How To Decorate A Candle

If you cannot afford those decorative candles, why not make your own, right? In this article, I will teach you how to decorate a candle. So get those inexpensive and plain candles ready because this will be a glow-up!


Different Methods on How To Decorate A Candle


Method 1: Decorating with Glitter

Sprinkling with glitter is our first method on how to decorate a candle. First, cover the areas you don’t want to glitter with paper. Next, wrap tissue paper strips around the candle, knot them in place, or tape down individual pieces to make different designs. 

Plan exactly how you want your candle to appear, then tape to secure the paper to begin the decorating process. You may use straight strips to produce stripes or cut out creative shapes to glitter around. You can rubber bands to make thinner or more accurate designs.

Using a brush, apply Mod Podge to the areas you want to cover. Spread a thin, uniform coating of Mod Podge on the candle using a paintbrush or a crafts brush. You can paint over the edges of the paper to achieve total coverage, but try not to cover the paper entirely. 

If you don’t have Mod Podge, you may make your own or use standard liquid glue, but the glitter won’t last as long. You should sprinkle glitter around the candle. Thick coatings of glitter work best on candles since they make the glitter seem neater and more professional. 

There should be no trace of the candle surface below. You’ll get glitter on your work surface, so lay down some newspaper first. When you’re finished, lightly tap the bottom of the candle on the surface to remove any excess glitter.

Match the color of your candles and glitter to your event or even the curtains. For example, match red glitter with a white candle for the holidays, or put black glitter on an orange candle for Halloween. Allow the candle to dry completely before sealing it with a Mod Podge sealer. 

Allow the candle to dry on your work surface overnight. When it’s dry, remove the paper cutouts. Then, spray the glitter with Mod Podge clear sealant to help it stay on longer.


Method 2: Painting Candles

To eliminate any dust, clean the candle’s surface with rubbing alcohol. Using rubbing alcohol, dampen a lint-free cloth. Wipe the candle’s surface with it to prepare it for painting. 

Allow your candle to dry overnight after dabbing it with candle varnish. Next, wet a cosmetic sponge with candle and soap color varnish. Then pat it across the surface of the candle to create an even, smooth application. 

Allow it to set overnight. Varnish is used to prepare your candle for painting by holding the paint in place and preserving it from wear and tear. The varnish may be purchased online or at craft stores. 

With tape or rubber bands, mark off the areas you don’t want to paint. If you don’t want to paint the entire candle, use painter’s tape or elastic bands to draw stripes or motifs. Push the paint or rubber bands flat against the candle to make painting around it more accessible.

You should color the candle using acrylic paint. Using a thin paintbrush and acrylic paint, cover the candle in a smooth, even layer. Before moving on to the next color, paint all of the areas in the same color.

If you’re using various colors, or use separate brushes. To keep your painting surface clean, place a piece of newspaper on it. Allow it to cure overnight before applying varnish to give it a lustrous finish. 

The next day, check on your candle and apply another coat to see the candle through the paint. Allow it to dry again before removing the tape. You may use an equal coat of varnish to the entire candle to keep the paint from flaking and give it a shiny appearance.


Method 3: Using Cute Items to Embellish Candles

Putting plastic diamonds is also a way on how to decorate a candle. Purchase rhinestones or plastic jewels from a craft store and adhere them to your candle using super glue. Then, arrange them in a cool pattern or amusing design or scatter them randomly on the candle. 

For the most dramatic effect, use complementary colors on an essential candle. You may also purchase rhinestones with adhesive backs and adhere them directly to the candle. Finally, ring your candle with cinnamon sticks for a cozy appearance and delectable scent.

Purchase just enough to round the candle completely. Then, apply a tiny dot of hot glue to the back of each and push it against the candle. Do it vertically, with the bottom aligned with the bottom of the candle. 

Continue around the candle, then decorate with a piece of ribbon. Tie flowers to your candle with a ribbon. Use matching ribbon to attach a natural or imitation flower to the exterior of your candle for a simple, attractive adornment. 

You may also pile on additional ribbons for a more abundant appearance. As the flame burns down, consider removing the flowers or trimming them shorter. Finally, wrap a bright thread or cloth around the candle to create a striped effect. 

Choose a ribbon or yarn that complements or contrasts with the color of the candle. Then swirl it around the candle to produce a striped, candy cane appearance. Tilting the ribbon at an angle so that the stripes slope diagonally across the candle adds a professional touch. 

To keep a ribbon in place on your candle, use hot glue or Mod Podge. To keep it looking nice, trim it as you burn the candle. For a beachy feel, glue on seashells and sand. 

Spread Mod Podge on the bottom half or third of your candle using a paintbrush. Roll it through the sand, then set it aside to dry overnight. When you’re finished, attach a shell slightly above the sand, or tie it with twine or string.



Here are three different methods on how to decorate a candle. Have fun with your plain candles; you can even decorate these at your wedding! The choice is yours to make.

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