How To Check If Logic Board Is Water Damaged? 3 Helpful Signs

Several indicators of changes in function may be suspicious to you, which is why you’re interested in learning how to check if logic board is water damaged. The logic board of an Apple laptop or desktop is the main circuit board that connects components. 

The logic board keeps the computer running normally. A faulty logic board will result in a loss of internal communication and possibly a system crash. 

how to check if logic board is water damaged

The CPU, the computer’s brain, can’t send messages through the logic board, the system’s nerve center, and to the rest of the system. Logic board damage might result in system failures that are difficult to test.  

This article will explain everything you need to know about water damaged logic boards including the primary causes of logic board failure and what you can do to fix it. First, determine if you should attempt self-repair or hire a professional to do it for you.


Signs Of A Malfunctioning Logic Board

When liquid enters inside a laptop computer, the logic board is the first component to be harmed, and the keyboard may also be affected. Because of the liquid, some of the logic board’s connections will stop working, which can lead to the board’s complete destruction.


1. System management controller

The “system management controller” is a portion of the logic board that may be examined with Apple Diagnostics. A logic board problem is indicated by Apple Diagnostics if the system management controller shows an error or issue. 


2. USB ports 

Located next to the HDMI / MIDI port, you may also have a logic board problem if the USB ports don’t work.


3. Computer screen 

An extremely dim screen on a Macbook Air or Macbook Pro could also be a sign of a logic board problem. This is a dimmed screen that you can’t switch back on and would require a torch to see anything. 

Since the LED screen on the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro computers is controlled by the logic board, a failure of the logic board may influence the screen’s brightness.


Diagnosing Water Damaged Logic Board 

On the other hand, whether or not your machine is capable of passing POST is also a factor (Power-On Self Test). POST is the initialization process your computer goes through when you turn it on. 

This checks the CPU, memory, and network interfaces of the device. After completing the POST, you will see the Apple logo or pale gray background.


Hardware to be tested

The hard drive, RAM, and GPU should all be tested if your Apple laptop or desktop Mac passes POST. If not, you should simply test the RAM and the GPU. 

Check out how to get data off a water damaged hard drive for more interesting information.


If your machine passes POST

You can use Apple Diagnostics to check both detachable and embedded RAM for problems. If you can get your Mac to boot up properly, RAM testing software such as MemTest86 may be useful.

When you get a RAM error on your laptop with built-in RAM, you can assume you have a malfunctioning logic board. If you discover that your removable RAM chip is defective, all you have to do is replace it. 


When your computer fails the POST test

If your computer powers on but displays a black screen, it is not passing POST. Remove your present RAM chip and test your system with a spare functional RAM chip. 

This is only applicable to desktop Macs, as most laptop RAM cannot be removed. Checking to determine if your problem persists with this spare RAM can assist you in determining whether you have a logic board problem. 

If your machine functions properly with this spare RAM, you have a RAM failure. If this is not the case, you may have a logic board failure.


Taking Better Care Of Your Computer

In the event that you find yourself in a laptop liquid leak accident, don’t be alarmed. To begin, unplug the laptop from the wall outlet or power source. 

Don’t use anything like a hairdryer to clean it either. Cleaning a computer in this manner may result in additional damage to other components of the device.


Cleaning it up

The cooling fan might attract dust inside your computer. Dust within your computer can trap heat and prevent heat dispersion.

If this heat is not dispersed, your computer may become overheated and perform slower. Cleaning your computer’s interior once a year to maintain it dust-free isn’t a big deal. 

Cleaning materials like lint-free cloth and isopropyl alcohol may help.


Keeping your cooling system in shape

The cooling fan prevents overheating, so maintain it healthy and operating. If the fan is generating unusual rattling noises while running, it is clearly failing. 

Apple Diagnostics can also check its status.


Professional repair

Logic board repairs and replacements are difficult and require a specialist. After you understand the complete process, you’ll know what it takes to get the computer working again.

If your device is under warranty or Apple care, you may usually get free service at an Apple shop. So, check if your Applecare or warranty is still valid. 

If not, Apple may be unable to assist, or your device may be considered obsolete which includes Apple laptops and desktop Macs from 2012 and earlier.



You’ve reached the first and most important step in determining how to check if logic board is water damaged. Even though computers are notoriously difficult to diagnose and repair since it necessitates extensive testing and cautious handling. 

In fact, any Mac computer that has been exposed to fluids should be subjected to a thorough inspection. After discovering the evident indicators of computer problems by reading this article, here is a rundown of some of the guide on how to repair water damaged desktop easily.

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