6-Step Guide On How To Repair Water Damaged Desktop Easily

Fallout has happened, and you’re wondering how to repair water damaged desktop. As a computer user, you are aware that your computer consists of delicate components.

When water spills on a computer, significant damage will likely have been done to the computer system. However, if action is taken immediately, the desktop may be able to be saved from further water damage. 

how to repair water damaged desktop

It is possible that the liquid damage repair is not as simple as it appears and that this challenging work necessitates prior experience with an expert electronic disassembly. 

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Step #1. Turn off your computer and unplug the system unit

Technicians recommend turning off the computer as it reduces the risk of circuit damage and helps prevent your computer from short-circuiting. Make sure to remove the laptop’s charger cable as well. 


Step #2. Remove any connected devices

Unplug the mouse, keyboard, or external hard drive attached to the computer immediately. This protects your data safely while also preventing damage to your external devices.

As per the connected devices, desktop computers and smartphones are two equally useful gadgets with varying performance levels. As a proactive thinker, you should be concerned about what phone can be fixed when water damaged


Step #3. Flip the affected area over

Turn the wet part of the computer upside-down if you can. Support and balance it upturned on its screen and bottom edge, with the keyboard facing down. 

Keeping water out of the computer will keep it safe. As a result, water won’t be able to get much deeper within the machine.


Step #4. Clean and dry the machine: soak up any extra liquid

Using a lint-free absorbent fabric, gently pat any pools of water dry. Make sure to pay special attention to the keyboard and the areas between the keys.


Step #5. Allow the computer to dry out by opening the enclosure

You can open your computer’s case to enable the spill to dry off. If your computer, such as a Mac laptop, is difficult or impossible to open, you may want to seek the assistance of a computer repair professional.

Before putting the computer back together and attempting to switch it on again, wait for at least 24 to 48 hours for the computer to dry out thoroughly.


Step #6. If the desktop doesn’t function, call the professionals

Depending on the degree of the water damage, your computer may not be able to be turned on again. Calling your local computer repair shop for data recovery and computer repair is essential in this situation.

If your data is still retrievable, a professional can assess the damage to your system and assist you in saving or backing it up. Even while a computer can be destroyed by water damage, many can be saved following a similar incident like this.

Take a look at the further details and different approaches with experts’ techniques to fix water spillage damages of pc.


Concerning The Disassembly Of Internal Components

The computer’s hard drive is one of the trickiest and most critical parts to repair after it has been damaged by water. Data on a computer is kept on the hard drive, which means that if it is destroyed, users will most likely lose essential documents.

If you have any reason to believe that your hard drive has been exposed to water and you are concerned about the safety of your essential data, you should seek the advice of a computer repair expert. See this related article: What Will Fix A Water Damaged CD.

If water is present in the computer’s system when electricity runs through it, significant components may be ruined. It may be required to acquire a new system if enough hardware is damaged. 

Some hardware components, like video cards, are relatively simple to replace, while others, such as motherboards, are more complicated and may necessitate purchasing a new system. 


Key Facts And Pointers

  • Water doesn’t destroy a computer’s hardware. Electricity and its reaction to water are typically the culprits. Water usually disables electrical components, and wet circuits commonly fail.
  • Another issue is the corrosive effects of long-term water exposure. Metal circuits that rust may never operate again.
  • It’s critical not to connect the computer to an outlet at any point throughout the operation for fear of damaging critical components.


You can prevent your computer from getting wet by following these simple guidelines: 

  • Drinks should be kept within control. If you’re going to drink while working at your computer, make sure to cover your beverage with a lid.

    This aids in the prevention of catastrophic spills and the containment of messes.

  • Place your computer in a safe location or keep it away from the possible source of water damage.
  • Drinks should never be left alone on your desk. If you have nosy cats or children, leaving a glass of water on your desk unattended might result in the death of your laptop computer.

    When you leave the room, make sure to take your beverages with you.



Soak out the issue; we’re now done on how to repair water damaged desktop. The old adage “prevention is better than cure” rings especially true with liquid damage. 

While the best defense against liquid damage is to keep your computer out of harm’s way, accidents sometimes happen. An answer is there at your fingertips in this moment of crisis.

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