How to Dismantle Broyhill Loveseat Feet

When you want to move your furniture into a different space, sometimes moving the entire thing is not always possible. Some hallways will need you to dismantle your furniture. That is why we will tackle how to dismantle Broyhill Loveseat feet.


An excellent reason to disassemble your furniture is to reduce it into smaller pieces to dispose of it quickly. Sofa disassembly ease depends on the sofa’s construction. It also depends on why you’re dismantling it in the first place, as well. 


There is a higher level of caution required when reassembling it. You must know how to reverse the steps of the dismantling procedure. But before we answer how to dismantle Broyhill Loveseat feet, what is Broyhill in the first place?

Broyhill Furniture

James Edgar Broyhill founded Broyhill Furniture Industries in 1926. According to Broyhill, furniture should be built to last and designed to be loved. Therefore, It needs an easy-going style that makes your home a comfortable place to live your life in since then.


In the United States, Broyhill is one of the most well-known brands. Broyhill is a manufacturer of mid-priced upholstery furniture and case goods. Regarding price and quality, it’s comparable to La-Z-Boy in terms of styles and collections for every house room.

What is a Loveseat?

This piece of furniture is also known as a “loveseat,” “courting chair,” or “mini-sofa.” Like a sofa, a loveseat has a back, arms, and upholstery. However, since a backseat is designed to accommodate only two people, the average length is only about sixty inches.


The loveseat’s name implies that the two people who sit on it are in love or courtship. Women used it to sit and smooth out their bulky dresses. These small sofas were soon renamed “love seats” after discovering that exactly two people in courtship could use them. 


Several variants have been released since then; for example, there’s a two-seater known as the tete a tete. We also have the British Two Seater, which used to be more aesthetic. However, it has evolved into a functional piece of furniture for small spaces and is just for two people. 


They are still called loveseats. However, most of these couches are mini-couches designed for smaller areas. For example, it could be for apartments or to complement more oversized sofas.

How to Dismantle Broyhill Loveseat Feet?

Remove all of the sofa’s cushions and upholstery. To avoid damaging the couch parts attached to the sofa frame, you’ll need the right tools. It’s time to remove the sofa legs now that you’ve revealed their structure!


If you want to see the connections between the legs, turn your sofa on its side to see them. In some cases, you can screw the sofa’s legs into place without the need for any special tools or equipment. Removing the portions is as simple as twisting them the other way.


Changing the couch’s legs is possible if necessary. Couch legs are screwed in and designed to be quickly removed without any special tools or equipment. But some sofas have built-in legs or a base for support, so they don’t have any legs attached.

How to Replace the Loveseat’s Legs?


Find the right size couch legs for your furniture. Also, make sure you can screw them into the sofa with no issues before purchasing. A receiver plate will ensure that the sofa legs fit into your couch if you don’t already have one.


Measure the couch’s base and compare it to the receivers you have. Install a piece of wood on the sofa if the receivers are incompatible with it. You should cut a hole out of the receiver to accommodate a couch leg, with smaller holes for screws.


After all of these, you can proceed to the last step. Glue the receiver to the wood and then the couch. Then now, you have your new loveseat legs.

How are Sofa Legs Attached?

Wooden dowels, corner blocks, glue, and screws are commonly used to attach the sofa legs to the frame. Couches with dowel screws or bolts and tee nuts connecting the legs are also standard. Here’s how to remove bolted-on sofa legs:


Using the wrenches, tighten the nuts on the bolt halfway. Remove the couch leg nut by turning the wrench counterclockwise on the nut closest to the couch leg. Use a vise to remove the bolt counterclockwise on the sofa leg.


There are several types of sofa legs, but screw mount couch legs are the most common. Because they don’t require mounting hardware, you can use them on a variety of couches. In addition, screw mount sofa legs can be installed and removed with a screwdriver.


Screw mount sofa legs can be attached to the couch frame by inserting a screw into their pre-drilled holes. But in addition to screw mount couch legs, there are other types of couch legs that you can find. Hanger bolt sofa legs and dowel mount sofa legs are the most common styles.


Knowing how to dismantle your furniture is a crucial thing. There is a process you must follow if you want to know how to dismantle Broyhill Loveseat feet. Carefully follow the instructions to avoid having issues along the way.


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