How to Choose Throw Pillows for Sofa and Loveseat

We’re often bragging about how simple it is to give your space a new lease on life by just swapping out throw pillows. So we will teach you how to choose throw pillows for sofa and loveseat.


True, picking throw pillows in new fabrics and colors may completely transform your home, but it doesn’t mean it’s simple to sift through hundreds of beautiful throw pillows in every shade conceivable to choose 4 or 5 that would work well for your area. 


There is an enormous assortment available, making the task of selecting throw pillows quite tricky! So, we’d want to make things easy for you. So, consider this your guide to choosing the best throw pillows for your space.


First, there are a few principles to bear in mind on how to choose throw pillows for sofa and loveseat.


Choose a single color palette. You’ll get the most significant effect if all of your pillows are either the same color or a pair of complementary colors.


Whether it’s on your couch, bed, or window seat, aim for a symmetrical arrangement. When you layer multiple different fabrics on top of one other, things may get quite hectic very quickly. An asymmetrical layout is appealing to us because it maintains an air of order and polish.


One solid, one busy print, and one basic pattern. It is a simple method that will assist you in narrowing down your selections. Another way to look at it is one tiny print, one large print, and one solid. 


Your busy/large print should be on your most giant pillows or the cushion that is front and center since this print will generally set the tone for not just your pillow arrangement but the rest of your room as well.


The cushions should become smaller as you approach closer to the inside of the sofa. The more giant pillows should be at the outer corners, while the smaller pads should be inside. 


But, for comfort, it’s best to place the giant 22 or 24″ pillows on the sides, where you won’t have to move them out of the way. A tiny 1220′′ cushion in the center will not make you feel as if you are perched on the edge of the sofa since the pillows take up all of the space!


Although ornamental, pillows are intended to offer comfort to your upholstered furniture, so don’t overdo it! 


This is not the scenario you want to find yourself in, so if you have to inquire if you have too many, take one or two off!


So now, for the big question. How to choose throw pillows for the sofa and loveseat?


  1. Choosing Throw Pillows in Vibrant Solids


If your room already has many patterns, such as a patterned couch, dramatic drapes, or a vivid rug, tone down the pillow fabrics. If you love color but don’t want to use it on major items like your couch or club chairs, use plain pillows in bright colors.


We picked two complementary hues at opposing extremities of the color wheel, fiery orange and a calm blue, for this project. When colors are adjacent to complementary colors, they appear extra rich and vivid, making the entire effect considerably more striking. They look good on their own, but when they’re together, they truly sing!


  1. Choosing Throw Pillows with Three Patterns in One Color


When selecting throw pillows in a single hue, use three different fabrics that complement one another. We started with a very organic, robust design and balanced the color on the sofa with bold velvet cushions in the corner and plaid pillows in the middle.


The essential word here is balance. The colorful pillows in the center and corners assist in balancing out the off-white sofa and softer checkered pillows. On either side, a more manly plaid design balances the feminine flower motif in the middle. And the patterned pieces provide a counterpoint to the solid elements.


  1. Choosing Throw Pillows in Warm, Neutral Colors


Even if your color scheme is neutral, you’ll need a few throw pillows to add texture and pattern to your area. You can use an off-white, taupe, and chocolate color scheme for this combo.


We began with the most popular print, an animal print, and then added a much larger pattern in a complementary hue. Finally, we picked a plain chocolate brown linen cushion with a contrasting flange to bring these two designs together and function as a backdrop.


  1. Choosing Throw Pillows in Simple but Fresh Analogous Colors


If you prefer color but want a collection of pillows that aren’t too loud, choose throw pillows in hues adjacent to the color wheel, called analogous colors. 


These are colors that have a lot in common yet are distinct, resulting in a calmer and more refined color palette

What exactly is the purpose of a throw pillow?

Throw pillows provide an aesthetic as well as a practical purpose. Decorative pillows are frequently used to tie in color accents inside a space, generally drawing on hues from curtains, walls, or area rugs. 


You may also utilize them to create a more informal atmosphere by appearing to be thrown onto a piece of furniture.


Here ends our journey in choosing the right throw pillows for your furniture. We hope we answered your queries on how to choose throw pillows for sofa and loveseat.

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