How to Cover a Unique Shaped Loveseat

Transform an old sofa by replacing it with timeless neutrals or trendy patterns to bring it into the new décor. Loveseats are typically reupholstered with heavy fabrics such as twills or cotton blends, can also be used. With this in mind, we will tackle how to cover a unique shaped loveseat.


unique shaped loveseat

Slipcovers can be used to enhance the appearance of old sofas or to protect good-quality furniture from pet hairs. Slipcovers are available in a variety of sizes and at a reasonable price. You can purchase covers for 3-seat sofas, 2-seat loveseats, armchairs, wing chairs, sofas, loveseats, ottomans, and the dining room pre-made.


The measurements of the slipcovers will need to be checked with the store before purchasing. But most ready-made slipcovers will fit most furniture. But, of course, you can bend the rules on occasion.


A variety of couches are oddly shaped that it takes a bit of creativity to find a slipcover that fits. Luckily, we have you covered! Here are a few tips on how to use slipcovers on furniture that has an irregular shape.

How to Cover a Unique Shaped Loveseat?

Measure your sofa or loveseat before you buy. To determine the cost of materials, you may want to measure your sofa or loveseat first. In addition to the cushion amount, you need to add or replace, consider the traffic and use on your furniture.


The next step is to choose a fabric. In contrast, cheaper materials like purple cheetah print or neon zebra stripes will give you a bold, funky style. Instead, purchase enough fabric to make extra cushion covers, pillows, skirting, or piping.


Dispose of the old upholstery from the sofa. The old fabric can be used as a pattern for the new covering if you remove each staple with pliers. When removing the old fabric, take care to keep the basic shape of the pieces.


Create new pieces by tracing over the old ones on the new fabric. Draw lines on the fabric’s “wrong side” or “backside” with chalk. Some temporal patterns require you to align each piece, while others can be aligned in any way.


It’s best to use scissors or shears to cut out the new fabric. As the adage goes, “measure twice and cut once.” The extra material can be left on each side to allow fraying, unraveling, or shaky lines.


Using a staple gun, attach the new material to the frame of the sofa or loveseat. Mark the middle of the frame with a pencil. A staple from the center outward, smoothing the material to ensure a good fit.


Using upholstery-grade needles and heavy-duty thread, sew the cushion covers together from the inside out. The covers will fit properly if the pillows have the same amount of foam or batting as you measured. Consider using a durable stitch, such as the backstitch, when making cushion covers that will last for years.


They come in various configurations, including loveseats and sofas with and without arms, making them challenging to cover. Instead, consider treating your sectional as two separate couches if it has an arm on each end. Then, according to the number of seats, you can fit traditional loveseat or sofa covers to each one. 


Tuck the fabric that would typically fit over the arms into the gap they meet in the corner before sewing. This approach, however, will not work if one or both portions do not have an arm at the end. Again, it is because you’ll be left with excess arm fabric and no place to tuck it in the back.

Wooden Arms and Legs

To prevent a slipcover from being loose, if your sofa has wood arms, you’ll need to pad them out. Polyester batting from a craft store, or even an old blanket, can be used to solve this problem. If you want to give your arms some padding, wrap your material around them and secure it with string. 


Afterward, slip on the slipcover and make sure it fits snugly around the armholes. It can completely alter the way they look and the way they dress. By choosing a slipcover with a built-in skirt, you can easily hide wooden legs.

Embroidered Leather

Many believe that installing slipcovers on their leather furniture is pointless because the leather will cause the fabric to slide. You’d probably get this if you put a slipcover directly on top of your upholstery in the usual way. Foam batting over the seat will prevent it from sliding and will make it fit neatly.

Loose Back Cushioning

You can buy slipcovers to cover couches with loose back cushions. But they aren’t widely available and come in a limited range of colors and fabrics. So another option is to remove the back cushions and cover the entire couch with a slipcover. 


Be sure to follow the care instructions on the slipcover’s label once you’ve found one that fits your couch. You can usually machine wash most slipcover fabrics using a cold water cycle and gentle spin without bleach. Then, it’s best to clean them and hang them outside to dry naturally on a sunny day.  


There are several things to consider if you want to know how to cover a unique shaped loveseat. First, given that it is in another measurement, you have to note that; plus think about its type. Finally, carefully follow the process and tips mentioned above to avoid mishaps.

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