How To Claim Insurance For A Motorcycle Accident? Easy Steps To Follow!

How to claim insurance for a motorcycle accident? The very first step is to speak first to a lawyer who best understands your rights. One will help you handle an accident, whoever was at fault, and whatever damage is inflicted upon a vehicle or individual. 

The injury claims can differ from the property damage claims. Now those accidents not involved in another vehicle can differ from the accidents brought by another vehicle. And you will file some claims against the insurance company of a motorcycle rider. Some would file it against the company insuring the driver responsible for the accident. 

How to claim insurance for a motorcycle accident

Read on further to save time and effort in obtaining fair compensation from a motorcycle accident. 


Types Of Claims To File

Here are the two motorcycle claim types to apply for claiming: personal injury claims and property damage claims. We’ll explain to you further:


#1. Personal injury claim

This can cover injuries to the body, including other losses. This is brought about by accident with the other driver at fault. Succeed in your claim to prove the other one is at fault.


#2. Property damage

This is referred to as the damage to the motorcycle. The faulty driver will have to pay for you. Now, seek compensation from the insurance company of that individual. But if no driver is involved in the collision and it’s merely your fault, file a claim against the insurance policy. Then, provide for the appropriate coverage. 


Things To Collect From A Property Damage Claim

Collect the lesser cost of the repair or just even the motorcycle value. This is during the exact time of the accident. Don’t include the salvage value in this case. This is in bringing a claim for the motorcycle damage. The exact price of the motorcycle during the accident is also the exact amount that you will receive. This is particularly if you have sold it to another person at an even fair price. But, it’s not the price paid upon the purchase of the bike. The calculation doesn’t somehow include sentimental value. 

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Claim against the insurer of a driver. This is while you claim with your own insurance company. Now the amount received will depend much on the policy’s terms. This is also whether you’ve got the appropriate coverage. 


#1. Comprehensive coverage

This best applies to specific damage caused by the collision. For example, a bike curved and damaged lets you further collect, considering your comprehensive coverage.


#2. Collision coverage

This best applies if your motorcycle collides with another vehicle. However, this is also applicable when the vehicle collides with another fixed object. Take, for instance, a guardrail. The coverage purchased is where you’ll base on the maximum amount. The policy will include deductibles to be paid from your pocket.

This is before an insurance company has paid anything. It’s not allowed to collect on a claim if the motorcycle value or repair cost is less than the deductible. Expect that insurance rates will increase upon claiming your insurance. Save money as you pay for the repairs from your pocket. This way, higher insurance premiums are best avoided. You may want to have an idea about collision coverage: what is it?


3 Kinds Of Losses Compensated 

Here are the three losses or damages to be compensated as referred by most lawyers.


#1. Wage loss

The inability of someone to work brings this about. This is causal to the effect of accident injuries. That includes the loss of earning capacity in the future. This is true if one cannot come back to work again.


#2.  Medical expenses

These expenses relate to hospital and doctor bills, prescription costs, physical therapy bills, and more healthcare expenses. These are simply the result of a motorcycle accident. 


#3. Suffering & pain

This may include mental anguish, emotional distress, & loss of enjoyment in life. All these are caused by accidents along with damages that may affect the future. You will reduce the damages in complement to the shared accident responsibility. But this depends upon the state in which the accident has occurred. Different rules exist in different states for certain damages caused by motorcycle accidents. Seek some legal advice before negotiating a just and fair settlement.


Steps To Follow When Preparing For A Claim

Follow these steps below when claiming an accident involved in another vehicle:

Take lots of pictures considering the accident scene. This is to say before you will move the vehicles. Focus much on the damage to the motorcycle. That also includes the section of the vehicle that has collided with the bike. Take photos of gauges in the road, skid marks, & all other conditions shedding light on where and how the accident has occurred.

See the license of the driver of the vehicle operator in the accident. Take note of the name, license number, and address. Take a photo or write down the license plate number of the car. Include as well the make and the model of the car. Ask for the names and telephone numbers of the witnesses. Your lawyer may also require their statements. Wait until the officer has arrived after notifying them. Ask for their card and if one will be assigning an accident report number. You will use this number in obtaining the accidental report copy. 


Steps To Follow When Making A Claim

So, How to claim insurance for a motorcycle accident? Talk to a claims adjuster when you claim your own company. One will be responsible for requiring you to sign a claim form. Complete the form for it to be accurate. Get some repair estimates, too, or evidence regarding the motorcycle’s value. Call the insurance company of the driver to make a claim against the other driver. Get ready as they may not always be truthful. Their only goal is to save money. 

Give a statement when required in claiming against the other driver. File or settle a lawsuit before the limitation period expiration. Bring a claim with your insurance company following a deadline. It’s different from the deadline of claiming against another driver.


It’s A Wrap!

Keep the mentioned steps in mind in how to claim insurance for a motorcycle accident. These will make claiming insurance more accessible than it was once complicated. This is true if you’re the rider who gets serious injuries caused by a reckless driver. First, seek help from a personal injury lawyer to make a claim. Then, you’ll get fair compensation for the accident injuries. Know why car insurance is important and how do you pay for car insurance

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