How To Take Apart a Flexsteel Loveseat Recliner

How do You Take Apart a Flexsteel Loveseat Recliner


how to take apart a Flexsteel loveseat

Moving can be such a hassle, especially when you have huge pieces of furniture, right? Moving requires a lot of lifting, significantly if a professional crew cannot help you. In this article, we will answer how to take apart a flexsteel loveseat recliner


Like a loveseat recliner, different devices and supports may be challenging to transport from one area to the next. It will be easy to disconnect instead of moving the furniture as a whole. It might be lighter to transport using this. In addition, you may simply fit an oversized loveseat into a door frame.

What is Flexsteel?

Flexsteel Industries, Inc., the parent company of the Flexsteel and Homestyles brands, is a global pioneer in the design and manufacture of high-quality home furniture. A Board of Directors is controlling Flexsteel Industries, and they guide themselves by a set of principles and values rooted in a long history of superior craftsmanship. 


More than 1,300 stores around the country carry the Flexsteel brand. In addition to collaborating with online home stores like Amazon and Wayfair, the Homestyles brand provides smart and cheap style directly to customers. The company has been in operation for more than 125 years.

What is a Loveseat?

Loveseats are tiny double-seater couches that were initially for an armchair version with a larger seat. In the living room or family room design, they sometimes pair loveseats with more oversized sofas, which people know as double-chairs. It is any two-seater furniture that is in an S form. It permits two individuals to talk while gazing at one other. Both of them being within arm’s reach, yet maintaining a reasonable distance between them.


The name “loveseat” comes from the fact that it can accommodate two individuals sitting close together. They initially built this chair in the XVII century. It is for women to sit comfortably wearing giant costumes and hoops.

What is a Recliner?

A recliner is a loveseat that reclines when the back of the chair is in a lower position. The front of the chair is in good elevation. It has a backrest that you can tilt. In certain situations, a footrest expands manually or automatically. It happens when the back is in a reclining position through a lever on the side of the chair.


So the question is, how to take apart a Flexsteel loveseat recliner?

Step #1: Make sure the reclining loveseat is safe to take apart.

Some newer models use electricity to modify the seat’s base and back. If you have an electric loveseat recliner, make sure it’s turned off before you start removing it. This seemingly simple technique may prevent electrocution, burns, and furniture damage, all of which people often overlook.

Step # 2: Remove the back of the recliner.

Depending on the manufacturer, a recliner can depart in a variety of ways. On the back of the loveseat, you can see the seams. Some recliner manufacturers have levers hidden between the seams that allow the chair to separate from the rest of the loveseat.


If you can’t adjust the lever by hand, you might need to use a screwdriver. If there isn’t a lever on the back seams of the loveseat, slowly tilt the loveseat on your back. Look for nuts or screws where the back of the loveseat connects to the seat. You may remove only that part of the reclining back on some couches.

Step # 3: Remove the panels from the velcro.

A fabric panel is occasionally attached to the back of a chair with strong velcro. By raising or removing the panel, you may have access to different heights and screws. It helps maintain components of the loveseat together, such as the armrests.


Before removing any hardware from the loveseat, take a photo of the assembly. The image may serve as a memory when it comes time to reconstruct the couch. Place the hardware from the back of the loveseat in a labeled plastic zippered bag.


Taking photographs of the whole disassembling process is also a great idea. Keep the nuts, bolts, screws, washers, and other hardware from individual furniture pieces in separate plastic bags.

Step # 4: Remove the footrests and other components of the reclining loveseat.

You may start removing the footrest by extending it and removing the exposed screws and nuts. If the hardware isn’t visible, tilt the loveseat towards the base of the furniture. From here, you may detach the footrest from its hinges.


The center consoles, built-in coverings, spring sets, and individual armbands should all be removable. On certain reclining kinds, you might be able to untie the rest of the loveseat.


You are all done! Those are the four steps on how to take apart a Flexsteel loveseat recliner.


This article is the answer to how to take apart a Flexsteel loveseat recliner. Whatever reason you had for dismantling your recliner, you were successful! If you’re having trouble and didn’t take it apart, go back to the instructions above. 


Make sure you have read everything entirely and thoroughly. Otherwise, you may have made a mistake. Make sure you carefully followed the procedures to avoid any problems or troubles while putting it back together.

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