4 Easy Steps On How To Build A Zero Gravity Chair

Those who want to know how to build a zero gravity chair should check out this article of the most manageable steps and clear guidelines for you. We will also mention some tips to follow if you also want to learn how to repair your gravity chair without risking damage.

A gravity chair provides beneficial comfort to its users, but its purpose is senseless if it’s damaged. Thankfully, you can just build your very own chair, and you’ll only need a few tools and steps to do it.

how to build a zero gravity chair


What Are The Materials Needed?

Before anything else, you have to gather these materials for the procedure. Once you have the complete materials, you are good to go and create your zero gravity chair.

  • Screwdriver or Screw drill
  • Screws Jigsaw (knife or scissors)
  • Wood glue


DIY Zero Gravity Chair


Step #1. Remove the arm and footrest

The first thing that you will do is to remove the arm and footrest of the chair. Using your screwdriver or screw drill, you have to unscrew from the hinges.

Note: Always remember that the screw should not strip if you have a screwdriver that is low-powered.


Step #2. Cut the opening for the head of the recliner

You have to cut to have an opening for your recliner’s head so that you will feel more comfortable once you sit on your DIY chair.

Note: Use a jigsaw in this part, but please take note that if you are not good at power tools, when you’re a first-timer, you can use a knife or scissor to cut out an opening.


Step #3. Attach the boards on both sides

When you finished cutting out the opening, attach the boards on both sides against it using your wood glue and screws. You can make up for any uneven portions of the cut that you just did for the chair in this step.


Step #4. Re-attach the arm and footrest to the hinges

Re-attach the arm and footrest to the hinges. It would be best if you will use the screws again. If you follow this helpful tip, it will fit perfectly into the larger opening that you created.


What Do I Do If The Zero Gravity Chair Needs Repairing?

What you will need for this restoration tip is a replacement cord. We suggest ordering a 100 ft of ¼ inches shock cord. Any color will do based on your preference.


Step #1. Start cutting off the old cord

Using the scissors, you have to cut off all the old cords of your zero gravity chair.


Step #2. Thread the cord through the holes

Start at the bottom of the chair and put the cord through the holes to the top.


Step #3. After threading, pull the cord from the top, secure it with a knot

Before threading the cord through the holes, you need to start to pull the cord tightly while you work it back down to your starting point. You can find it at the bottom of the gravity chair.

The cord is pulled tight from the base. At this point, tension between chairs will be even with the opposite side, and you will have to cut the cord and secure it again with a knot.

This step is easy, and you will be done in no time on both sides of the chair.


Repairing the cracks at the chair frame


Wood frame

If you have a zero gravity chair made out of wood and you find some cracks at the chair frame, all you need is wood glue to apply to the damages, and the problem is solved!


Metal frame

If your chair is made out of metal and has cracked, you need to weld it with a welding machine to resolve the flaw in your gravity chair.


Replacing the fabric of the chair

There will be instances that your zero gravity chair fabric will fade up once you have used it for a long time. Instead of buying a new chair, you have an option to replace it with a new fabric. These fabrics are available on any online store such as Amazon or eBay.

The steps of restringing the cord of a zero gravity chair are similar to replacing a fabric with your gravity chair. Open up the cords of the gravity chair and replace the old materials with a new set of cloth.

Note: If there is a small tear, you can repair it with a small portion of fabrics. You will have to adjust the new small materials to a place where it stitches it and tears.



You’ve reached the end of this article on how to build a zero gravity chair, and we hope that this will help you add some beauty to your indoors or outdoors!

We also want you to consider the given tips in repairing your chair if you encounter some flaws with it. The steps for every part you will restore are easy, and you don’t have to worry since you will be able to save money!

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