Potty Training 101: How To Clean Potty Chair

Since potty training represents a massive step in the transition from baby to big kid, it is vital to know how to clean potty chair. There are three methods in doing so, all of which are necessary for maintaining and keeping the potty chairs as clean as possible.

You can consider cleaning potty chairs as a regular part of your house cleaning routine during the strenuous potty training period. Unfortunately, though, cleaning them can be tiring because no matter how much you love your child, cleaning after them is going to be your least favorite part and time of the day. So, in hopes of making it easier for you, here is a guide that can help you clean those stinky potty chairs!

how to clean potty chair


Ways On Cleaning Potty Chairs

The potty training period is a massive milestone in the making of your baby’s life. Unfortunately, this specific time is most parents’ least favorite as it means cleaning potty chairs. This milestone can last a few weeks, but there are instances that it can last for longer than a year.

Unlike toilets, potty chairs don’t have a flush which means the cleaning is done by hand. You can probably imagine how stressful and tiring it would be. Fortunately, there are ways that can make cleaning potty chairs much easier!


Method #1. Cleaning the bowl

Step #1. First up, you need to remove the bowl from the chair. You have to lift the collection bowl out of the chair. If there is a toilet seat over the bowl, you will need to remove that first.

Step #2. Empty the bowl’s contents on the toilet. If you are dealing with liquid waste, you will probably need toilet paper or wipes to remove any leftover spots.

Step #3. Use hot water to rinse the bowl. Fill the bowl with hot water, swirl it, and dump the water over the toilet. This is to loosen out and rinse any bits of stool left.

Step #4. Spray the bowl with a disinfectant spray. Leave and let sit for about 3-5 minutes. Make sure to use an all-purpose disinfectant.

Step #5. Using a paper towel, dry the bowl. By assuring that it’s dry, your kid won’t be put off using it because it has a damp surface.


Method #2. Disinfecting the chair

Step #1. Disassemble the chair, if applicable. Taking it apart makes it easier to clean.

Step #2. Thoroughly spray each part with disinfectant. Make sure that you spray into all indentions and crevices to kill all bacteria. Let that sit for 3-5 minutes.

Step #3. Dry the parts using a towel. Using a paper towel can help wipe away all moisture from all parts. You can also use a fan or hair dryer for hard-to-reach areas.


Method #3. Ensuring proper hygiene

Step #1. Clean the potty chair after every use. Disinfect it every time to make sure that it’s germ and bacteria-free.

Step #2. Clean the chair at least once a day or more. Make sure to at least clean the entirety of the chair once a day.

Step #3. Disposable potty liners are suitable for quick clean-ups. You need to secure the liner around the potty’s bowl, just like you would put a garbage bag into a bin. Then, you will just need to lift it up and dispose of it like a diaper after use.


How To Properly Dry The Potty Chair?

As most would know, something that fails to dry thoroughly is at risk of developing mildew or mold. Add to that the constant and frequent germ-filled state of a potty chair, and you have an absolute nightmare in your hands.

It is vital to thoroughly dry potty chairs with paper towels every time your kid uses them. Unfortunately, though, this can’t exactly guarantee that you will reach crevices and hidden cracks. An excellent solution to that is using a fan or hairdryer.

If that is not feasible, you can also leave the chair in a well-ventilated area for air drying.


How Can You Model Good Potty Habits?

As the parent, you are the one who will need to model good potty habits for your kids. One of the vital lessons you need to teach them is the importance of handwashing. Teach your kid to wash their hands every time they use the bathroom.

You can make this lesson fun for them by having them sing ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ while washing their hands.

This is just one of the important lessons in Potty Training 101. There are more you can teach and model for your child.


How Can You Pick the Location?

The bathroom is the perfect set-up for potty training. Placing the potty chair in the bathroom, near the toilet, can help your child associate it with having to go. This tells them that this is the place where this kind of thing needs to happen.

It also makes cleaning up much more convenient. Having the potty chair near the toilet makes dumping its content easier and much less likely to encounter any accident.



Amid the potty training period, you must have many things in your mind, including worrying about how to clean potty chair. It is probably the most stressful part of that specific milestone, but it can’t be helped. Just remember the golden rule in potty training: clean the potty chair every time your kid uses it!

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