Where To Buy Horizontal Striped Curtains? 5 Best Stores!

Where to buy horizontal striped curtains? Nowadays, anything can be purchased online.

You can shop in the comforts of your home using only a phone and internet.

Where to buy horizontal striped curtains

Curtains are a good window treatment for your rooms.

It is one way of expressing oneself. It is also one way to protect our homes against sunlight and dust.

This can also give and provide the privacy you wanted.

Doing your curtains can be one way to relieve stress and provide another level of enjoyment.

But as the varieties of curtains began to spread, plain-looking curtains somehow go out of style.

One can consider having another variety of designs, not just plain-colored curtains.

We can consider having designed curtains like horizontal-striped curtains or vertical striped curtains depending on what you prefer.

Considering striped curtains and drapes to match any decor will give a modern and clean look.

I once got bored with the curtain we have at home. It is so plain and so out of style.

Out of boredom, I search for curtain ideas and found the horizontal striped curtains. Perfect for the ambiance I’m trying to achieve.

Then I found shops to recommend because I was very satisfied with their curtains.

It is affordable yet nice and has good quality.

After putting it, our curtains are much lovelier and appealing in the eye.

At this point, I will give directions and provide possible shops where to buy horizontal striped curtains at an affordable price not compromising the quality.


Horizontal Striped Curtains

Curtains with horizontal stripes provide more visual sense than vertical ones.

But this depends on some factors like the architectural design of the home.

You can make and create little magic in your designs by sorting the details. You can either do it together with the plain ones.

You can also put it into pure stripe designs. This depends on the artistic and creative mind.


Where You Can Buy Horizontal Striped Curtains?

You may wonder where to get a horizontal striped curtain, but here are some of the best I could recommend.


#1. Fragrantex Store (Amazon)

They have a blue and white horizontal striped curtain with the size of 40″x63″ consisting of two panels. These are perfect for the living room and bedroom.

They sell it at an affordable price based on the sizes available.

They may issue a delivery fee based on your location but I’m sure you can manage it.

They have high ratings of not less than 4.6 in style, light weightiness, sheerness, and value.

With an overall average rating of 4.75 stars


#2. DraftAway Store (Amazon)

If you want some blackout curtains with design, the DraftAway store offers a 100 percent blackout insulated window curtain.

With sizes starts at 42” x 63”.

They offer different colors but navy blue stands out.

Their price starts at 34 dollars up to 50 dollars only.

They have the following ratings by feature, for the thickness they got 5 stars, blackout light 4.8 stars, sheerness 3.2 stars, and value for money 5.0 stars.


#3. Lush Decor (Amazon)

The Lush Décor Cape cotton from Amazon measures 72” x 72” available in navy and taupe.

It is a horizontally striped curtain perfect for a minimalist look.

It’ll only cost you 28 dollars at most and have it delivered to your doorstep. This ombre style is trending nowadays.

This window panel set offers a new take on that chic look.

It comes with horizontal stripes. What’s more, is that it has different color gradients.

I’m sure, it can improve your home.


#4. Pillowfort Twill (Ebay.com)

Our next item is from eBay. They have this Pillowfort Twill Nautical Panel that will surely pique your interest.

It is a light-blocking curtain with 2 panels in nautical horizontal stripes of blue and white.


#5. Blackout (ebay.com)

The last item on our list is still from eBay. It is a blackout dip dye curtain.

It measures 84” x 42” with a double panel.

It is affordable and I’m sure it couldn’t go off that far with your budget.

Now, you already know where to buy horizontal striped curtains!


Buying Tips And Guides

Here are some buying tips that could make up your day in choosing which curtain suits your preferences.


#1. Be sure of what you want to purchase.

Before finding something to buy, you must first secure what you need to buy.

This will help you save time finding the item you wanted to buy and at the same time.


#2. Choose legit shops with positive reviews.

Before considering buying in a certain shop, check first its credibility and reliability.

Check in the review section and find an honest review so that later on you will not regret buying certain products.


#3. Choose the best alternative

The shops provided at the top are just a few of the many shops selling nice quality horizontal striped curtains.

There are many more options in the online apps recommended.

You just need to be wise with your decisions.


#4. Beware of bogus sellers

Be able to make sure that the seller you are transacting with is legit and not a bogus seller.



There are many options where to buy horizontal-shaped curtains.

We can either purchase it from stores or online shops.

By using certain applications, we can be able to save time and shop hassle-free.

It is also very convenient especially these days because of the pandemic.

We just need to be careful and wise in choosing the appropriate shop to buy.

We should also consider the price and the reviews from the previous buyers so that we can get the curtains we wanted.

This is a big help to enhance our window and put it into much livelier feels.