How To Clean Mold From Electric Smoker: Amazing 3-Part Guide

You’ll learn how to clean mold from electric smoker in this article. The first step is to remove everything from your electric smoker.

The steps are easy to follow, so read the article until the end to fully understand the instructions. Apart from the mold cleaning directions, you’ll learn about how mold develops on the electric smoker.

how to clean mold from electric smoker

We also included the specific steps in cleaning the various parts of your electric smoker. This article will be jam-packed with information, but we guarantee you that it is worth the read!


How Mold Develops On Your Electric Smoker

Mold develops in your electric smoker due to certain conditions. If your smoker has leftover grease, then that may serve as mold’s food source.

Improper cleaning routines contribute to mold growth as food debris, or any organic material is an invitation for mold contamination. A more popular reason for mold growth is moisture.

Moisture is the reason why your electric smoker tends to develop mold during the colder months. More specifically, your smoker’s cover traps moisture inside, making it easier for decay to invade it.


Part #1. Cleaning the electric smoker’s rack

Since improper cleaning routines lead to mold growth, we included instructions on how you can clean your electric smoker. First off, we have the instructions for cleaning the rack.

All you need to clean your electric smoker’s rack are soapy water, a brush or sponge, and lots of stamina. 

Step #1. Remove the residue by scraping off the stuck food on your electric smoker’s grills. To do so, wrap a utensil with a thick cloth and use it to scrape off the debris from your grills and racks. 

Step #2. After removing the food from the racks and grills, soak it in the solution, and let the soap break down the grease and oil. Then, scrub the grills and racks thoroughly.

Rinse the parts and let the debris go down the drain. Moreover, make sure all of the greases are removed.

To lessen the chances of food sticking on your racks, spray vegetable oil on it. This will also prevent rusting.


Part #2. Cleaning the smoker’s main chamber

For this part, you have to prepare bags for waste and ash. You also need a bristle brush, a soft cloth, apple cider vinegar, a spray bottle, and a plastic sheet.

Step #1. First, ensure that your electric smoker has cooled down. If not, wait it out; but if it is, then remove everything.

Remove the drip tray, the water pan, the racks, and the smoker box.

Step #2. After removing the parts of your main chamber, clean your smoker box. Remove the soot and ash and throw them in a bag.

Mix apple cider vinegar and hot water and pour them into a spray bottle, then spray the solution on the box.

Leave the solution on the smoker box for a few minutes, then wipe it down. Ensure that it is clean for the next time you use it.

Step #3. Spray the apple cider solution on the box again and scrub it with a sponge. Apply some force in your scrubbing to ensure that you remove any leftover particles.

If you notice the interior of your electric smoker darkening, don’t panic! It’s natural, and it is a sign of durability.


Part #3. Cleaning the mold off your electric smoker

Step #1. The first step in cleaning an electric smoker with mold growth is to empty it. Remove all of the parts of your smoker, and inspect which of them are contaminated with mold.

Step #2. After removing and evaluating the parts of your electric smoker, heat your smoker like you’re preheating it for a feast. Add wood chips in it and turn on the heat.

Heating the smoker is guaranteed to kill off mold because it hates high temperatures. Here’s an article outlining the temperature where mold dies.

Moreover, heating it would loosen and eliminate residual dirt. By warming the smoker up, you’re killing two birds with one stone!

Step #3. Let your electric smoker cool down first before cleaning it out. In the meantime, prepare your protective gear.

Put on gloves and a mask to avoid inhaling mold. After the smoker has cooled down, wash the interior of the smoker with soapy water.

Make sure you do not use harsh chemicals on your smoker. Power wash the smoker to make sure that your smoker’s interior is appropriately cleaned.

Power-washing the smoker would break down any residue and eliminate it. This is important to not only keep your electric smoker mold-free but also adequately cleaned.

Otherwise, you will have to deal with the consequences of mold. One example of the repercussions of mold is written in this article about accidentally drinking mold.



Learning how to clean mold from electric smoker is essential because you use it for cooking your food. It will endanger you and your family if you use any equipment that is mold-contaminated.

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