How To Determine The Age Of A Bradford White Water Heater? 3 Best Ways!

How to determine the age of a Bradford White water heater? You can quickly determine the age of your heater by looking for its serial number at its label, which is usually found at the back of your unit.

Do you have a newly purchased Bradford White water heater? Or have you acquired a used one? No matter what the case is, you need to know the age of the unit itself. Don’t know how? I was once in this problem too, but I have found the secret code in finding out the age. Do you want to share the secret?

How to determine the age of a Bradford White water heater

Well, in this article, I’m going to teach you the different product codes that will help you determine the age of your water heater, why we should know about this, and some tips to help you maintain your water heater in good shape. So without further ado, let’s get started!


Bradford White Water Heater

For over a century now, Bradford White’s brand has been well-known as one of the best brands that manufacture heating systems for various purposes. May it be space heating water heaters for both residential and industrial purposes? Its goal aims to deliver high-quality products to the comforts of your well-being. Since Bradford White’s heater has been known, it is not a question that you find several of these on second-hand or garage sales. However, you may wonder if these units are still usable, and you could make a deal a good buy for it. Knowing how to determine the age of these products is an advantage. So how could we tell the age of the water heater?


Ways To Determine The Age Of A Bradford White Water Heater

So, how to determine the age of a Bradford White water heater? By searching for the serial number on the label of the water heater you purchased, you may determine its age. The serial number can be found on the back or bottom of the heater, but you must first decode it to determine its exact age. Are you prepared to solve this puzzle?


#1. Serial number

There is always a Serial Number allocated to every product that is manufactured. The serial number aids in distinguishing the specific unit from the rest of the products. These numbers can also be used to identify both the warranty and the version. Consult the ‘Water Heater Manufacturer’ reference guide for further information on the assigned serial number. Bradford White’s water heater begins with two letters that the very first letter represents the year of manufacture, while the subscript denotes the month.


#2. Manufacturing year

The First Letter of your Bradford’s White water heater serial number is to help you determine the manufacturing year. The letter A stands for the years 1984 and 2004, B for 1985 and 2005, and the formula is you add the number of order of the letter to the alphabet to 1984 or 2004. Though that only applies from letters A to N. letters P to Z will start from 1997 and 2017 to 2003 and 2023. 

You’re probably wondering what happened to the letter “O.” That is an exception. The letter “O” also denotes that unit was built in January 1997. Because of computer faults, the letters I, Q, R, U, and V are also not used. This table can also be used as a reference guide.


#3. Manufacturing month

Aside from the initial letter in the serial number, the subscript specifies the month of manufacture. It goes from A to M, which corresponds to the number of months in a year. The letter A represents January, and the letter M represents December. You can also refer to the table below for more information.

So, let’s say that the serial number you see in your unit says AJ12345678. Use the reference tables provided, and the year must be either 1984 or 2004. The second Letter is N which means that the month of manufacture was September. Therefore you will know that the unit was manufactured in September 1984 or 2004, then you can deduct what year we are right now and get the age of the water heater.


Why Buy A Used Heater?

There are many reasons why you should buy second-hand water heaters, especially if the hot water runs out and you are on a tight budget. Purchasing a replacement may seem so far out of reach for your pockets, so the option of buying a used one is a good pick. Though buying a used water heater might be riskier than buying a new unit, it is still not impossible to come across a good deal, especially if a team still has life left for it.

Some retailers that offer used water heaters also provide scratched and dented units at a discounted price. Others sell water heaters that are refurbished and repaired by technicians. Some DIY enthusiasts also do their repairs, especially an electric heater. Others have to supply the water heater must first consult their gas provider about the financing programs they offer. It may be helpful to read about water heater checklist.


It’s A Wrap!

Now that you know how to determine the age of a Bradford White water heater, I think you can very well distinguish the newer ones from the older models when buying a used unit. You may want to read related articles; know how to vent a water heater and when to replace water heater.

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