How To Clean A Computer Chair Using 5 Easy Steps

Long hours of sitting can cause you to worry about how to clean a computer chair. You can, of course, do this with soap and water.

Sweat, body odor, and even superficial stains are troubling for your chair. It decreases the level of comfort you will experience. That’s not what you want, right?

how to clean a computer chair

Regularly cleaning ensures the quality of a computer chair. You won’t also need to worry about the smell or odor it can emit in the long run.

Computer chairs are simple to clean! You might even add this task to your weekly routines. It’s cheap, too!

Read this article to gain insights on cleaning your chairs. Let this post guide you from the basics and teach you simple tricks to sanitize your computer chair.


Tidying Your Computer Chair

Computer chairs can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Don’t worry since your household supplies can quickly solve the problem!

Of course, some computer chairs come with manuals upon purchase. Check the manuals first for cleaning instructions before proceeding.

To clean your chair, you would need the following:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Soft and clean cloths
  • Spray bottle or a bowl

You can also use a duster or a brush since a vacuum cleaner can’t reach narrow parts of the chair. You can use alcohol, vinegar, and other cleaning agents like an upholstery cleaner for deep-cleaning. It’s best to avoid rough agents like bleach.


Step #1. Vacuum and remove dust

Vacuum your chair starting from the top into its wheels. Remove any sign of debris, hair, or other dirt. Use a brush or a duster to remove dust on hard-to-reach areas.


Step #2. Wipe chair

Mix dishwashing soap with lukewarm water. You can put this either in a bowl or spray bottle and cover your chair with it.

Wipe the mixture gently with a cloth throughout the chair. Use enough combination on the chair, and don’t spray too much. This may cause harm to the inside of your computer chair.


Step #3. Rinse and leave to dry

Rinse the chair with another clean wet towel. Remove soap residue with the wet cloth but be careful to soak your chair entirely in water. You can use another fabric for rinsing the armrests and the chair’s backrest.

You can also make your own solution using other household materials. These mixtures can help you thoroughly clean your chair and ensure that it is safe from bacteria.

After rinsing, let the air dry. You can use a dryer or leave it in an airy place.


Step #4. Treat stains

After drying, look at your chair and observe for leftover stains. If you find some, get ready to use alcohol or upholstery cleaner to treat them.

Try out the cleaner on a small part of your chair to confirm its safety. Once it’s guaranteed to be safe, drop a few more and gently rub the mixture into the cloth. Let the chair dry and repeat this process for other stains found in the chair.

Remember, some stains need specific agents to treat them. Know what works on different kinds of stains first before purchasing or making a solution.


Step #5. Get professional services

Other concerns such as stubborn stains or deep-cleaning your chair require professional help. You could possibly detect a problem with your chair that needs to be addressed.


How To Remove Computer Chair Odor

There are a lot of things that cause chair odor. Bodily fluids like sweat, body odors, and chemicals are often the ones to blame. Bacteria and germs pave their way to it and thrive.

Remove chair odors using household items. However, always remember to test these items first on a small part of the chair to avoid discoloration and other damages.


Method #1. Using vinegar

Mix vinegar with water to reduce acidity, or it can damage your computer chair. Spray it on the stain and let it dry. Repeat it if the odor is still there.

Vinegar releases smell, although it can go away quickly. Be careful not to damage your chair and test it out first.


Method #2. Using baking soda

Baking soda absorbs odor. Simply sprinkle baking soda on your chair and rub it gently to go deep inside the chair.

You can leave the baking soda inside of your chair overnight. Vacuum or dust it off on the next day. Repeat the process if the odor does not go away.


Method #3. With sunlight and air

You can leave your computer chair outside under the sun and in an airy place. You can use fans or blowers if there is no wind.

However, fabric and leather computer chairs are not advisable to be under the sun. You can try a different method if this is the case.


Method #4. Keeping chair dry

Drying your computer chair can’t remove the odor, but it lessens the period. You can opt for this method as a last resort.



It’s done! All you need to know on how to clean a computer chair has been discussed.

Regularly cleaning your computer chairs helps a lot to maintain their quality and odor. Feel free to try these tips and enjoy a clean chair.

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