5 Steps On How To Clean Mold From Front Load Washer Gasket

The first step in the instructions of how to clean mold from front load washer gasket is checking it. In this article, you will learn a lot about the gasket, its vulnerability to mold, and how to clean it.


how to clean mold from front load washer gasket

What is A Front Load Washer Gasket?

The gasket seals the front-loading washing machines’ doors. In turn, the gasket traps moisture in the washing machine, making it a perfect spot for mold to grow. 


How to check it


Step #1. Prepare the door gasket

Turn off your front-loader and ensure that it is empty. Then, turn the rubber outward to check it. Press it down to remove any items lodged in there, like socks or leftover detergent.

Inspect the gasket for mold as well. You’ll often see mold as a discoloration on the washer gasket. 


Step #2. Disinfect the gasket

In the event of staining, you have to clean the gasket. Don rubber gloves, then make a bleach-water solution.

Then, dip a rag on the solution and wipe the rubber gasket down, inside and out. After that, leave the solution on the gasket for at least ten minutes. 


Step #3. Dry

After disinfecting the gasket, fetch a clean cloth and wipe down the cleaning solution. Then, open the washing machine door to let the insides of the equipment dry. If you still smell something musty from the front load washer, then there may still be mold. 


How does the front load washer gasket acquire mold?

Gaskets acquire mold due to their placement in front-loading washing machines. It is vulnerable to moisture because it seals the doors of the front loaders.

Another reason that gaskets acquire mold is due to excessive suds. Excessive suds are the result of detergents and liquid fabric softeners. They leave a residue that helps mold to grow. 


Steps In Removing Mold From The Front Load Washer Gasket

Mold in washers may stink, so you must clean off mold from them. Otherwise, you run the risk of mold getting in your clothes, too. 

Here are the steps in cleaning mold from a front-loader gasket. If you wish to educate yourself in cleaning other machines with mold, here’s an article about cleaning AC coils.


Step #1. Clean the gasket

Prepare a rag and hot soapy water to clean the gasket. Dip the rag on the soapy water solution, then wipe the rubber door gasket with it.

Thoroughly wipe around and underneath the gasket. Change the rag if the cloth you’re using has had too much gunk and slime. Look back on how to check the gasket for more detailed cleaning instructions. 


Step #2. Clean dispensers

Detergents result in sud residue, which leads to mold growth. Hence, you need to clean the detergent dispensers.

Remove them from the front-loader, then clean them thoroughly. If they cannot be removed, clean them using a pipe cleaner to reach the crevices at the back. 


Step #3. Run a cleaning cycle

After cleaning the dispensers, do a cleaning wash cycle. Set it on the longest and hottest water setting.

Then, add a cup of bleach, a cup of baking soda, a half-cup of Cascade Complete, or any powdered enzymatic dishwasher detergent. Lastly, add Affresh or any commercial residue-busting washer cleaner.


Step #4. Repeat

If the smell doesn’t come off (mold comes with a scent), repeat the wash cycle. Repeat until the odor isn’t detectable anymore. 


Step #5. Seek expert help

If the smell still does not come off after washing it repeatedly, then you have to seek help from an expert. The front-load washer may have mold in other places you do not know, like behind the drum.

An expert would know how to handle this situation. They would also know how to disassemble the parts and inspect which is affected by mold.

Also, it would be helpful to have the expert check if other parts of your house have been mold contaminated. This article about mold inspection costs may help you prepare for mold investigation and mold removal.


Tips to stop mold from growing in the front load washer gasket


Remove your laundry

To avoid your gasket from being exposed to moisture for too long, remove your laundry after washing. 


Use high-efficiency laundry detergent

Since suds indirectly cause mold, it would be helpful for you to use a laundry detergent that washes away with less water. This lessens the chance of leaving residue on your machine. Also, avoid using liquid fabric softeners because they tend to leave a residue.



Clean and disinfect the gasket regularly. Look at the manufacturer’s recommendation and follow how often you should clean your gasket. 

Apart from the gasket, clean and disinfect your dispensers as well. Ensure that there is no residue in them. 



When you’re not using the washer, leave its door open. This helps maintain the humidity levels inside the machine and prevent mold growth. However, if you have children or pets, you may keep the washer door closed. 



Mold grows fast, and they are pretty challenging to take on. Hence, it is better to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

However, when they do happen, we hope this article on how to clean mold from front load washer gasket will help you deal with it.

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