How To Bypass Bloxburg Donation Limit? 4 Best Tips To Earn!

How to bypass Bloxburg donation limit? You can either wait for the time cap and send the maximum donation amount or earn money by working hard on the jobs. Regardless of age, we all experience stress, and one way to escape stress is by playing games. Yes, games are a great way to relieve stress and can affect your mood massively.

If you are into designing and building, then you might want to try playing Bloxburg. I know you have heard the name before, and you most probably have played it already.

how to bypass Bloxburg donation

Are you ready to dive into a new dimension of virtual games? In this article, you will know the basic things about Bloxburg, its monetary system, and how to increase the limits. Well then, welcome to Bloxburg.



Bloxburg is a type of life-simulation game similar to The Sims developed by Coeptus. Like what we do every day, the game simulates a citizen’s daily life in a nearby virtual city. The game has reached billions of visitors as of June 11, 2019, and has been climbing off the charts at 8th place to be the game with paid users. You can customize your character and lifestyle very similar to real life.


Build Mode

The players can build their own houses and decorate them however they want but with cost. You could either make your house high up or broader depending on your money capacity in the game.



To earn money to be used in games, each player is to select a job title. Each job title has a job pass and levels to accomplish. The higher the group, the bigger the paycheck. And if you get the excellent employee game pass, your earnings will be doubled.


Donation System

Bloxburg has a donation system that enables players to help other players. But there is a limit on donation to a player. Player status and time are just some of the factors that affect the donation limit. So, how to bypass Bloxburg donation limit?

Puffy Lux


#1. Player status

There is a two-player status that varies their game privileges. The first one is the regular players and the Premium players. The regular players can donate as much as $1 up to $10,000. However, the donation limit can be surpassed by upgrading your account into a premium one. The premium account users have a donation limit of $50,000. Of course, you’ll have to pay to have the premium account.


#2. Time limit

After each donation transaction in Bloxburg, there is a calm down or a time cap that prevents you from donating more. So if you want to bypass the donation limit and time cap of the donation system, you’ll have to do the following steps.


Bypassing Donation Limit

Since there is no other way but to abide by the rules, I suggest you donate the maximum every day until you’ve reached the donation amount you want to donate. Let’s say a friend of yours has $200,000 in their account, and they wanted to donate all of it to you. Then your friend has to donate $50,000 a day if his account is a premium and $10,000 if not. Of course, you will have to wait for the cool down before you can donate the maximum amount again. The rule and reason for the time cap and donation limit is to avoid scams and money exploitation.


Tips On How To Earn In Bloxburg

Earning money in Bloxburg takes time and perseverance unless you want to spend actual money on the game. So I have here some tips to help you with making money in Bloxburg.


Tip #1. Choose the right job

Jobs in Bloxburg are categorized into two. Passive and active. Active jobs require you to move your character from one place to another. These jobs include delivery, woodcutting, and more. A passive job in Bloxburg doesn’t necessarily require you to more your avatars more. Some of the stagnant jobs in Bloxburg include hairdressing, burger cashier, or a seller job. However, Active jobs pay better than passive jobs. When it comes to efficiency, stagnant jobs are better. While if you don’t want to get bored, play active roles instead.


Tip #2. Keep moods high

There are moods to maintain throughout the game. Keep your moods high, especially the hunger mood, since it can affect the overall moods. Just keep in mind that the higher your stands are, the higher your pay will be. You can boos these moods by keeping your avatar refreshed and hygienic. Try letting your avatar drink smoothies, take a bath, eat, cooking or purchase a mood booster on the Bloxburg store.


 Tip #3. Set a goal

If you have a particular goal in mind, keeping yourself motivated to reach that goal is more accessible. You can also reward yourself after accomplishing the goal and after your hard work.


Tip #4. Purchase an excellent employee game pass

If you have a hundred Robux or more, consider purchasing an Excellent Employee game pass to increase your work capacity and boost your paycheck. The game pass rewards increase the more you get a promotion and money while working.


It’s A Wrap!

There is more than one way on how to bypass Bloxburg donation limit by earning it with your hard work or doing the long method. The policies of the donation limit are established to protect the players from scams and money exploitations.

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