How To Clean White Vinyl Fence Without A Pressure Washer? 6 Easy Steps!

Do you have a vinyl fence at home so you want to know how to clean white vinyl fence without a pressure washer? Then, this article will guide you on cleaning your vinyl fence without causing any damages.

Installing fences protects our privacy at home or inside our yard. Aside from that, it also gives a beautiful appearance in our home. As these fences serve their purpose, we must maintain the walls in shape to prevent unfortunate events or trespassers.

how to clean white vinyl fence without a pressure washer

There are various types of fences nowadays. You can avail wood fence, metal fence, vinyl fence ad others. But, before choosing a wall, make sure that you know the disadvantages and advantages of each. Nothing is perfect, and everyone should always remind themselves of that. But, if you take care f your fence, it will surely last longer than is expected, with high performance and strength. Fewer replacements, less labor, save money. You know, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!


How Important Is It To Clean The Vinyl Fence?

Many have complained about damaged fences and did not go through or make their estimated life span. They forgot to do proper maintenance or improper cleaning. It’s much hassle if you repair them shortly after installing the fence. Preserving your vinyl fences is one of the primary and vital rules for taking care of them. The wall protects you and gives different vibes to your house, and you only need to clean your wall once in a while, so it’s not going to need you from time to time.

Even though it is an easy and quick way to get off the dirt in your vinyl fences with a pressure washer, we’d instead put the pressure washer aside. Note that the pressure washers have a high pressure of water and inexperienced and unsettled nozzles. You might not just clean off the dirt but also your fence. But, if you already know proper and have safety ideas on how to use pressure washers for various cleaning, you might as well prefer doing so. Sad to say, not all homeowners have a pressure washer. So, let’s clean the walls with your cleaning materials at home. 


Steps To Clean White Vinyl Fence Without A Pressure Washer

So, how to clean white vinyl fence without a pressure washer? Here are the steps:


Step #1. Cleaning solutions

You can purchase cleaning solutions or detergents in hardware or supermarket then, read the labels at the back of the packaging of your purchased cleaner on how to prepare your solution or detergent for cleaning. For example, some people recommend non-bleach detergents as bleach causes discoloration over time, and we would not want you to have faded color walls (if you have a colorful one). But, if you do not want to use the cleaning agents mentioned above, we’d be jumping into an environment cleaning agent. You can use vinegar mixed with water or use other cleaning agents.


Step #2. Wet the wall

After you prepare your cleaning solutions, proceed with cleaning your wall. It is best to use a garden hose than water in a pail, as this may take longer but is still possible. Wet the areas, and flush any removable dirt, muds, mold, or mildews. 


Step #3. Scrub

The water might flush out some dirt, but hard stains need to scrub off using a soft brush or cloth. Please do not use a harsh brush on your wall, as it may scratch your wall and damage it further. Instead, scrub the areas that have a tough stain and rinse them with water. Try to scrub it off after applying the cleaner formulas if it remains.


Step #4. Apply the solution

It is important to brush off the removable dirt before applying the solution first, as some cleaner formula must be applied thoroughly to the wall to absorb and soften the hard stains. Then, you can apply it using a spray gun or soft cloth to the wall. The spray gun has pressure, and distance is required. You can use a ladder or extended stick to reach unreachable areas.
After you apply the solution to the wall, check the label of your cleaner if it needs to sit for a few minutes. If it does, let it sit as it requires. Some individuals leave the solution in a few minutes to soften the dirt. If you use a vinegar solution, you can apply it using a  cloth or sponge. Also read if you can use bleach in a pressure washer.


Step #5. Repeat scrubbing

After a few minutes, try to scrub the area with a hard stain. You can put some cleaning formulae in place and rewash them. After a few scrubs, dirt is supposed to remove but try a different procedure if it doesn’t budge agents.


Step #6. Rinse

Use a garden hose, if you have, to rinse off the cleaning formula along with the dirt. Rinse it thoroughly with water until the procedure to remove entirely. Rinsing this requires time and effort. Leaving off a cleaner formula might give white patches or spots in your wall. When handling the formula, some substance has an adverse effect. You can use a glove to protect your hands. Please place it in unreachable places to keep children.


It’s A Wrap!

It is essential to know how to clean white vinyl fence without a pressure washer to maintain their performance and appearance. No matter what type your fences are at home, they need to be appropriately cleaned and maintained. Let your fences last longer, beautifully. It may also be a good idea to read about how to clean a wood fence with a pressure washer and how to clean metal roof with pressure washer.

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