How To Clean Stove Drip Pans By Using Dryer Sheets? 5 Amazing Steps!

Are you curious to know how to clean stove drip pans by using dryer sheets? No matter which stove you are using, whether it has a glass top, porcelain top, or iron top, all these stoves have stove drip pans. Here are some steps to clean the drip pans that you devour in this article.

The stove drip pans are burners, basically used for cooking. Stove drip pans release the grease after every cook, if your stove doesn’t have drip pans, then grease is not released and burnt all the time when the stove is on.

how to clean stove drip pans by using dryer sheets

Drip pans have come in different sizes, the large drip pan is 8 inches, and the small drip pan is 6inch. Drip pans catch all the debris, and the dirt is collected inside them. That’s why these drip pans become very messy, and it’s tough to clean these drip pans.


What Are Stove Drip Pans?

All the stoves have drip pans. Drip pans are used to catch the dust of the stove and become so messy. That is why it is essential to clean the stove drip pans with a sponge or cloth. Different drip pans have different qualities and varieties, and chrome-plated drip pans do not work well if they don’t clean.

If these drip pans are not clean from time to time, they look so messy and change the whole appearance of the stove. Your stove looks too dirty and old. Black, porcelain plated stove drip pans absorb the heat. They never reflect the heat during cooking and don’t create any issue if not kept clean.

Always choose the right size of drip pans according to your stove requirements, use the burner that is fixed on the stove and maintain the stove and burner leveled. Drip pans come in different sizes and styles, but before purchasing the drip pan, keep in mind that you must know the brand of stove and then purchase the drip pan according to your stove.

Some people think that a drip pan and a drip bowl are used for the same purpose. They don’t know that there is a difference between both of them, the deep bowl is just a type of bowl, which is used to place heated items on it.

While drip pans are like burners, used for cooking purposes, drip pan also has a metal bowl on which the drip is placed so that you can cook your food with its help. Usually, drip pans come only in two sizes, large and small. The larger drip pan is 8 inches, and the smaller drip pan is 6 inches.

If your drip pans are too dirty, you can replace them with your own. You can easily install the drip pans if they are too old. By installing a new drip pan, it can give a fantastic look to your stove. Your stove will look brand new. It’s an effortless task to improve the appearance of your drip pans.


Tips To Clean Stove Drip Pans

Stove drip pans get messy very soon if you don’t clean them after use. It’s tough to wipe out such messy drip pans. So, in this article, you came to know how to clean stove drip pans by using dryer sheets? The answer to this question you can get after reading this article further.


Step #1.

First, clean the stove, remove all dust particles from it. After that, spread this sheet on the stove so that it fits perfectly on the drip pans. Leave the dryer sheets for half an hour or 30 minutes. Before applying this sheet, make sure that the sheet is moistened. Then clean the stove with a soft cloth.


Step #2.

Next, wash the drip pans with hot water and detergent. Mix the detergent in hot water, stir it well with the help of the spatula. Leave the drip pans in hot water with soap for 10 minutes. You can also use a soft cleaner solution and a towel to wipe off grease and other types of dirt on the burner.


Step #3.

For this step, you will need backing soda. To make the mixture, take a bowl of water and pour the baking soda until it becomes thick like a paste. Only use half of the cup and remember the 1:1 ratio. Cover the burner using a brush or your finger with this paste and leave it for 20 minutes. On the other hand, you can also use baking soda on top stoves. Here’s one topic on how to clean a glass top stove with baking soda and peroxide.


Step #4.

How do you clean dryer pans with drip pans? This question will be answered at this point when you use wire wool to execute the step. This tool effectively uses the tough stains, burnt areas, and food that sticks on the burner. First, take a ball of wire wool and scrub it on the stove, on the areas of the drip pans which need scrubbing. Afterwhich, make sure to wipe off the excess dirt. You can use a dryer sheet on this one.


Step #5.

And lastly, put a dryer sheet in place, but before that, you might want to learn what dryer sheets are for. Regardless, after following all these steps, put the dryer sheets in the center of drip pans. Then, pour the lukewarm water on the sheet and add some drops of dish soap liquid to it. Leave it for few hours. After that, put off the dryer sheet, and clear the water from the pans. 

After this clean the stove drip pans with a microfibre cloth, if the cloth doesn’t work, use the hard wire brush to clean the stains from the pan. By using all these steps you easily clean the stove drip pans. They give us very impressive results.


It’s A Wrap!

The steps you devour in this article are straightforward, practical, and helpful to clean the drip pans. Are you still exploring how to clean stove drip pans by using dryer sheets?  Just try these steps, my friends. They give you results surprisingly. For easy-to-follow articles, here’s how to choose a wood stove.

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