How To Clean Fridge Door? 3 Easy Steps For A New-Looking Fridge!

How to clean fridge door? There are times where a fridge door may get contaminated by chemicals or stained by foods because of spillage or spoilage. And that will be a breeding ground of bacteria if you will just leave it there. A fridge door is essential, of course, because it keeps the cold air inside and it has extra storage that you can put anything into it. Examples of these are egg trays, beverages, spices, and many more varieties of things, which can be messy if not taken care of.

But each refrigerator differs from one another and their doors too. Various brands around the world have been making new units each day to sell. As a result, individuals buy it since it is an essential item to have at home.

However, some are still stuck with their outdated and overly used fridge since the new ones are a bit pricey. And this dirty fridge door is caused some food items that may have spoiled may affect how your fridge door works. However, you can still make your fridge look new by cleaning it.

So about that, do not worry anymore. Since you’re here, we’re going to deal with that problem of yours already. So keep on reading until the conclusion of this topic.


Steps To Clean Fridge Door

How to clean fridge door? If you are new to cleaning your fridge door, then you’ve come to the right article. Here, we will teach you how it’s done by simply giving you steps that can be done quickly by anyone in the same situation as yours. Before anything else, you’ll always want to unplug your appliance first to avoid any injuries or harm

We don’t want you to spend your money on buying another. However, suppose you have something to base on, like a booklet or something on the internet, then good. With that, you can be able to do it with ease and no worries furthermore. Also, they are an essential piece of paper since they contain all the necessary information that you might need in the future; read it in your free time if needed.

Regardless, the reason for spoilage is not directly from a broken or opened fridge door; sometimes, it is because of a dirty internal system or a dirty door full of awful dirt.


Step #1. Cleaning the areas of the gasket

The gasket areas are mainly prone to hard-to-reach dust and dirt particles. Thus we cannot avoid build-ups happening in its interiors. To clean this up, first, open your refrigerator to expose the gasket, then delicately remove crumbs from the creases in the gasket using the handle-end of a utensil.

Once you’ve already gone into the gasket area, you’ll want to go through around until all dust and dirt particles have been removed. First, wipe the gasket and its contact surfaces and creases using a soft cotton cloth. Then, while the door is open, wipe the metallic contact surface of the fridge.

Then, using warm water and a towel, brush out any visible food particles or dust accumulated around the surface regions. After that, use a fan to dry.


Step #2.  Cleaning the exteriors

Now close the refrigerator door and start cleaning its outsides using another cloth. With warm water, wipe its exteriors collecting all the dust and debris off the door. If there is any debris present still on the surface, put a bit of pressure when cleaning. In this way, you can be able to get rid of it using a little force.

Make sure that when you’re wiping the outsides, clean the face, handle, and dispensers as well. Please wait for it to dry so we can move on to the next step.


Step #3. Double-checking and re-cleaning

Clear off the residual streaks visible around the surface regions with 1 tbsp—detergent in a pail of water. Soak a cloth in it and swirl it to absorb soap suds. Then once again, open the door and wipe the gaskets and the frame itself; make sure that there are no residues left before closing it. Learn how to replace your fridge gaskets if it’s very dirty or damaged.

Now clean the dispensers and the front once more to ensure no debris or smudges remain on the surfaces. They tend to stick around when not cleansed thoroughly. Finally, wet a new cloth using clean water. With this, wipe off the entire residue from the areas that you’ve cleaned to get rid of the dirt build-ups away. Regardless, here is how to clean the refrigerator water dispenser if you need to.



And with your question “How to clean fridge door?” being answered, here are the steps for it. Again, cleaning it thoroughly is the only way to quickly get rid of the streaks and dirt build-ups. If you need help, call a friend or relative. But if there are damaged components, it would be best to call for a professional to help. Regardless, if you happen to notice some damages while cleaning the fridge door, read this one on how to fix fridge door that will help you deal with your problem.

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