How To Drape Curtains Scarves? In 2 Easy Steps & More!

How to drape curtains scarves? You are going to need an extra piece of fabric for the drape itself.

You might be bored of switching curtain types like plain to pleated ones and vice versa. So why not make a small change?

How to drape curtains scarves

You also might be looking for a way to level things up a bit. So here’s what, I have something that you might like.

I know you have thought about using window scarves. I mean, you wouldn’t be on this page if not.

When I was still new to this curtain-making hobby of mine, I used to find new ideas for decorating my windows.

One time, my niece was watching this Disney princess film and I saw the curtain valances that they have in their ballroom.

So as I love discovering new things, I tried making one on my bedroom window. I thought it was hard.

Surprisingly, curtain scarves are easy to make. They don’t need any special materials needed but only your creative mind.

So I have made a compilation of what I know about curtain drapes. Here are some ideas on draping curtain scarves.


Curtain Scarf

A valance scarf or also known as curtain scarves is an appealing way to style your windows.

These panels of fabric can be customized or can be made-to-order items with unlimited fabric choices and combinations.

A simple valance scarf could turn your dull window into an aesthetically pleasing one.


Why Drape Curtain Scarves?

Not only it is for decoration, here are some reasons why you should try hanging curtain scarves.



Well, for one reason adding these valances makes a detailed look on your window frame.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, it also helps in trapping the air in for the room to be energy efficient.


Soften workspaces

Another reason to add these curtain scarves is to soften workspaces.

You may find it hard to find the right style for your kitchen windows but nothing could go wrong with these.

A curtain scarf could be your perfect solution.

Away from dripping dishes, messy stoves, and a great décor to match your kitchen cabinets.


Formal occasions

If you are planning to have a family formal dinner or someone important is about to visit your house, this might be your time to shine.

The curtain scarves will do great in providing a formal setting for an important meeting or gathering.


Steps To Drape Curtains Scarves

Curtain scarves are also known as swags.

They loosely hang over a rod or are wounded over simple tieback curtains at the sides of the window.

Some draping effects of this style include romantic and stylish genres. But one of the most common ways to hang these drapes is to hang them in the middle.

The top of the middle part of the curtain or the piece of the fabric must also be at the middle of the rod and the other ends are tied to the sides.

When draping scarves you must prepare the following tools necessary.

  • Drill
  • Hanging hooks
  • Measuring tape
  • Pen and paper
  • Scarf fabric for hanging
  • Screws
  • Window rods


Step #1. Measuring fabric

Here are the steps in measuring the fabric needed for hanging the drapes.



Start measuring from the curtain rods up to where you want the other end of the fabric to be.

Using a measuring tape, place the end on the rod and to the point where you want the scarf to end up.

Take note of the measurements. You may want the scarf to go all the way to the floor or the window sill for a more dramatic effect.



Take the measurements of the width of the window and multiply it by two. This will allow enough draping allowance for your scarf.


Step #2. Draping styles

So, how to drape curtains scarves? I have here 3 draping styles that you might want to start with.


“U” shaped scarf

One of the most common and simplest ways to drape scarves is by hanging them to a “U” shaped drapery.

To make one, find the middle of the curtain or scarf.

Mark the middle of the rod and place the scarves with the same amount of fabric for both sides.

Pin the scarf at the corners of the rod while letting loose of the middle part.

You should see an inverted arc-shaped drape by now.


Loop scarf

There is another way to hang scarves to your window. Using a rod or hooks.


Using a Rod

Place the fabric underneath and behind the curtain rod. Back it up at the middle to have a wavy effect.

Hook the scarf on both ends and let them hang at the side of the window. Overlapping parts of the scarf may be secured in place using pins.


Using hooks

Simplicity is beauty as the saying goes.

You may also choose to dress your windows in scarves only.

With the use of hooks, install these at desired intervals and hang the scarves with the arcs at the middle of each hook.


Layered scarves

Now the third one requires you to use 2 or more types of colored fabrics. Overlapping these will make a layered scarf effect.

You can use the 2nd style example above but use it with 2 types of different colored fabrics.



Draping scarves are as effective as putting up curtains on your window.

Now that you know some style on how to drape curtains scarves, I hope you can apply it as well.

There is no harm in trying. Test out some of the styles listed above and see how it changes your window’s looks.