How To Change The Belt On GE Washer? 7 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to change the belt on GE washer? Sometimes, it happens that your washer belt has either been overused or damaged if the spinning cycle on your GE top load washer abruptly stops operating, yet the motor keeps running.

Because of new drive belt fit so tightly around the shafts, replacing it might be frustrating. Use specific GE belting installation equipment to extend the strap around the compact drive motor shaft to simplify fitting. 

how to change the belt on GE washer

Repairing a washing machine belt is pretty simple. Your replacement belt must be pretty stiff to put on, with specific areas more so than anywhere else. Whenever the washer drum is fully loaded with clothes, it must be able to rotate. My friends, it’s all true about changing a belt. If you are interested in this topic and want to understand more about ge belt and why we need to install it? Just keep on reading!


GE-General Electric Washers Belt

GE belts are black, approximately 89.5″, and have four rivets inside for increased adhesion. This lengthy belt revolves around the washer drum, a stress pulley, and the drive pump pulley, enabling all of the pieces to operate along and rotate the cylinder while the motor turns. The belt is most probably damaged if the drum does not revolve when the washer is switched on. Belts are prone to stretching or becoming fragile overage, which leads to breaking. If this is damaged, it has to be changed because the wheel can’t rotate without that.


How Can You Know That Your GE Belt Was Damaged?

Shut the cover of the washing machine and begin a regular cycle. Check to see whether the washing machine rotates once the liquid is in the drum. The belts may be faulty or damaged if the washing does not spin correctly. It also is conceivable that the gearbox drive or engine has failed, and the belt could be turned, necessitating the replacement of the shaft. Examine whether the washer spin but is not able to drain the water. It means The pump belt may be aged or damaged if this happens. Check to see whether the washer spins just after the washing process but does not water pumps out, indicating that at least one belt is damaged. Either one or two straps are standard on GE washers.  If the running a large is excessively weak, or if the goods are incredibly damp, it shows that it’s a suitable time to change the belt.


Steps To Change The Belt On GE Washer

Are you using a GE washer? And unfortunately, during washing, divert belt was broken, and you don’t know how to change it? In this article, we’ll explain how to change the belt on GE washer. Here are the steps that will surely help you in changing the belt by yourself. 


Step #1. Removing the power line

Before making repairs, remove the washing machine’s power line.


Step #2. Removing the sides

To remove the elastic clips from either side, put a razor knife into the gap between the top and front panel, approximately 4 feet out of each side, and press the edge forward. Pull the front panel in a forwarding direction, hold it in the upward forward, and keep it aside. Know how to open a washing machine’s casing


Step #3. Detaching the old drive belt

If the older drive belt remains present, go beneath the machine and detach it from the huge wheel drive pulley. With both the tapered pointing up, fit the two sides of the GE belt install tool properly. To keep the two sides together, slip the rubber O ring offered over onto the device and then into the gap.


Step #4. Fastening with a safety pin

With the underside of the new drive belt’s external position, fasten it out to the right-hand side of the vast wheel pulley with such a safety pin. Extend the O ring, then push the belt’s installation tool onto the pump’s shaft base to fit into another slot underneath the pulley.


Step #5. Sliding the grooved belt

Slide the top left of a grooved belt closest to a safety pin over the belt installation tool and into the tiny motor pulley’s holes. While directing your bottom half of the straps onto the machine pulley, spin the big drum pulley clockwise; its taper on front of the belt repair instrument will keep the belt from running over the device and falling off the engine pulley even during the repair process.


Step #6. Cutting off the safety pin

Again when the belt is extended and adequately positioned, cut off the safety pin with a set of edge scissors and replace the belt repair tool. Push the hooks on the base plate into the holes on the base of the panel. Match the frame’s pins with the panel front holes, bend the summit ahead, and press the upper half inward till the spring plugs lock into position.


Step #7. Replacing the power cable

In the end, replace the power cable in the plug socket and turn on the washing machine to confirm it is working. 


It’s A Wrap!

Reading this article is like eating a cake that can digest quickly. Well, we hope that after learning these steps, you’ll understand how to change the belt on GE washer. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end! You may also want to read about how to repair GE washer and how to fix spin cycle on washer

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