How To Fluff Pillows In Dryer? 2 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to fluff pillows in dryer? It can be in two steps: check the pillow label first and set the pillows in the dryer. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer diligently. Then, add some tennis balls to the dryer next to your pillow.

Doing so helps agitate clumps and brings back the fluffiness of a flattened pillow.

Learn these two steps as the best way of using a dryer in fluffing pillows. It differs significantly between a comfortable and aerated pillow and a clumpy or flat pad. Restore the structure of the body pillow and achieve a comfortable sleeping experience.


Steps To Fluff Pillows In Dryer

Are you wondering how to fluff pillows in dryer? Here are the two steps mentioned in fluffing pillows in the dryer:


Step #1. Checking the pillow label

Checking the pillow label is essential before you push for the pillow in the dryer. Not all pillow materials stay still in the dryer. Heat also damages the stuff inside the pillow and deforms it. Moreover, some pillows suggest the tumble dry or lowest heat form of setting. But remember that not all materials can withstand high heat for a short period. Never skip the tag found on the pillow before you fluff it entirely inside the dryer.


Step #2. Setting the dryer

Know if it is right to place the pillow inside the dryer. Read the instructions of the manufacturer in the diligent way possible. Add some tennis balls to the dryer alongside the pillow. Do so to help restore the pillow’s fluffiness, or agitate the pillow’s clumps. Place the pillow anything tied up to it to distribute clumps appropriately to make the pillow fluffy. Use some clothes or tube socks that can pound your pillow. The interior motion will bring about airflow in it as well. In this sense, choose the settings as recommended, including the duration of placing the pillow inside the dryer. Some pillows are likely to go into a tumble dry form of setting below thirty minutes. Adjust its time setting if you think the pillow requires more air.


Fluff The Pillows Using Your Hand

Do not worry if you have no dryer since you can still fluff pillows. It’s still possible to get back with a fluffy pillow. Manually introduce the air into the pillow while you break the lumps with your hand. There’s no need to use force in doing so. Mimic playing an accordion player while you’re grabbing those two ends of your pillow. Push them inside and out in such fast that they aerate the interior. Give the clumps some hits and punches as you allow the frustration to go away.


Squeeze The Pillows And Shake Them

Squeezing the pillows and shaking them will not only break those clumps. They will even help the pillow stuff to dry completely. Moisture can clump the filling, especially the feather and the down. Squeeze the pillow and then shake both sides. Wait until they feel and then look so fluffy again.


Times To Replace Pillows

If you fluff your pillow already, but it does not restore its form and loft, it’s maybe right to have some replacement. Get some new stuffing. Pillows must not be that flatly made or clumpy or they will not be comfortable and supportive. It’ll depend on the material used to replace pillows every several years, like after 4 to 6. Follow this recommended practice to avoid using pillows with allergens and pathogens built up. Some tests will need to be undergone first before you finally replace the pillow. Also, check the pillow for some possible lumps and dents. If they do not disappear after fluffing the pillow, you may fold it to see if it pops back again. But if you wake up with those sore muscles, it’s a signal that a new pillow or stuffing is needed. Know how often you should replace your pillows.


Other Way To Keep The Pillow Fluffy

Other than chopping the pillow by your hand or giving it a trip onto the dryer, it’s also best to follow one single trick. This method will let it stay clump-free and aerated. Allow nature to do the fluffing of the pillow for you as this will not require any effort from you. Just allow the pillow to ventilate outside for several hours in a sunny season. This proper flow of air helps dry the pillows and avoids clumping. This technique helps deodorize and freshen the pillow, too. Even the sun’s light disinfects the pillow, which can be a big help as this is particularly true if you could not wash its material.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to fluff pillows in dryer with the two steps to check it first and set the dryer after. You may follow the manufacturer’s instructions for as long as you have the go signal already. Master as well the fluffing of pillows using your hand. Squeeze and shake the pillows all you want. Choose whether you want tumble dry or low heat setting below thirty minutes. Include some tennis balls in the pillow that aerate the pillow and knead those clumps. Thus, there’s no problem with fluffing pillows in the dryer! It may be helpful to read about how to dry your clothes fast without a dryer and how to shrink jeans without dryer.

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