How To Remove Hair From Clothes In The Dryer? 7 Best Tips!

How to remove hair from clothes in the dryer? Follow the tips to leave the lint trap dirt-free, use some dryer sheets, use some dryer balls, dry heat the clothes, use a fabric softener, rinse off the clothes with vinegar, & use some microfiber cloths.

Since laundry is the most redundant and most mundane house chore, it requires removing hair from clothes in the dryer, too. While it can be a difficult task, the satisfying thing is your clothes are left sweet-smelling, freshly-conditioned, soft, & dry.

How to remove hair from clothes in the dryer

They then need to be stored and folded neatly to wait for their use. Human hair tends to get trapped on clothes that require you to eliminate them from clothes. After that, you can place them inside the dryer. This is just an overview, so without further ado, let’s start!


Tips To Remove Hair From The Clothes In The Dryer

How to remove hair from clothes in the dryer? Below are the suggested tips to consider removing hair from the clothes in the dryer:


#1. Leave the lint trap dirt free

Leave the lint trap dirt free from hair as the problem only gets worse with mesh clogging up with hair and lint. Better yet, remove the trap manually to eliminate some hairs and lint trapped. After that, soak the lint trap in warm water containing vinegar and eliminate residue. Unplug the dryer and use some soft cloth placed in vinegar and warm water. Wipe the surface of a dryer. Operate the vacuum cleaner throughout the surface of the dryer. It sucks the hair out that gets stuck on the dryer wall. If the issue still exists, professional cleaners solve the problem. Take the dryer apart as you leave it to the job of a professional.


#2. Make use of dryer sheets

The hair tends to stick to the clothes. It can result in a stubborn task where you have to remove the clothes that accumulate static. Static clothes hold the hairs even tighter while the drying cycle operates and leave hair stuck on the fabric. Good thing, dryer sheets can best resolve this. Place a single dryer sheet or two with the clothes onto the dryer. Set the cycle. The dryer sheet emits chemicals like stearic acid on clothes that neutralize static. Fibers are allowed to cast the hairs once trapped in them. The hairs trap on the lint trap with the tumble of the clothes. Know the 8 best dryer sheet alternatives.


#3. Make use of dryer balls

Throw some dryer balls that are rubber or plastic balls in the dryer alongside the laundry. They help avoid clumping clothes together; thus, the air circulates freely. Hair no longer sticks or collects tightly to the clothes. The hair is then trapped on the lint trap while the dryer balls are required on the load size. The dryer balls also emit similar chemical results like with the dryer sheets. The dampening effect is the result of the static created by the clothes. Hair no longer adheres to the clothes while the hair floats and gets caught inside the lint trap. However, dryer balls contain fewer chemicals than dryer sheets. Use some dryer sheets instead for some stubborn clothes.


#4. Apply some heat

Apply some heat onto the clothes to release the hair from them. Place some clothes in the dryer and set it at a low setting for like ten minutes. Doing so loosens the fabric while decreasing the static. The loosening of material dislodges the hair. Place the dryer as it tumble-dry the clothes in the normal way possible. Loose hair then gets trapped into a lint trap, which eliminates the hair from the clothes.


#5. Make use of fabric softener

Clothes riddled with human hair require returning to the dryer. Follow the rinsing cycle once but with a massive quantity of fabric softener. Let it penetrate deeply into the fabric to loosen it and eliminate static that pushes hair to get stuck to the clothes. Next, place the fresh garments back into the dryer. Tumble it dry usually. Let the new clothes release human hair that gets stuck on it quickly. Hair thus gets sucked into the lint trap as this brings additional benefits of clothes smelling lovely and decadent. Also, read about when to put fabric softener in washer.


#6. Use some microfiber cloths

Microfiber cloths are synthetic and soft used to make small clothes and towels. The microfiber is more prone to static. That’s why human hair reaches deeply into the microfiber, which removes human hair from the clothes. Add some microfiber cloth to the clothes after loading the dryer. Tumble it dry, and microfiber cloths draw the hair from the clothes. All of the hair will stick to the towel.


#7. Rinse it off with vinegar

Short soak or vinegar bath contains vinegar that loosens hair, enabling the lint trap to do its job. Add 1 or 2 cups of vinegar in a forty-liter wash. Enable the clothes to set on a cycle. The thing about vinegar is that it doesn’t cause harm to the fabric. See a significant improvement already after putting your clothes inside the dryer.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to remove hair from clothes in the dryer. It’s a good idea to remove hair for that efficient cleaning machine you will be using for the months to come. Stubborn hairs require some effort to eliminate them. So, follow the tips mentioned above! You may also be interested to know about how to clean gum out of a dryer  and how to clean LG dryer.

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