What Percentage Of Donation Goes To Salvation Army?

Do you know what percentage of donation goes to Salvation Army? Well, 85 cents of every dollar donated goes to charitable programs. Donations are very important for it stands as a support and a helping hand for any institutions with a cause and a purpose.

The Salvation Army is a charitable organization. Organizations do implement many programs with a cause for those in need and needed to focus on. Giving assistance and support for those who are in need.

what percentage of donation goes to the Salvation Army

In this world, we need more kind-hearted persons and individuals. It promotes harmony, light in burdens and hope. The relief of the world especially the victims of war, orphans, poverty and natural calamities by supplying them with shelter, medical aid and food.


What Is A Donation?

Donation is an act of giving and sharing. Some people give voluntary donations and some organizations provide a letter for donations for a specific person or group reliable for giving donation. It is very fundamental as a supply that provides support and assistance.


What Is A Salvation Army?

Salvation Army is a Christian church and an international charitable organization with a mission and a purpose of giving assistance and support for those who are in need. An organization that gives hope and support to vulnerable people and in need communities. 


Importance Of Donating

Donating is one of an act of giving and a light to be shared for everyone. Big or small assistance does matter for inviting someone to donate or to donate voluntarily. There are many ways or results to be expected when donating.


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#1. It gives hope

Hope can improve one’s life to take a step at a time. Donating provides hope to an institution or a specific group of persons to assist and to help for. Hope makes life and plans better for you to be able to have an outcome with a purpose. 


#2. It gives support

In any kind of donation, one thing it implies is support and a helping hand. Support from a specific person or an institution has a significant impact on one’s life and upbringing. If one supports a movement, it means having a kind-hearted person to be part of a specific mission.


#3. It inspires and motivates

Donating causes you to care for a specific organization or movement, and it could be somewhat rewarding for you. People give to charity to support causes as well as it may provide positive outcomes for their lives. To be inspired and motivated is a fulfillment too.


#4. It saves

The reason why there is a call for donation is that it calls for help. Donating saves life, mission, and goals. When you have the heart of helping others, it doesn’t mean that you only support, but you save someone.


#5. It creates smiles and laughs

Most charities and organizations are very near to having in need individuals like children, teens or youths, adults, and seniors. They are the one who benefits from the assistance and support that was gathered and collected. They are persons who show gratefulness and visible smiles.


Possible Things to Donate

There are many possible things and even efforts to donate to a specific organization or charity. Donation is not only focused on money but also on something that a person already has that they can share with others. Below are the possible things to donate.


#1. Blood

Yes, you got it right. Blood is reliable and might be used as a form of donation. It meets the needs of many organizations and health institutions. Donating blood is an act of letting someone be delighted because you just actually save lives.


#2. Volunteer services

For those who cannot donate some things, volunteering in some ways just by lending your time and effort is also a form of donation. Efforts and skills mean human resources in a movement. It helps an organization to save money for they have volunteers in services.


#3. Foods

We all know that when a disaster or calamities come, food is very much needed. There are many food donations given in an organization or a charity to sustain and provide for the needs of those vulnerable in that time.


#4. Old clothes, old books, and old toys

To donate some old things is a form of sharing one’s childhood, learning, and experiences. To present some old clothes, old books, and old toys may be given to the victims of calamities, poverty, and charities—one children’s way of seeing the beautiful smiles and faces of children.

#5. Money

Money is also essential when it comes to donations. With cash, a charity or an organization could buy all the things needed to be given to those in need. Money makes it very easy to supply and provide conditions. Now, you know what percentage of donation goes to Salvation Army. 



Now you know what percentage of donation goes to Salvation Army; it can help you stretch your budget and purpose as an individual and come up with ways to help. It gives hope as well provides an individual with fulfillment utilizing assisting others in anyways.

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