How To Deflate Coleman Air Mattress? 2 Best Ways

If you need to know how to deflate Coleman air mattress, we’ll teach you two ways! You can bookmark this article now for the deflating techniques with and without a pump. However, always check the instructions that come with the specific Coleman air bed you have.

Much like inflating an air mattress, you have to follow all the brand indications, if there are any. Typically, it’s as simple as opening the valve. Learn more about it below:

How To Deflate Coleman Air Mattress


How To Deflate Coleman Air Mattress With And Without A Pump


With a pump

Please always refer to the instruction manual of the specific Coleman air bed you have before anything else. You will feel more at ease knowing you won’t accidentally damage the bed with incompatible procedures. So how do you use a pump to deflate an air mattress?

The air pump is not only helpful in inflating an air mattress. You can also use it to suck the air and deflate it. Therefore, the procedure would be the same as opening the valve and connecting the pump nozzle onto it. 

With air mattresses, you might also hear them deflating upon opening the valve because it releases the pressure. You can press on the surface before and during using the pump to hasten the deflation. Depending on the pump type you have, you can change the setting or manually step on the pump.


Without a pump

If you don’t have a pump, it’s still possible to deflate an air mattress. You only need to open the valve and simultaneously apply pressure on the air bed to encourage air release more. However, you should understand that this process will deflate the mattress slower than when you have a pump that can suck the air. 

Most air beds should only take 10 minutes to finish deflating. However, you want to ensure that there is no leftover air on the flattened mattress. Continue pressing the surface all over with your hands and knees to allow any residual air to escape. 


Additional reminders from Coleman

You can open the Quick Release valve to store your air mattress compactly. You should quickly find the dial and turn it to the Deflate setting. Coleman recommends turning it off immediately once all the air is released. 

However, be mindful of your mattress when deflating because it should be clean and dry. Liquids and moisture can damage the material. More so, check the surface where you’ll deflate the mattress because sharp objects can cause holes and cuts. 


How Do You Fold Up A Coleman Air Mattress?



If you’re using the original AeroBed, you must remember to keep it clean and dry before folding up for storage. Use mild dish soap to clean the sides and bottom of the mattress and then let it air dry. The cover follows the tag instructions of washing it in the machine with mild detergent and warm water. 

You can then tumble dry the cover on low heat or hang it outside. Overall, never use harsh chemicals and cleaners on the mattress to avoid damaging the material. Additionally, don’t dry the air bed with direct heat. 


Folding and rolling

After you cleaned the mattress, you can fold and roll it to lessen its bulk. Roll the AC cord to keep it from flailing around. Then, have the mattress’s sides meet in the center along its length before you roll it. 

Place the air bed inside its carry bag before storing somewhere dry and clean. You want to ensure that the temperature in that place is above 50°F to ensure that your mattress stays in its top condition. Finally, remember to place the bed at room temperature before you inflate it for subsequent use. 



Besides maintaining a dry condition, remember never to store your air mattress folded inside roll-aways. It might seem like a viable option to save space, but this place is unsafe for the mattress material. You also want to store the cover separately and have the bed bare before storage. 


Should You Deflate An Air Mattress?

It’s perfectly fine to deflate an air mattress for storage and travel. After all, it’s one of the main benefits of this mattress type compared to other materials. However, refrain from deflating your air bed constantly and just keep it inflated when you’re still using it. 

If you deflate your air bed constantly, you risk putting tension on the seams that can cause leaks. And did you know that you might be doing risky practices during deflation? Some people might get impatient with the time a mattress finishes deflating. 

You might be tempted to roll the mattress upon opening the valve. If you’re guilty of doing this, please stop because you are stretching the seams. Only start packing the air bed once it has finished deflating.



Air beds are versatile when it comes to storage and transport. But do you already know how to deflate Coleman air mattress correctly? It’s as simple as opening the valve and connecting the air pump. 

Then, select the deflate setting and watch your pump do the work for you. You can also lose the pump in case you have none at hand. However, it will take longer relative to the mattress size.