How To Clean Wool Dryer Balls? Read These Awesome Facts!

How to clean wool dryer balls? It follows two methods of hand-washing using sanitizer or soapy solution and cleaning the washer wool dryer balls.

It’s up to you to discover which one is efficient and easy as an approach to try. Remember that it is essential to recharge or clean these wool dryer balls. Perform the cleaning once every single week or two weeks. Know the proper cleaning system and depend upon it for your laundry session.

How to clean wool dryer balls

Somehow, some signs can tell if your wool dryer balls need cleaning. Check them if they work well so that they serve their best purpose. Recharge them by cleaning, but replace them if you think this is not the right solution and if you feel they are not valuable to use. My friends, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!


How To Clean Your Wool Dryer Balls: Machine Wash Method

This technique of cleaning wool dryer balls requires taking the wool dryer ball. Secondly, grab a sweater shaver or razor that takes the lint away. Glide a shaver around the dryer balls to eliminate the fuzz. After you remove the lint, toss it in the washing machine. Place the washer at a high heat type of setting. Allow the wool dryer balls to soak at it thoroughly. Place a mild detergent onto the washer.

Operate the washer in a gentle cycle setting that eliminates the dirt on the surface of the dryer balls. Then, load the wool dryer balls to dry in high heat. Grab some dry towel where dryer balls roll in it. Add some therapeutic essential oil in several drops so that the dryer balls achieve a good smell.


How To Clean Your Wool Dryer Balls: Manual Washing Method

Clean the wool dryer balls following the manual washing method. It’s like you toss them in the washer. Take the wool dryer ball away. Grab some sweater shaver or razor to eliminate the lint. Place a tub with hot water after you remove the lint. Place the dryer balls inside a hot water tub. Let them soak there in the water. Remove the air out of dryer balls as you press them hard. Squeeze them until you see bubbles stop to pop already. Afterward, add some mild detergent to the hot water tub.

Combine it well. Keep squeezing the dryer balls, wherein they will become clean. Soak these balls in clean and hot water to eliminate soap water. Grab some dry towels. Then, let the dryer balls roll in it. After that, add some organic and therapeutic essential oil in a few drops. This way, the dryer balls will achieve a good smell.


Wool Dryer Balls or Dryer Sheets

It’s always better to have wool dryer balls for being eco-friendly. They have no toxic chemicals, which means they are purely organic. Plus, they soften fabric materials, saving up to twenty-five percent in energy. But dryer sheets only result in skin diseases or allergies such as eczema.


Wool Dryer Ball Types To Buy

Utilize only one-hundred percent of organic wool dryer balls. This way, you will achieve better results. Never opt for inexpensive alternatives such as wool dryer balls with polyester or plastic material.


Times Required To Change Wool Dryer Balls

Wool dryer balls tend to last longer as compared to dryer ball alternatives. Wool dryer use increased to about 1000 loads. There is not a single damage to expect from it. Change the wool dryer ball after they wear out completely. Wool dryer balls may last up to two to four years or more. It will depend upon the way you use it.


Importance Of Recharging By Cleaning The Wool Dryer Balls

Recharge the wool dryer balls by cleaning them to reduce stress. If you will over-stress these balls without regular cleaning, they might only lose their drying potential. They, later on, become less absorbent. Plus, they fail in drying their laundry load. Thus, wash and then clean them once a week or after two weeks. Follow the suitable cleaning system. But, of course, it depends upon the laundry session.


Signs That Wool Dryer Balls Require Cleaning

It’s finally time to clean or recharge the wool dryer balls once they begin to appear rough. If this is not visible, check if they still work well as they do their purpose. If the dryer starts to deteriorate, consider the process of recharging it. If they are not recharging thru cleaning, going ahead and replacing them is even more essential since they are no longer serving their purpose.


Proper Way Of Using Wool Dryer Balls

Dryer balls proved to be simple when used. As you place them onto your dryer, they allow spacing between those clothes. Hot air passes in it, then. They even absorb moisture coming from clothes that hasten the drying procedure. Know how to use wool dryer balls.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to clean wool dryer balls since replacing them is not yet an option. Cleaning can revive the potential of dryer balls. Drop these dryer balls onto the dryer section and wait until drying time is fairly reduced. Know that wool dryer balls last for about one-thousand loads. So, follow the two methods mentioned in cleaning wool dryer balls! You may also be interested to know about how to clean gum out of a dryer  and how to clean LG dryer.

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