for a long time already, so it is better to know than ignore that your clothes are shrinking. Furthermore, you may also want to know how to clean them properly.

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