How To Fix A Squeaky Rocking Chair In 5 Easy Ways

If you haven’t learned how to fix a squeaky rocking chair yet, follow this 5-step guide as we mention simple and easy ways for you to finally get rid of the creaky sounds.

A squeaky rocking chair can be a real bother if left unrepaired. The shrieking may be caused by loose joints or even by the floor where it stands. Luckily, there are simple ways to fix it without even bringing it to a repair shop.

We also provide some helpful tips for repairing and maintaining your rocking chair.


How To Fix Your Rocking Chair At Home


Step #1. Spotting the squeak

Before finding the best way to fix your rocking chair, you need to learn first what’s causing that squeaky noise. The most common reason would be the joints and dowels loosening up. To assure where the problem is coming from, you’ve to do a little test.

Have someone seated on the chair and rock it. Then, examine and spot the precise location of the sounds. It may not be a surprise if the squeaky sounds pinpoint the rocker rods and vertical pegs that fit into their holes.


Step #2. Tightening joints

After spotting the main reason for a squeaky rocking chair, the next step is to recognize the specific joint that needs to be tightened. Rock the chair once again and try to notice the parts that move.

When noted, use a screwdriver or a wrench to tighten any loose screws and bolts. Remember to turn the chair upside down to have easy access to the loose parts.

Additionally, you can apply wood glue to the joints of the chair. The wood glue will expand when it dries, which will help seal the moving parts of the rocker and prevent it from squeaking. A wood glue comes with a syringe-shaped point, making it easy to apply on parts joining the strut and the rod.

Ensure to wipe away the excess wood glue on the area. It can leave unwanted stains on the chair.


Step #3. Applying lubricant

You may need to loosen up squeaky joints by greasing them. There will be a point where the lubricants wear off from the intersection of the spindle, causing the squeaking, and it is that time you need to re-apply lubricant agents.

Use a lubricant spray onto the pertinent area. Apply a little of it, especially on metal components that might have rusted due to irregular oil application.

Test the chair by rocking it and observing if there are still creaky sounds. Re-apply the lubricant until you do not hear the sound anymore. You can try different lubricants that are best for solving squeaky noise problems.


Step #4. Checking wood damage

If you have found no loosened-up joints, the noise may be coming from chair damage due to wood splits. To solve this problem, simply apply wood glue to the damaged area. Then, ensure to fasten the wood using a clamping tool and only remove it when the paste is completely dried.


Step #5. Retesting

After letting the wood dry and tightening all the joints, sit on the chair and rock it repeatedly to check whether the squeaking has been eliminated completely. If sounds persist, just repeat the appropriate steps mentioned.

The chair should be squeak-free after correctly applying the process. You can now enjoy your time relaxing on the rocking chair without stressing out the creaky sounds.


What Are The Best Lubricants For Solving Squeaks On A Chair?

When applying lubricant agents on a chair’s squeaky joints, consider using ones that really help solve the problem. Some of the best lubricants you can apply to include silicone-based lubricant agents. However, it is safest to use beeswax for wooden material.

Anti-rust and corrosion and waterproof lubricants are also a top choice when it comes to outdoor-use chairs. For chairs that are squeaky and rusty, an ideal choice would be a heavy oil-based lubricant. You may also consider an oil with Polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE substance for long-term results.


How To Fix Squeaky Rocking Chair Springs?

Perhaps the squeaky noise problem points to the rocking chair’s spring. Nonetheless, solving it is relatively easy.

First, after identifying which part of the spring produces the squeaks, turn the chair over to easily access relevant areas. Next is to apply the lubricant onto the exact part where it squeaks. You may rub a small amount of cooking oil spray on the screws and other loosened parts.

If the greasing lubricant doesn’t take away the squeaks, use petroleum jelly. Then, use a blow-dryer to apply heat to the substance. This will reduce the squeaking by melting the jelly down into the spring.

Finally, rub melted candle wax or bar soap on the wooden area around the springs. Test the rocking chair.



Time will come that your rocking chair will start to produce squeaky sounds. Even so, steps on how to fix a squeaky rocking chair are surprisingly simple. Overall, it’s as easy as greasing the loose joints.

The best thing to remember in maintaining a squeak-free rocking chair is to lubricate the chair parts regularly—monthly or so.

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