How To Use Hair Dryer To Straighten The Hair? 5 Amazing Steps To Follow!

How to use hair dryer to straighten the hair? As too many people today have and prefer their styles, they turn from something to this. For example, you have curly hair though you do not like it anymore, straightening it for a new look. How can you attain it, though? There are many ways to do it; but, there’s one thing that we’re sure of.

If you do not know how to use a hairdryer to straighten your hair, you’re missing out a lot! Other than salons and shops, you can do this at home with some instructions to do it properly. Wrong instructions may lead to breakage or damage to the hair. So to avoid that, follow steps from a professional.

how to use hair dryer to straighten the hair

Now that we have discussed all the needed information that you need to know for today’s topic, it is now time that we move on and see the process so that we can discover what a hairdryer can do. Of course, there’s more to them if you do not know, but now is when we unveil It to you and see that you can learn to do it at home.


Steps On How To Use Hair Dryer In Straightening The Hair

How to use hair dryer to straighten the hair? Knowing the do’s and dont’s on how to handle a hairdryer is a must before doing this process! Why? It may damage your hair if you do not have enough control over the device. So to avoid that, read some articles and base here for the steps needed:


Step #1. Prepare your hair for straightening

Since we will be using a lot of heat for this process, we need to prepare the hair first to avoid getting damaged once the process is carried out later on. To start, your hair must be damp enough, then dry it with a towel. Finally, to prevent damage to the strands, use a heat-protector to avoid injuries.

Straightening balm is also needed if you want extra styling for the hair. In that way, you can protect it while carrying out the whole process since a lot of heat is required to accomplish this, which may cause breakage if your hair is too weak. With these heat protectors, we can avoid them if we apply them beforehand. It may be helpful to read how to straighten hair with blow dryer.


Step #2. Selecting the portion to where you will start

Dividing the hair is a must when it comes to straightening it; in that way, you will straighten it into equal parts without any inaccuracy problems. To do that, you can use a comb or even just the hands to split the hair into three equal parts making a middle part and into two side segments. Pin them up once you ready the hair.

As for the back section, we should leave it just as it is since there is no need to touch it. We will now select the starting point to get our first hair dry. Divide the back hair segment in half horizontally. Only clip the top half; the remainder should be left unclipped since later parts will be hair dried too.


Step #3. Keeping your hair damp while hair drying

You cannot straighten your hair by itself if it isn’t damp enough; in that case, you’ll need to dampen your hair enough so that it stays straight once you’re done blow drying it later on. There are many ways to do it, too; you can wet it beforehand or fill a spraying bottle and spray it to the hair before starting the drying. It may also be a good idea to know what is the best blow dryer for black hair.


Step #4. Brush your hair with a round brush during hair drying

Brush your hair from roots to ends with a round ceramic brush, starting from the underside. Follow the course of the meeting with the drier, exposing the hair to direct heat. To evenly spread the heat, keep the tension consistent and tight, pull the hair over the round brush and blow-dry it evenly to achieve a uniform texture.

Now for the back section of the hair, we will keep moving until we reach there, one by one, part by part, so that we can achieve a clean straight looking hair afterward; once everything is set, straight your hair to your preferred style until it’s done. It is all up to you and what you want to attain to achieve that look. You may also be interested to read how to determine your actual hair type.


Step #5. Spraying and finalizing the hair

 If you do not know, professionals do this to protect and keep that straight hair of yours unbothered once the process is done. So for some extra hold and a little bit more security, spray some firming hair spray to keep your hairstyle intact even if you are going outside or through windy weather that is full of air.


It’s A Wrap!

How to use hair dryer to straighten the hair? Now that everything has been put in place, it is now time that we do it since you already know how to use a hairdryer to straighten the hair. No more salons this time, at home; you can do it yourself or with a friend, if needed for a particular occasion or just for style in general. So with that, you may also want to know how to style your hair.

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