How To Hide A Mini Fridge In Your Room? 8 Best Ways!

If you don’t want a sneaky co-worker or roommate to steal your sandwich, then it would be good if you know how to hide a mini fridge in your room.

The same is true if you want to keep your medications at hand or if you simply want to stack some snacks in your room or den.

how to hide a mini fridge in your room

Other than that, you might also be here because you are aiming for a multipurpose mini-fridge to save space or to achieve a decluttered look, or you simply want the fridge to complement your décor.

So, how can you hide a mini fridge in your room? Go read further, my friends!


Ways To Hide A Mini Fridge In Your Room

I know you’re wondering how to hide a mini fridge in your room.

Although a mini-fridge is efficient, convenient to use, and small, it is not exactly a piece that can easily fit in your desired decorations.

But do not worry because a lot of ways can be done to hide it so anyone coming to your room will know even notice it.


Method #1. Get a cabinet mini fridge

It would be easy to hide your appliance if you acquire one that is hidden already. Since a lot of people would prefer their fridge to stay hidden, manufacturers design some little coolers that can be built right in.

Typically, they are hidden on nightstands, end tables, wooden cabinets, or coffee tables. Some other models can also be built into your bureau drawers or dressers.

If you are on a budget, and an alternative is to buy an end table and just slide the mini-fridge into it. This, however, will not hide it completely. But this option is space-saving and discreet at the same time.


Method #2. Deep disguise

If you want to rush hiding your mini-fridge, you can just cover it with a table cloth. Then, place your lamp on top. This will disguise the fridge as an end table. Remember to hide its cord under your bed or behind your sofa.

For a better disguise in your rental or dorm room, you can use cardboard to cover its top and sides. Then, places some boxes around the fridge. This will look like an unpacked box.


Method #3. Wrap it up

Different companies specialize in vinyl wrapping to beautify or disguise mini-fridges.

You can find wraps that will make it look like a gas pump, a model building made of bricks, an old ice chest, vintage letterbox, among others. You can even disguise the mini-fridge in your office as a filing cabinet.

Many other fun vinyl wraps are available to disguise your mini-fridge as a vending machine, speaker, toolbox, or wooden box. Just check out various wraps specifically intended to disguise a mini-fridge.


Method #4. Handyman special

In case there is wood available, then you can hand-tailor a cabinet for the mini-fridge. Do not forget to cut out a circle at the back for the cord. Also, ensure to leave sufficient space for the airflow. You can even upgrade the simple cabinet you made with chalk paint, glue, and decorative moldings.


Method #5. Build around it

This method will not exactly hide the fridge but it will be less obstructive this way. But ensure to leave enough space for ventilation around your appliance. This is especially true if your fridge is a freestanding model that is not meant to be integrated.

Most mini-fridges are designed deeper than usual cabinetry which is why you will have to space them enough for you to be able to swing the doors open completely.

But you can also buy those that are specially designed to offer shallower depth for them to fit in your kitchen cabinets. But take note, those models can be a bit pricier.


Method #6. Behind cabinet doors

You can also get a model that is integrated behind a kitchen unit door. This type is particularly designed to be hidden inside cabinetry. Its insulation and ventilation are enhanced so that it won’t become too hot.


Method #7. Nestle underneath your worktop overhang

Another great place to hide your wine fridge is in an island or breakfast bar because this will make it easier for you to access it as you are entertaining your friends. Some wine fridges are designed with glasses doors so they won’t be hidden the same way as integrated appliances.

But you can sneak it underneath the lip of your worktop for it not to be that obvious. This way it will be both accessible and neat. You can even tuck it away or hide behind your bar stool.


Method #8. Color matching

You can match the colors of the fridge and your cabinets as well as their handles to achieve a uniform look. This in turn will provide a neat scheme that will flow without jarring contrasts.

You can choose from various shades and colors of fridges these days. So when shopping for a mini-fridge choose the one that will match the doors of your cabinets.


It’s A Wrap!

For whatever reason that you want to know how to hide a mini fridge in your room, all the methods provided above can surely disguise it well. Choose whichever will work well with the design scheme of your room.

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