How To Clean Wood Deck With Pressure Washer? 6 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to clean wood deck with pressure washer? In seven easy steps, you can, and I’m sure you can execute these things with a breeze.

The thing is that a wood deck gives a different vibe in the house, but some other time, you need to clean off those molds, debris, and grime.

how to clean wood deck with pressure washer

Upon reading this article, you will learn how to clean your wood deck. You can clean your wood deck manually or by using a pressure washer. Manually cleaning the wood deck is fine if it is not that large or long enough. Scrubbing off the dirt will cost you energy and time, especially if you’re the only one doing this. But even if it is tiring to have it manually, it’ll be fulfilling after you look at the wood deck. A wood deck has been loved by many. As it is easy to take care of, it is also convenient.  Wood deck expects to last up to ten to fifteen years, which is fantastic. On the other hand, if you have an enormous wood deck and prefer to use a pressure washer, you must learn to clean and maintain it. 


Steps To Clean Wood Deck With Pressure Washer

If you have your pressure washer ready for the cleaning, you are prepared to go. But, if you belong to those who have not prepared the pressure washer, it’s okay. I got you covered. Here are the steps on how to clean wood deck with pressure washer:


Step #1. Set your pressure washer

I recommend using a gas-powered pressure washer to clean the wood deck, as it has more substantial water pressure than the electric washers. First, check the oil fluid to see if it has enough oil on it and if it’s not, refill it at the right level. The next thing is, check your gas tank. Just like oil fluid, fill it with the right amount. After that, connect the high-pressure hose. Next, get your spray gun, unite its wand and attach a fan tip. Then, connect it to the high-pressure hose.


Step #2. Add the cleaning solution

After setting up the pressure washer, add your wood or deck solution into the soap dispenser. You can purchase the cleaner in hardware or a nearby store. Be sure to check the cleaners agents, as bleach isn’t good for your wood deck and can cause damage to the wood over time. 


Step #3. Clean the wood deck

Remove all your furniture or plants on the deck if you have any. As your wood deck is situated outside, it is prone to fallen leaves.  Sweep all the leaves, debris, and twigs from the wood deck. You can also use a blower. 


Step #4. Wet surface and apply the solution

Turn on your water supply from your garden hose, then wet the surface of your wood deck. Next, turn on the pressure washer and apply the deck or wood cleaner by pulling the trigger of the spray towards you. Always note that you must be two feet away from the deck you are targeting, or don’t get too close up to six inches. Having your pressure washer’s tip close enough will deliver a high-pressure solution or water that can warp your wood. If you don’t have hardware nearby and must clean the wood deck urgently, you can make a vinegar solution in the meantime. Mix one gallon of water and a cup of distilled white vinegar. Fill it into the soap solution, and apply it similarly to the wood or deck cleaner.


Step #5. Let it sit

Leaving the cleaner to sit for a while in the wood deck will always depend on its brand. While some only need at least 1 minute, others must leave in more than three minutes. To be sure of how long it would take, read the manufacturer’s instructions located at the back of the cleaner’s packaging. But, if you have a natural solution (vinegar and water), you can at least leave it in about less than three seconds. 


Step #6. Apply the rest of the solution

If you still have a cleaner solution in the soap reservoir, you can use them by flushing the cleaner you applied earlier. It will be a waste if you will throw the solution out directly. The natural solution also goes the same. 


Step #7. Rinse the wood deck

It is the final step of cleaning the wood deck. Rinse off all the remaining deck or wood cleaner solutions on the surface. Manage to have the pressure washer hose at least two feet away from the surface. Connect your garden hose to the garden hose inlet in the pressure washer. The garden hose will be your water supply. Never turn on your pressure washer if the water from the garden hose (water source) is not yet open, as it may damage your washer.

Turn on the faucet of the garden hose. Then, flick the choke and switch the fuel. Next, pull out the starter rope. If the machine starts right away, flick the choke again to lock up the starter rope. But, if it doesn’t start after one pull, try to pull it again to start. When the motor starts, start to rinse the wood deck. The movement of the spray gun tip must be similar to sweeping. You will clear out all dirt, debris grime, and solution cleaner. You may also want to read about how to get rid of dust cobswebs at home.


It’s A Wrap

Cleaning wood deck nowadays isn’t as stern as before. A pressure washer can help you maintain and clean all dirt, mold, and debris forms on your wood deck. Apply these step-by-step procedures on how to clean wood deck with pressure washer to avoid damage to the pressure washer and wood. It may also be a good idea to read about how to clean metal roof with pressure washer and  how to clean a wood fence with a pressure washer.

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