How To Clean A Smelly Dryer? 5 Easy Steps!

Are you looking for how to clean a smelly dryer? A stinky dryer is not just irritating, but it also can transmit odor to some of the more clean garments. What is the source of the odor in the dryer? The lint accumulation in the exhaust vent can restrict airflow and encourage mold development. 

If accumulation should be removed and the problem should be resolved with a complete vent cleaning. You expect to be greeted by a fresh, pleasant scent on opening the dryer’s door. This isn’t always the scent that welcomes you, though. When you least expect it, you open the dryer door and wince as you feel there’s something wrong! 

how to clean a smelly dryer

Your dryer should not smell like soiled socks or exercise clothes that have been sitting in the laundry bucket for many days. Well, we have good news for you, that is, we have a remedy for cleaning a stinky dryer!


Methods To Clean A Smelly Dryers

Cleaning a stinky dryer is easy and must be performed thrice per year as the routine of regular dryer service. Not only does it maintain your clothing looking fresh and cleaned, but it will also assist your dryer last longer by removing lint obstructions that obstruct the circulation of air and constitute a burning threat. In this article, you will learn how to clean a smelly dryer; below, we have mentioned all the steps which assist you in cleaning your stinky dryer.


Step #1. Unplug your dryer

To avoid electrocution, unplug the machine before sanitizing it. If you’re using a propane dryer, turn off the gas supply. Remove the dryer out from the socket to make the ducting more reachable. Remove the elastic dust duct out from the dryer’s rear. Pull any big pieces of lint and fur out from the duct with the suction of a moisture vacuum. Vacuum via the back of the dryer’s port. Disconnect the outside ventilation cap and clean the inside, prone to debris accumulation.


Step #2. Clean the lint trap

Loosen the lint trap and use a towel to eliminate any collected lint. To extract tiny particles, try a vacuum’s thin nozzle adaptor. Rinse the bear trap beneath flowing water and scrape it with a soft brush to remove any residue before leaving it for dry. Next, clean the lint and dirt colled in the dryer pipe by using a nozzle of vacuum during the trap of lint is drying. Finally, vacuum the area over the dryer, especially beneath the vent, as well. Removing the lint with the help of a vacuum is a more efficient and effective method than cleaning with other things.


Step #3. Remove the lint from the dryer vent

Unplug the dryer’s vent and push it far from a wall. To remove lint and other items, suction the outlet. Ensure the vent openings and shutters on the outside of the home are also apparent. Rearrange your dryer and rejoin the inside vent. Lift the filtration panel and uncover your lint trap. Remove the screen and place it outside. Using a lint trap brush, remove any thick lint. Sniff the screen to see whether it’s the cause of the odor; if it smells unclean, lay it away to be cleaned further.

Inside the uncovered lint trap, place a lint trap brush. Swipe it backward and forth through the trap to remove any big lint bits. To remove any small dirt or lint granules, remove the lint with the vacuum hose. You can place the lint trap again in order if it smells clean.

It may be helpful to read about how often to clean a dryer vent and how to tell if your dryer vent is clogged.


Step #4. Clean the dryer exterior

Now, you can clean the exterior of your dryer with one portion of bleach and nine portions of water in a spray bottle.  Spray the cleaning solution into the dryer’s drum (or inside) till it is soaked. Allow 5 to 10 minutes for this mixture to eliminate germs and mold that generate stinky and foul aromas. The other alternative is to use a soft microfiber towel for cleaning the dryer’s outside. You might also soak this towel into white vinegar. Using the cloth, wipe out the dryer drum, soaking it in white vinegar and bleach as required. 

Before leaving the dryer door open to allow the interior to air dry, it is better to clean the dryer door rubber seal. Before drying, use another towel and dip it into the water to make it wet and with this towel again wipe your dryer. This helps you to get rid of the vinegar and bleach smell and makes your smelly dryer fresh and clean.


Step #5. Clean the dryer exterior

After doing all the steps, the last step is to clean the dryer outside. For this purpose, take a soft towel, dip it into the pure water, and then rub it on the dryer exterior to remove the lint and dirt from the outside. You may also want to read about removing the top cover washing machine.


It’s A Wrap!

We were happy that you all learned how to clean a smelly dryer. It always happens that the dryer sometimes gives a foul smell because of regular use. This smell also enters into your laundry and makes your clean clothes smelly. Above, we have mentioned all the steps which assist you in cleaning a stinky dryer. It is better to clean your dryer thrice in a year like this method to keep in better conditions and also smell free. Thank you, friends, for reading this article at the end; we hope we have helped you out!

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