How to Cover Vinyl Loveseat

Is your vinyl loveseat past its prime? Refinishing it by making a cover is a cost-effective option, so how to cover vinyl loveseat? If this is the case, it may be time to upgrade, but purchasing a new loveseat from your local furniture store may be costly. 


how to cover vinyl loveseat

Vinyl loveseats are beautiful in general, but they can get worn with time. The friction from sliding on and off the loveseat wears the material, altering the color and causing holes if not addressed. 


Scratches and stains are also possible with vinyl. Covering a vinyl loveseat helps to dress it up while also concealing any flaws in the material. Only a few simple items are required to cover a vinyl loveseat.

Create your new loveseat cover to save even more money. You may customize your body to exactly fit your living space or design aspirations. The process is surprisingly simple.

The usage of loveseat covers gives your living room furniture a fresh appearance and feel. It also breathes new vitality into your living space. In addition, you have the option of selecting coverings that are of the highest quality.

What is a Loveseat?

Loveseats are tiny two-seating furniture that was initially created as a larger version of the armchair. As a result, loveseats have often been paired with more oversized sofas in living or family room furniture settings. Nonetheless, its current uses include sitting in small spaces, informal office break-out areas, and comfortable environments.

What is the most delicate fabric for your loveseat’s cover?

Your lifestyle will choose the most delicate upholstery fabric for your loveseat. Cotton blends, cotton, vinyl, wool, olefin, rayon, acetate, acrylic, and microfiber are your best bets. Some of these fabrics wrinkle readily, but they are all resistant to wear in general.

You also want to buy the most excellent material possible, so stay away from super-cheap materials. If you live a hectic lifestyle, choose something simple to clean. It’s better to invest in a high-quality vinyl loveseat if you have the money.


How to cover vinyl loveseat?

Loveseat covers are a simple way to hide wear and tear while protecting the upholstery from additional harm. A loveseat cover may also change the look of a vinyl loveseat to complement your home decor. Sewing elastic into a loveseat cover makes it fit snugly over the sofa and avoids the need to cover the back panel with fabric.

Estimate the loveseat cover size

But don’t get ahead of yourself; you’re probably wondering how to figure out how big a cloth piece is. Unlike the cushions, the paper pattern may be used as a template. When designing your loveseat cover, you must first establish the precise dimensions of the loveseat you have.

There are two methods for measuring cloth pieces. The first is to use a tape measure to estimate the size required for each location. Remember that you want it to be bigger than you need it to be since you can always cut the excess fabric.

Put everything together.

Pin the fabric together and use a fabric marker to mark where you need to sew the pieces together to join the panels. Add piping to the arms of the cover the next time to make it seem more professional. Instead, I pinned the cloth together and drew a line down the center of the arm.

The last details

You should stitch the back of the loveseat cover together before adding a hem. To put the loveseat cover firmly over the loveseat, you will require a velcro. First, stitch from the top of the loveseat cover to 13-14inches away from the bottom (where your hem will be). 

Then, for the remaining 13-14 inches, basting stitch (simply a wider stitch) till you reach the bottom. Next, cut two 4 inches × 13-inch fabric strips and two 11-1/2 inch Velcro strips. There will be four on either side of the couch.

Sew 1/2 inch away from the top and bottom edges of the fabric pieces after folding them in half. Then, trim the corner at the folded edge to give the cloth a point once it’s been flipped over. Turn the cloth right side out now. 

Pin the Velcro a quarter-inch away from the folded edge. Sew the Velcro on the fabric. Pin the Velcro fabric piece into place 1/2 inch down from where you started your basting stitch. 

Make sure you’re pinning to the side of the fabric rather than the back. Then, exactly across, pin the other side of the Velcro strip (back panel of slipcover). After that, sew all of the parts together and unpick the basting stitch.

Measure from the floor up and pin into place to hem the edges of the sofa cover. Topstitching completes the look. And you’re finished! To liven up the area, try adding some accent cushions. 


A loveseat cover will help your vinyl loveseat appear better while also protecting it from wear and tear. As long as you obtain the appropriate size, learning how to place a loveseat cover is simple.  That’s all there is to it! You’ve just learned how to cover vinyl loveseat easily.



















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