How To Make A Solar Water Heater? 5 Easy Steps!

Are you looking for a guide on how to make a solar water heater because you want to minimize the utility bills? Here, you will find the easiest method to build a heater that heats a sufficient amount of hot water for your family.

This fun and enjoyable school project is an excellent option if you want to spend quality time with your friends. 

how to make a solar water heater

On the other hand, this heater won’t disappoint you if you want to use it to replace a gas or electric heater. It can heat water up to 10-20 degrees, and you can easily use it if you are living alone or with a small family. DIY projects are fun. Aren’t they? Then let’s start making one.


Tools Required For DIY Solar Heater

You need a drill machine, hammer, saw, and router or a table saw. It would help if you also had German glue, silicone, and nails to connect the parts of the heater’s body. Here are other things required for the main body of the heater:

  • Wood planks 
  • 14multiply14 mirror and glass pieces
  • Two garden hoses 
  • Two shut off valves
  • Black spray paint


Steps To Make A Solar Water Heater

Do you want to leave your laziness behind and learn a new thing? Then scroll down to read this guide on how to make a solar water heater at home.


Step #1. Cut the planks into parts

You have to make two frames with wood planks. The planks of the thick frame should have a size of 2multiply1 and a length of 16 inches. Therefore, you need four frames of the same length as thicker frame and 1 ½multiply¾  width and height to make a thin frame.

Now you have to add up finishing in the wood planks. Place the plank on the table saw or use a hand saw and cut each edge to an angle of 45degree. Repeat this step with every plank as this is the correct way to make a frame. Now, you have to make slots on one side of each plank with the help of a router or table saw. The slot will hold the mirror and glass on each frame.


Step #2. Make the frames

At this time, you have planks in front of you. You have to apply German glue on each edge of 45degree and connect them. Repeat the same process with both frames and secure them by hammering a nail on each edge of the frame. Take a plyboard of 16multiply16 in size. Attach it on the backside of the thick frame of multiply inches with the help of nails and a hammer. Spray the black paint evenly overall the frame. Remember, you do not need to do anything with the thinner frame in this step.


Step #3. Place the stuff and connect both frames

You are very close to completing your DIY solar heater. Just plug the drill machine with the outlet and drill holes on the frame’s upper right and lower left corners. Now, it’s time to place the coiled copper wire on the painted and drilled wooden frame. Then, pass both sides of the wires from the holes. Next, connect the inlet and outlet hoses with the copper wires coming outside the frame and connect the shut-off valve to one hose. This valve will control the flow of hot water from the coiled copper wire that serves as the primary heating agent in this water heater. Finally, take a hinge binding and connect both frames.


Step #4. The final touch

Attach the temperature sensors on the right and left sides of the wood frame. First, make a tiny hole in the inlet and outlet hose. Then, put the wires of temperature sensors inside them. Join the glass on the frame slot and secure it with the silicone. Also, attach the mirror to the thinner frame. Now you complete information about how to make your solar water heater.


Step #5. Test the solar heater

In this step, you can test the effectiveness of the solar heater. First of all, connect the inlet hose with the faucet of a water tank and fill it with cold water. Also, cover the tank to stop the way of sunlight and to conduct the test correctly.

Connect the outlet hose with another water tank and adjust the upper frame with a mirror. The reflection of the lower frame with the coil should be wholly visible in the mirror. Put a piece of foam on each temperature sensor to ensure that it won’t absorb the heat from the direct sun. Instead, it should always note the water temperature. In our case, the temperature rose from 26 to 36 degrees C or 79 to 97 degrees F. A cheaper alternative to copper wires is aluminum, but it is not suitable if you use the heater for domestic use. Aluminum is fine if it’s just a school project.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, we are wrapping up this feasible and applicable guide on how to make a solar water heater. The solar water heater will free you from the fear of increased utility bills. You may also be interested to know about how to clean hot water heater and how to hide your water heater.

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