How To Clean Mold From Air Conditioner Coils? 5 Easy Steps!

An essential part of an AC’s maintenance is keeping its coils clean, so you might want to know how to clean mold from air conditioner coils. What’s even important is keeping them from growing even more.

If the coils are not clean with grime and debris, the airflow passing through the coils will be limited. In such a case, the air conditioning system will have to work harder to cool the room.

how to clean mold from air conditioner coils

In some cases, it will even burn itself after working that much. Debris, dust, and dirt are also the perfect breeding ground for mildew, mold, and bacteria to grow. This will cause health problems as it increases the spores of mold circulating through the air in your house.

Not only that, but it will also cause your electric bills to increase. A biofilm will start to develop on the coils if the air is limited and mold build-up. This will create a barrier inside the coils. As a result, the unit will not be exchanging heat as it normally does.

With that being said, it is important to clean up those mold from the coils.

Steps To Clean Mold From Air Conditioner Coils

Whatever type of air conditioner you use at home, its coils need regular cleaning so that you will avoid the growth of mold. As soon as you notice mold in the coils, it would help if you got rid of them right away.

So, how to clean mold from air conditioner coils? Follow the steps below!

Step #1. Removing the filter

It would help if you started by removing the air filter. Make sure to set aside all the screws that you removed. Some filters are designed to be used again after cleaning, while others are disposable.

If the former is the filter of your ac unit, you need to submerge it in warm water mixed with soap as you clean the unit. But if the filter is disposable, make sure to dispose of it properly.

Step #2. Removing the cover and grill

After you removed the filter, proceed by removing the cover and grill.

Like in the previous step, you need to set aside all the screws to be easy to return them later on.

Step #3. Removing the back frame

This step will depend on the type of your ac unit.

Again, take note to keep the screws safe and find the fan motor, fins, and coils.

Step #4. Cleaning the innards

In this step, you will have to clean the interior of the unit. This includes getting rid of any mold you find there.

But ensure to vacuum the dust and debris first. After that, spray the cleaner that you choose onto a rag. Finally, wipe the mold, dust, and water that has accumulated gently. Repeat the same process if necessary.

You can also use a cleaning brush with soft bristles to scrub away the dirt and mold that are a bit stubborn. But make sure to be gentle in doing this.

Now get another rag that is warm and clean. Use this in washing away the cleaning product.

After you clean up thoroughly, you should then dry all the fins and coils parts. Then, finally, reshape any pieces that have been bent on the process.

Step #5. Reassembling the unit

Before you put them back together with the air conditioning unit components, you must make sure they are scorched. This is important in preventing mold from reoccurring in the coils again.

Now, use the screws earlier in replacing the framing as well as other parts. In case the unit needs a new air filter, get a new one to replace it. Otherwise, attach the one you cleaned.

In general, air conditioning systems require one cleaning each year. This is because it needs to be thoroughly cleaned before you put it in its storage for the season.

Also, any leaks from the air system must be fixed as soon as possible so that you will prevent mold.

Other Tips To Consider

  • Use pressurized water and alkaline coil cleaner to wet the clean coils.
  • Once the coils are free of dirt, you should apply some mold inhibitor onto the coils and the areas surrounding them so that you will prevent regrowth.
  • Try applying odor control products for air conditioners so that your house or office will have a great smell.

It’s A Wrap!

Knowing how to clean mold from air conditioner coils is important in preventing health problems. Remember, if you fail to get rid of them, they can grow very quickly, so you need to treat them right away.

If you leave the mold inside your AC unit, it will spread through the entire house as you turn it on, and it can happen quickly if your house has high humidity. But if you use the tips and steps provided above, you will prevent further accumulation of mold.

Also, remember that maintaining the coils routinely is not just beneficial for the lungs of your family, but it is also good for your wallet.

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