How To Deodorize Fridge? In 6 Easy Ways!

Now that the holidays are over, you would want to know how to deodorize fridge, and the good thing is that there are inexpensive and healthy remedies that can get rid of the odors left on the fridge aside from those deodorizing agents.

In this post, we will be providing a list of options that will not cost you that much. You can just even find the things that you will need in the kitchen.

how to deodorize fridge

So every time your fridge smells bad, you can deodorize it right away without the need to run to the grocery stores for artificial agents.


How To Start?

The first thing you have to do is determine the source of the foul odor and get rid of it. Remember that doing this will not solve the issue. The bad smell will remain if you won’t deodorize it.

What you need to do is to look through your fridge and take away all expired food items or any leftovers that have been stored for more than a week already.

Get rid of anything with mold or a bad smell. Also, check the produce drawer for rotting vegetables and fruits.


Cleansing and Disinfecting The Fridge

After you tossed away all bad odor sources from the fridge, you need to do something with the smell to get rid of them as well. Keep in mind that the foul odor can spread through the entire fridge. Some food debris might also get trapped on the shelves and drawers. You will need to remove and clean them.

When cleaning, remove all the food in the fridge first and put them inside a cooler with ice. The next thing you should do is scrub all the shelves using hot water and soap solution. Then, disinfect them using chlorine bleach mixed with water. Likewise, you also need to clean and disinfect the fridge’s walls, floor, and ceiling.

After that dry the interior of the fridge using a clean towel and put back the shelves and drawers in place as well as the food items you take out earlier. Some fridges have a built-in deodorizer cartridge.

In such a case, clean it as well because it might have absorbed the bad smells. Then, remove the cartridge and soak it in warm water. Ensure to dry it out completely for about eight hours or so before you put it back. So, how to deodorize fridge?


Ways To Deodorize Fridge

But remember that this may not be enough to get rid of the bad odor. If the fridge still smells, you can use any of the following deodorizing agents to remove them.


Way #1. Using baking soda

Put a box of baking soda on a baking sheet and place it inside the fridge. Allow it to stay there for 24 hours or more without opening it, making the odor dissipate completely. After that, get the baking soda and throw it out.

Baking soda is very effective in getting rid of any odor, you can always put it in your fridge to avoid any smell. You might as well mix it with water and use it to clean your fridge interior.


Way #2. Using activated charcoal

Place some activated charcoal inside a baking sheet or shallow bowl and put it inside the fridge. Set your fridge at a low temperature and keep it close for a few days. You will notice after the next couple of days that the bad odor is gone.


Way #3. Using coffee grounds

Deodorizing with coffee grounds goes like the way as activated charcoal. Put a bowl or baking sheet with coffee grounds on every shelf. It will also take a few days for the odor to dissipate. Likewise, it would help if you also kept it closed when deodorizing.


Way #4. Using oats

Another way to deodorize a fridge is by using oats. This will suck or absorb the foul smell. All you need to do is put some oats in a bowl and put them in your fridge for several days until the smell dissipates. Once the smell is gone, you can already get rid of the oats.


Way #5. Using lemons

Dab a cotton ball in lemon juice and place it inside the fridge. Leave it there for a few hours for the odor to be gone.


Way #6. Using vinegar

You can also use white vinegar to neutralize the foul odors in your fridge. Just place a cup or bowl that contains vinegar in the fridge and leave it there until the smell is gone. You may also mix it with water and use the solution when cleaning the fridge.


It’s A Wrap!

There is no doubt that the main source of foul odor in a fridge is rotten food items. But do not worry because any of the aforementioned methods on how to deodorize fridge can work in getting rid of the bad odor.

Take note that the absence of proper servicing and maintenance can also lead to the foul smell of your refrigerator.

In such a case, you cannot solve the smelling issue yourself, so it is good to call a professional and have your unit serviced.

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